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A general guide for taking examinations.

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1 A general guide for taking examinations.
How to Ace the Test A general guide for taking examinations.

2 It’s test day ! Your palms are sweating, you feel like you’re suffocating, and your heart is about to beat out of your chest. You anxiously wait outside the door of your class, afraid to go inside. You know the material, but just the idea of taking a test can throw you into a panic attack.

3 Does this sound eerily familiar to you?
If so, let’s prepare know the KEYS, use the KEYS, Unlock the KNOWLEDGE Here’s the master KEY…

4 Before the Test Don’t procrastinate! It is best to study a little each day, rather than to try cramming all of the information in on the night before the test. Set an alarm clock and get to school and class on time. Be prepared. Make sure that you have everything that you will need to take the test (pencils, pens, calculator, etc.) Eat breakfast.

5 Test Time Read ALL of the directions. Don’t assume that you know what to do! Be sure to see what the teacher expects of you. If you aren’t sure, ask!

6 Test Time (cont.) Answer questions that are easy for you first, then go back to the more difficult questions. You don’t want to spend too much time on questions that are hard and risk not finishing the exam. Know what the scoring rules of the test are. Do the ones worth the most first.

7 Test Time (cont.) Eliminate wrong answer choices on multiple choice and matching questions. If you don’t know the answer, it may be simpler to eliminate the wrong choices and GUESS. Budget your time. Be sure to spend more time on questions that count more points. Always allow time to check your answers at the end.

8 Keys For Easier Essays When studying for the exam, think of topics that your teacher has spent a lot of time on. If your teacher says that a particular topic will be an essay question, write it down and practice answering it when you’re studying. It never hurts to ask your teacher to give you examples of possible essay questions!

9 Keys For Easier Essays (cont.)
Make sure that you allow yourself ample time to complete essay questions at the end. Look for key words such as: list, explain, provide examples, compare, contrast, etc. If there are essay questions on the test, do them first. Proceed to the rest of the test. By reading all the essays it make spark memories for other essays.

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