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Test Taking Strategies

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1 Test Taking Strategies

2 ‘Twas the Night Before Testing
Go to bed on time. Get plenty of rest. Talk to your parents about any concerns that you might have about the test.

3 The Morning of Testing Eat a good breakfast with protein before coming to school! It will help you think better and keeps you from getting sleepy. Relax! Think Positive!

4 General Tips If you do not understand the directions the first time, you may ask your teacher to re-read the directions. Preview the questions before you begin. Read and re-read the entire question…make sure you understand what you are being asked to do! If both of your pencils break, please raise your hand and ask for another.

5 Selected Response Questions
Read the question and all answer choices before marking anything. You may go back to the story/poem/passage and re-read if you don’t know the answer to a question.

6 Pace Yourself-UseTime Wisely
Don’t spend too much time on any one question. Do your best and then move on. Answers all of the questions. Choose the answer you think is the MOST correct. Don’t leave any blank.

7 The Process of Elimination
Eliminate answers that don’t make sense. You can cross the wrong answers out in your test booklet. DON’T cross out the bubble, cross out the incorrect words/answer. I know C isn’t the answer! perimeter c If you can eliminate two wrong answers, your chance of choosing the right answer is greater.

8 Math BCR’s and ECR’s Reread the BCR or ECR to make sure you have answered all the parts of the question. You must fit your answer inside the box provided. Show all of your work. Show all of the math, even the parts you can do in your head. Don’t erase any of your work. Label all of your math work!!!

9 Math BCRs WHY BCRs-Prove It! Prove it by showing the math two ways.
Prove it by showing the inverse operation. Prove it with a labeled math drawing. Prove it with a definition for geometry terms. Prove it with lots of labels. SHOW ALL of your work.

10 Reading BCRs Read the question carefully.
Answer the question that is asked. Give support from the text. Make an inference that further explains your answer. An inference is SOMETHING EXTRA that you had to figure out that the text did not come out and say.

11 Skip, Return, Check If you finish early, check to make sure you have answered all questions. Double check your work.

12 What did that question say?
Make sure you understand what the question is asking. Carefully re-read the question, if you don’t. Be sure you are responding to the question that is being asked.

13 Your first answer is usually right.
A Matter of Time If any time remains, spend it on the questions you skipped or checking your work. As you go back through, do not change all answers. . . Your first answer is usually right. Don’t worry if you run out of time.

14 Final Tips Fill in bubbles completely. Make your marks heavy and dark.
Write neatly. Erase stray marks.

15 The Death Grip If your arm tires during testing it is probably due to the grip that you have on your pencil. Relax the grip and give those muscles a break. Wiggle your fingers for a few seconds.

16 Thank you, Mr. Know-it-all!
Remember it's okay not to know everything — unlike class tests, these tests will have some questions designed to challenge the limits of your knowledge! Do your very best, you’ll be surprised with how much you really do know!

17 Adapted by: Mrs. Guthrie/Dynard IRT

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