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1Fanafzar Game Studio. How do you think about AI? What is AI 2Fanafzar Game Studio.

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1 1Fanafzar Game Studio

2 How do you think about AI? What is AI 2Fanafzar Game Studio

3 The field of AI research was founded at a conference on the campus of Dartmouth College in the summer of 1956 The science and engineering of making intelligent machines -- John McCarthy 1956 The study and design of intelligent agents -- Russell & Norvig What is AI 3Fanafzar Game Studio

4 The Imitation Game (1950) A man (A), a woman (B), and an interrogator (C) who may be of either sex. Turing Test 4Fanafzar Game Studio

5 The Imitation Game We now ask the question, What will happen when a machine takes the part of A in this game? Turing Test 5Fanafzar Game Studio

6 Turing conjectured that, by the year 2000, a computer with a storage of 10^9 units could be programmed well enough to pass the test. The Turing test does not directly test whether the computer behaves intelligently – Some human behavior is unintelligent – Some intelligent behavior is inhuman Real intelligence vs. simulated intelligence Turing Test 6Fanafzar Game Studio

7 The Chinese room is a thought experiment by John Searle which first appeared in his paper "Minds, Brains, and Programs", published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences in 1980. Chinese room 7Fanafzar Game Studio

8 Chinese room 8Fanafzar Game Studio

9 Searle argued that software could pass the Turing Test simply by manipulating symbols of which they had no understanding. Searle concludesthe Turing Test cannot prove that a machine can think. Chinese room 9Fanafzar Game Studio

10 According to Strong AI, the correct simulation really is a mind. In 1931, Kurt Gödel proved that it is always possible to create statements that a formal system (such as an AI program) could not prove. Strong AI 10Fanafzar Game Studio

11 According to Weak AI, the correct simulation is a model of the mind. Can machines think? – boats and submarines do move through the water but we do not call that swimming. Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig write: "AI researchers have devoted little attention to passing the Turing test." Weak AI 11Fanafzar Game Studio

12 The way computers "think" is vastly different from the way a human thinks. --James Martin AI is faster and has a larger capacity for storage and memory than any human. The largest nerves in the brain can transmit impulses at around 90 meters per second, whereas a fiber optics connection can transmit impulses at 300 million meters per second, more than 3 million times faster. Alien intelligence 12Fanafzar Game Studio

13 A computer program is said to learn from experience E with respect to some class of tasks T and performance measure P, if its performance at tasks in T, as measured by P, improves with experience E. --Tom M. Mitchell REcognition, classification Online and Offline learning Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement Machine Learning 13Fanafzar Game Studio

14 Classification Machine Learning - Supervised 14Fanafzar Game Studio

15 Clustering – We dont know number of classes Machine Learning - Unsupervised 15Fanafzar Game Studio XY 12.3715.64 22.87.8 3417 9150 11.917 4419 8045 219 33.3116.5 7939 ……

16 Clustering Machine Learning - Unsupervised 16Fanafzar Game Studio

17 The goal of a reinforcement learning agent is to collect as much reward as possible. Highly related to dynamic programming techniques Most famous technique is Q-learning Reinforcement Learning in First Person Shooter Games – IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND AI IN GAMES, VOL. 3, NO. 1, MARCH 2011 High-level Reinforcement Learning in Strategy Games – International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems Machine Learning - Reinforcement 17Fanafzar Game Studio

18 A simple idea: use the theory of evolution as an algorithm. A Population of Individuals Swarm intelligence – Ant colony optimization – Particle swarm optimization – Bees algorithm – Cuckoo search Evolutionary Computing 18Fanafzar Game Studio

19 Individual = Chromosomes Mutation, Selection, and Crossover. Operating on dynamic data sets is difficult Tendency to converge towards local optima Randomness Genetic Algorithm 19Fanafzar Game Studio

20 Simplified models of neural processing in the brain Neural Networks 20Fanafzar Game Studio

21 Multilayer Perceptrons Neural Networks 21Fanafzar Game Studio

22 How to train Black box Over fitting Computationally expensive Evolving Neural Controllers using GA for Warcraft 3-Real Time Strategy Game – 2011 Sixth International Conference on Bio-Inspired Computing Neural Networks 22Fanafzar Game Studio

23 A good book about GA and NN in games Neural Networks 23Fanafzar Game Studio

24 Do we really need AI in computer games? What we expect from game AI? 24Fanafzar Game Studio

25 Efficiency Ease of Debugging (randomness) We dont need general problem solver Believability – We dont need human level intelligence – It doesn't really matter how NPC intelligence is achieved, as long as the creatures in the game appear believable.(weak AI) What we expect from game AI? 25Fanafzar Game Studio

26 Video games provide a rich test bed for artificial intelligence methods Designers need to control the behavior of NPCs – Explicit control – Implicit control It is very genre specific Avoid artificial stupidity What we expect from game AI? 26Fanafzar Game Studio

