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Test of Academic Proficiency 400: Language Arts. General Information The language arts subtest is one of 4 required subtests for all students qualifying.

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1 Test of Academic Proficiency 400: Language Arts

2 General Information The language arts subtest is one of 4 required subtests for all students qualifying to be teachers in the state of Illinois. The other subtests include reading comprehension, math, and writing. Cut scores for TAP have yet to be determined. You may elect to retake only the failed subtests, if you have not taken the Test of Basic Skills prior to September 11, 2010.

3 General Test Information The first offering of TAP will be in February 2012,and will be offered only in an on-line format at Pearson Vue Centers. The new Basic Skills content will remain the same with the exception of math. Math will now include probability. Additionally, 10 extra questions will be added to each of the subtests.

4 General Test Information The cost of the entire TAP battery will be $99.00 with a $ 26.00 registration fee. The cost of one on-line subtest will be $49.00 with a $26.00 registration fee. The entire TAP battery must be completed within 5 hours/ 2 hours for an individual test The nearest Pearson Vue testing center is Peoria, Il. Availability of the TAP, on a given day, at a given time, in a given center varies. Pearson Vue will notify you of the tests availability. If you test after or on 1/17/12, you must wait 60 days before re-taking the on-line version of the test.

5 General Test Information All students will get 5 attempts to pass this newly revised test- even if they have used up all 5 attempts during the previous version of the test. All subtests that were previously passed using the old version will be banked (counted towards passing the new basic skills exam). Until new cut scores have been determined, TAP test results may be delayed. All students attending a testing session will be presented with 10 pages of yellow laminated sheets and a marker to record thoughts or figures.

6 How to Prepare 1. Read the Test Standards and Objectives 2. Practice the sample tests. Set aside several hours for this in a setting that simulates the testing environment. Time yourself. 3. Become familiar with all the aids available at

7 The Day of the Test Arrive on time. You must arrive 30 minutes prior to your test. You are required to have a valid picture- ID that also includes your signature. This ID will be the only item you will be allowed to keep once you have entered the testing area. Dress comfortably. Temperatures within the room may fluctuate, so plan to dress in layers. Follow directions- both written and oral. Any items brought to the Center, including cell phones and watches will be placed in a locker prior to your testing. If for any reason, you wish to leave the testing area, you must raise your hand and the proctor will escort you. At the completion of the test, you must again raise your hand to summon the proctor. During the test: pace yourself, read carefully, utilize your laminated boards and marker, guess wisely, check for accuracy.

8 Language Arts Objectives A. Grammar and Usage 0007 Demonstrates command of verbs, pronouns, modifiers 0008 Understands and applies the following mechanical conventions: punctuation, spelling, and capitalization

9 Language Arts Objectives B. Writing 0009 Understands the role of purpose and audience in written communication 00010 Understands unity, focus, development, and organization in writing 00011 Understands and applies editing and revision strategies within written work 00012 Recognizes sentences and paragraphs that effectively communicate intended messages

10 TAP SkillFrequency Coherence and Unity: sentences are in the wrong order, sentences need to be deleted, sentences contain distracting detail, transitions 8 Main idea of the selection or paragraph5 Vocabulary5 Organizational patterns: patterns of development 4

11 TAP (Of Lesser Concern) SkillFrequency Commas4 Capitalization3 Verb Form3 Spelling3 Pronoun Usage3 Adverb/Adjective3 Word Choice Consistent with Authors Purpose and Audience 3 Support for Main Idea of the Selection or Paragraph, Format Appropriateness, Type of Persuasive Technique, Repetition, Comparative/Superlative 2 Subject/Verb Agreement, Authors Purpose, Point of View Shift, Introduction Techniques, Sentence Structure, Parallel Structure 1

12 Suggested Test Taking Strategy for TAP LA Preview the questions by utilizing the NEXT command at the bottom of your computer screen. Return to the first question by employing the PREVIOUS command at the bottom of your computer screen. Lightly read the selection; this test, unlike the reading one, is more editing and proof-reading – not comprehension. On your laminated sheets, write the question #, the letters: A,B,C,D and any brief notation regarding the # of the sentence, words to be considered, or paragraph #. This will isolate the possibilities from the rest of the text. Alternate between the text and the laminated sheets as you eliminate possible wrong answers.

13 Thank you for coming and good luck with your exams.

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