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How the PLAN test will help you prepare for the future…

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1 How the PLAN test will help you prepare for the future…

2 What is the PLAN test? Taking the PLAN is a great way to prepare for the ACT test. It covers the same subjects and gives you an estimated ACT score. PLAN also: lets you know if youre on track for college points out your academic strengths and areas you need to improve helps you find careers that match your interests connects you with more colleges interested in you

3 Some Facts About the PLAN… Did you know… Students who take PLAN score higher on the ACT than those who do not. Better ACT scores can get you better scholarships and better positions in the military! PLAN can also help find the best career choices for you.

4 PLAN Includes: Tests in English, math, reading, and science…Just like the ACT A career interest inventory that helps you make the best career choices A guide that explains what your scores mean and how you can use them

5 Common Questions about the PLAN When do I take the test? November 6, 2012 How much does it cost to take the PLAN? It is free. The school will pay for your test. How do I sign up for the PLAN? You will sign up after this presentation. What if I have a disability? You can receive accommodations for any diagnosed physical or learning disability.

6 What Should I Bring on Test Day? Materials include: Three sharpened soft- lead (No. 2) pencils with erasers Calculator for the math test (optional) Go to for a list of approved calculators.

7 Should I Guess?... There is no penalty for guessing. Be sure to answer every question. Read all the possible answers before choosing one. Eliminate every answer you know is wrong, then pick the best one from those left.

8 DO YOUR BEST! Follow directions exactly, and dont be afraid to ask questions. Mark your answer folder carefully. Fill in the ovals neatly. Dont spend too much time on any single question. For hard ones, choose the answer you think is best and move on.

9 Questions?

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