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Fat Determination Study - Hydrotherm vs. AOAC

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1 Fat Determination Study - Hydrotherm vs. AOAC 922.06

2 What is Fat? Nutrient used as an energy source
1 g = 9 calories (38 kilojoules) Referred to as a lipid

3 Nutrition Appearance Texture Flavor
Importance of Fat Nutrition Appearance Texture Flavor

4 Fat Determination FDA mandate for food label
Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Trans Fat, Cholesterol “Good” and “Bad” fat

5 Fat Extraction Extractable fat = “free fat”
Bound fat needs to be extracted Methods to measure Total Fat (free + bound) Weibull-Stoldt AOAC

6 Calculating Total Fat Content
Sum Parameter Sample Matrix Fatty Acid Spectrum

7 Study Background Fat extraction of 21 different products
Traditional AOAC vs. Hydrotherm/Weibull-Stoldt Food and Feed samples tested Over 1,000 data points collected

8 Test Equipment Traditional AOAC Weibull-Stoldt

9 Study Results Chip Samples Test Data Soup & Sauce Test Data
Meat Test Data Link Link Link

10 Benefits of Weibull-Stoldt /Hydrotherm Method
Cost savings Time savings Reproducible Results Improved precision High through-put Universal No fume hood required

11 Observations Overall Testing Ease Cost Savings
Significant Time Savings Safety Advantages

12 Conclusions Weibull-Stoldt/Hydrotherm exceeds AOAC standards
9 of the 21 products had higher fat recoveries Significant time savings are 7 minutes per sample 22% cost reduction per sample “The elimination of flammable hazardous waste allows the Hydrotherm….to be greener and environmentally friendly.”

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