27 Agent cycle Agents as NPCs 27Fanafzar Game Studio THINKSENSEACT

28 Agent cycle Agents as NPCs 28Fanafzar Game Studio MAP GEOMETRY ENTITIES... THINKACT

29 Agent cycle Agents as NPCs 29Fanafzar Game Studio REMEMBER REASON BEHAVE SENSEACT

30 Agent cycle Agents as NPCs 30Fanafzar Game Studio ANIMATE NAVIGATE... THINKSENSE

31 Rule : if (condition) then action Production Rule System comprised of a database of rules, each rule consists of an arbitrarily complex conditional statements. They are fairly uncommon approach. Rule Based 31Fanafzar Game Studio

32 Search Methods, discovering a sequence of actions or states within a search space that satisfy some goal Goal-oriented behavior is still fairly rare in games. Goal Oriented 32Fanafzar Game Studio

33 Everything in game world is triangle In door / Out door Path finding still is a problem – Some pathfinding bugs(Video) Introduction to Path planning 33Fanafzar Game Studio

34 Graph Theory – shortest path Single Source shortest path All pairs shortest path – Floyd – Store the result Heuristic F(n) = D(n) + H(n) A*/Dijkstra 34Fanafzar Game Studio

35 Near-Optimal Hierarchical Pathfinding, – A. Botea, M. Muller, and J. Schaeffer, Journal of Game Development, Volume 1 Hierarchical Pathfinding 35Fanafzar Game Studio

36 Grid/Tile Base – Fast – Easy to develop – Memory Inefficient – 2D and strategy games Reviewing some pathfinding methods 36Fanafzar Game Studio

37 Waypoint graphs – Manual Reviewing some pathfinding methods 37Fanafzar Game Studio

38 Waypoint graphs – Automated : Point of visibility Reviewing some pathfinding methods 38Fanafzar Game Studio

39 Worlds require a ridiculous number of waypoints Difficult dynamic obstacle avoidance, if not impossible Is not shortest path – not optimal Impossible to do path-smoothing Zig Zag path Reviewing some pathfinding methods 39Fanafzar Game Studio

40 40 Reviewing some pathfinding methods Inefficient

41 Convex Polygons – Manual/Automated Reviewing some pathfinding methods 41Fanafzar Game Studio

42 Shortest path - Optimal Smaller Search Space Reviewing some pathfinding methods 42Fanafzar Game Studio

43 Reviewing some pathfinding methods 43Fanafzar Game Studio OK, But how to implement?

44 Reviewing some pathfinding methods 44Fanafzar Game Studio Mesh simplification Rendering techniques Flood filling with AABBs (UDK) Voxelization Check Mikko Monones work, RecastNavigation –

45 The general process is as follows: 1.Voxelization 2.Generate Regions 3.Generate Contours 4.Generate Polygon Mesh 5.Generate Detailed Mesh Navigation mesh generation process 45Fanafzar Game Studio

46 1. Voxelization Navigation mesh generation process 46Fanafzar Game Studio

47 1. Voxelization Navigation mesh generation process 47Fanafzar Game Studio

48 1. Voxelization Navigation mesh generation process 48Fanafzar Game Studio

49 1. Voxelization Navigation mesh generation process 49Fanafzar Game Studio

50 1. Voxelization Navigation mesh generation process 50Fanafzar Game Studio

51 1. Voxelization Navigation mesh generation process 51Fanafzar Game Studio

52 2. Generate Regions Navigation mesh generation process 52Fanafzar Game Studio

53 2. Generate Regions Navigation mesh generation process 53Fanafzar Game Studio

54 2. Generate Regions Navigation mesh generation process 54Fanafzar Game Studio

55 3. Generate Contours Navigation mesh generation process 55Fanafzar Game Studio

56 3. Generate Contours Navigation mesh generation process 56Fanafzar Game Studio

57 3. Generate Contours Douglas-Peucker simplification Navigation mesh generation process 57Fanafzar Game Studio

58 3. Generate Contours Douglas-Peucker simplification Navigation mesh generation process 58Fanafzar Game Studio

59 3. Generate Contours Douglas-Peucker simplification Navigation mesh generation process 59Fanafzar Game Studio

60 4. Generate Polygon Mesh – Triangulation – Merge to Convex Polygon – Benefits of Convex Polygon Navigation mesh generation process 60Fanafzar Game Studio

61 5. Generate Detailed Mesh Navigation mesh generation process 61Fanafzar Game Studio

62 5. Generate Detailed Mesh Navigation mesh generation process 62Fanafzar Game Studio

63 Path find with A* – Graph nodes are convex polygons – Corridor map – A* is not complex to implement – There are many optimization techniques Navigation mesh generation process 63Fanafzar Game Studio

64 Pathfinding is Not A Star, AUTODESK® KYNAPSE ® MIDDLEWARE WHITE PAPER – Path smoothing – Path following – Deal with other NPCs – Deal with dynamic evolutions of game world Navigation mesh generation process 64Fanafzar Game Studio

65 Velocity obstacle There are some variations – RVO, NLVO, FVO, HRVO, NHRVO, PVO Mikko uses RVO(Reciprocal Velocity Obstacles) Navigation mesh generation process 65Fanafzar Game Studio

