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1 FOR THE EOCT IN 9 TH GRADE LITERATURE Test-taking Strategies…


3 Be Prepared! Write important things to do like getting a good nights rest the night before and having a good breakfast the morning of the test. Also, included having number two pencils.

4 Reframe Your Thinking- Use POSITIVE self-talk This flap includes positive self-talk such as I can do it and I am ready for the test. If you find yourself saying negative things to yourself such as I cant pass this test, it is important to recognize that you are doing this. Stop and think positive thoughts such as I prepared for this test, and I am going to do my best. Letting the negative thoughts take over can affect how you take the test and your test score.

5 Stop, Look, Listen-Focus on the Test! This flap reminds the you to be still, look at the test administrator, and listen to the directions. Try to block out whatever else is going on around you. Take your time and think about what you are asked to do. Listen carefully to all the directions.

6 No Fear: Take a Break if you NEED to… Take a quick break if you begin to feel tired. To do this, put your pencil down, relax in your chair, and take a few deep breaths. Then, sit up straight, pick up your pencil, and begin to concentrate on the test again. Remember that each test section is only 60 minutes.

7 Plug it in This flap reminds you to use each of the multiple choice answers to fill in the blank. Some wont make sense and will help them narrow their choices down. Read the entire question and the possible answer choices. It is important to read the entire question so you know what it is asking. Read each possible answer choice. Do not mark the first one that looks good.

8 Jail the Detail: Think Logically! This flap reminds you to circle or underline the key words in a test question. You can look for the key words in the reading passage.

9 Stash the Trash Many times, there are sentences included in test questions that really arent important. This tip reminds you to cross out any unnecessary information. This includes answer choices you already know dont belong. This tip can also be called Slash the Trash. If you have tried your best to answer a question but you just arent sure of the answer, use the process of elimination. Look at each possible answer choice. If it doesnt seem like a logical response, eliminate it. Do this until youve narrowed down your choices. If this doesnt work, take your best educated guess. It is better to mark something down than to leave it blank.

10 Use What You Know! Draw on what you have learned in class, from this study guide, and during your study sessions to help you answer the questions.

11 Pace Yourself You are given PLENTY of time to take your test. That being said, you need to pace yourselves. This just means not rushing through the test and also watching the time and making sure you are not going too slow as well.

12 Check it out- This last flap reminds you to check over your answers when you have completed the test if there is time left. If you have a scantron, its also good to check it for stray marks.

13 On the inside… AnalyzeEvaluateDescribe Break it down into parts. Tell about the parts. Tell the good and the bad. Judge it. Tell me about it. Give details about it. Paint a picture with words. InferSupportExplain Read between the lines. What is the hidden meaning? Back up the information. Prove. Provide evidence Teach me or show me. Tell the steps. SummarizeCompareContrast Tell the main idea. Tell the beginning, middle, and end Tell all the ways they are the same. Tell all the ways they are different. PredictTraceFormulate Hypothesize Make an educated (smart) guess Outline. Explain the development. Follow (or explain) the path. Create. Put together.

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