66 Voxelization also used in Cover selection, Jumps, Camera movement – Automatic annotations in Killzone 3 --Mikko Mononen, Paris Game AI Conference 2011 Navigation mesh generation process 66Fanafzar Game Studio

67 Navigation mesh, Zorvan Integration 67Fanafzar Game Studio

68 Generation Types – Solo – Tiled Navmesh Dynamic loading Deal with dynamic obstacles Off-Mesh Connections Convex polygons Navigation mesh, Zorvan Integration 68Fanafzar Game Studio

69 How to simulate movement of intelligent objects like bird, animals, cars, etc. --Craig Reynols Stanley and Stella in: Breaking the Ice (1987) Steering Behaviors 69Fanafzar Game Studio

70 Simple Vehicle Model – Massscalar – Positionvector – Velocityvector – max_forcescalar – max_speed scalar Steering Behaviors 70Fanafzar Game Studio

71 Seek Flee Flocking Pursuit Arrival Obstacle avoidance Path follow Leader follow Hide Steering Behaviors 71Fanafzar Game Studio

72 Seek Vs Flee Steering Behaviors 72Fanafzar Game Studio

73 Seek Vector2D SteeringBehaviors::Seek(Vector2D TargetPos) { Vector2D diff = TargetPos - m_pVehicle->Pos(); Vector2D DesiredVelocity = Vec2DNormalize(diff) * m_pVehicle->MaxSpeed(); return (DesiredVelocity - m_pVehicle->Velocity()); } Steering Behaviors 73Fanafzar Game Studio

74 Obstacle avoidance – Only circles Steering Behaviors 74Fanafzar Game Studio

75 Combining Steering Behaviors – Weighted Truncated Sum – Weighted Truncated Running Sum with Prioritization – Prioritized Dithering Open Steer Steering Behaviors 75Fanafzar Game Studio

76 Advantages – Simplicity – Reliability – Predictability – Efficiency Disadvantages – Local traps Oscillation – Realism Jagged paths – Scalability Steering Behaviors 76Fanafzar Game Studio

77 Pure scripting! Structured – FSM – HFSM – Behavior Tree Decision Making 77Fanafzar Game Studio

78 Theory (Simplified) – A set states, S – An input vocabulary, e – Transition function, T(s, e) Map a state and an input to another state FSM 78Fanafzar Game Studio Patrol (idle) Combat Return to post Pursue Player Seen Near Player Far from post Reach post

79 Finite State Machine (FSM) is the Most Commonly used Game AI Technology Today – Simple – Efficient – Easily extensible – Powerful enough to handle a wide variety of situations Decisions only depend on current state FSM 79Fanafzar Game Studio

80 Hard Coded – Switch Statement – Function pointers – Polymorphism (State Pattern) Interpreted – Data Driven – Scripted Compiled – machine code – Generating source code FSM 80Fanafzar Game Studio

81 Function Pointer-Based, Embedded Finite-State Machines – Chapter 3.1, Game programming gems 1 A Finite-State Machine Class – Chapter 3.3 Game Programming Gems 3 FSM 81Fanafzar Game Studio

82 Each state can be a complete state machine in its own right Original Paper – Statecharts: A Visual Formalism for Complex Systems D. Harel Science of Computer Programming 8, 1987 Clustering states (XOR) Concurrency (AND) HFSM 82Fanafzar Game Studio

83 Example HFSM 83Fanafzar Game Studio Patrol (idle) Return to post Pursue Player Seen Near Player Far from post Reach post Combat Attack 1Attack 2 Success

84 Cluster states The semantic of D is exclusive-or (XOR) of A and C HFSM 84Fanafzar Game Studio A C B α β δ γ(cond) D

85 Parallel (AND combination) HFSM 85Fanafzar Game Studio A C αβ E G F α δ γμ AD Y

86 86 Iranvij AI Editor

87 Fanafzar Game Studio87 Iranvij AI Editor

88 Halo 2 [Bungie Software, 2004] was one of the first high- profile games for which the use of behavior trees. Instead of a state, the main building block of a behavior tree is a Task Conditions, Actions, and Composites Behavior tree 88Fanafzar Game Studio

89 Selector Behavior tree 89Fanafzar Game Studio terminate keep trying ? ?

90 Sequence Behavior tree 90Fanafzar Game Studio keep going bail out

91 Example Behavior tree 91Fanafzar Game Studio ? Door Open? Move (into room) Move (to door) Open door Move (into room) ConditionAction

92 Refactored tree Behavior tree 92Fanafzar Game Studio ? Door Open? Move (to door) Open door Move (into room)

93 Decorators (such as Invertor) Random Selector Random Sequence Parallel 93Fanafzar Game Studio

94 Procedural Animation Procedural level generation Dynamic game difficulty balancing Next Generation AI for game 94Fanafzar Game Studio

95 Artificial Intelligence For Games, Second Edition, Ian Millington, John Funge Programming Game AI by Example, Mat Buckland Game programming gems series AI Game Programming Wisdom series AI Game Development: Synthetic Creatures with Learning and Reactive Behaviors, Alex J. Champandard References 95Fanafzar Game Studio

96 References 96Fanafzar Game Studio

97 97 Thank You

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