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ACT Test Prep.

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1 ACT Test Prep

2 Today’s Purpose… Encourage test preparation
Share basic strategies and tips Know what to expect on test day

3 What is the ACT? 3 hour exam (+ 1/2 hour for writing)
Used for college admissions Test of problem-solving skills May be taken 12 times Average PHS score – 23 Highest PHS score – 34 of 36 Similar in format to the EXPLORE and PLAN test you’ve already had. 3

4 General Strategies Pace yourself
Read directions and questions carefully Answer easy questions first, use logic for more difficult ones Attempt every question. Score is based on number of questions answered correctly. • Be precise in marking your answer document

5 Should I guess? Yes! With “5 minutes remaining”, give it your best logical guess. Process of elimination, back solve a problem, “C”

6 Night Before the Test… Get plenty of rest Gather the following:
Admission ticket Photo ID - driver license, school ID, etc. Watch w/o an alarm Sharpened #2 pencils, eraser Appropriate calculator Snack for break - granola bar, apple, etc.

7 Day of the Test Dress in layers for room temperature
Eat a healthy breakfast Test starts promptly at 8 am, arrive by 7:45 Come with a positive attitude Relax What type of clothing promotes your best work ethic: casual or dress? Know that you will work hard and leave mentally exhausted.

8 English Math Reading Science Writing (optional)
ACT Test Subjects English Math Reading Science Writing (optional)

9 English Test 45 minutes for 5 passages, 75 questions
Usage/Mechanics Punctuation Grammar and Usage Sentence Structure Rhetorical Skills Strategy Organization Style

10 English Tips Be aware of the writing style used in each passage.
Examine the underlined portions carefully. Note the differences in the answer choices, best one. Reread the sentence inserting your selected answer.

11 Math 60 minutes for 60 questions
• Knowledge of basic formulas & computational skills • Problems can be solved without a calculator • Answering half of the questions right will give you a score of 20

12 Math Test Content Pre-algebra & elementary algebra – 40%
Intermediate algebra & coordinate geometry – 30% Plane geometry – 23% Trigonometry – 7% Don’t know Trig? Don’t worry. Use the time on other math problems.

13 Reading Test 35 minutes for 4 passages, 40 questions
Measures reading comprehension Content of passages: Social Studies – history, geography, psychology Natural Sciences – astronomy, botany, medicine Prose Fiction – short stories or novels Humanities – music, art, language, film Start with your favorite. Score in the top 15% of test takers without looking at 4th passage. Spend 2-3 minutes reading the passage. Then about 35 seconds to answer each question.

14 Reading Skills Tested Questions will ask you to: Determine main ideas
Locate and interpret significant details Understand sequences of events Make comparisons Comprehend cause-effect relationships Draw generalizations Analyze the author’s or narrator’s voice and method Determine meaning of context-dependent words, phrases, and statements.

15 Science Test 35 minutes for 40 questions
The test assumes you have completed courses in physical science, biology and chemistry It contains 7 sets of scientific information. The formats are: Data representation (graphs, tables, etc.) Research summaries (descriptions of experiments) Conflicting viewpoints (views that don’t match) Science requires that you are a good reader and can analyze data.

16 Writing Test (optional) 30 min. essay
Essay is evaluated on your ability to… • Express judgment by taking a position • Maintain focus on the topic • Develop a position by using logical reasoning • Organize ideas in a logical way • Use language clearly and effectively

17 Writing Tips • Jot down ideas/reasons that you wish to include in your essay (pros and cons) • Formulate an opposing argument • Create an outline to determine the order …..then start your essay Spiderweb, graphic organizer to visually prepare your ideas

18 Finally…… Keep track of time – work efficiently Guess intelligently
Review Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geom. Be careful with the answer grid Take the practice tests at home Familiarize yourself with the content and the timed tests. 18

19 Practice Tests 19

20 Additional Practice • UW-Baraboo Saturday, March & November 8:30 - 4:00 $59 includes practice materials # • Kampen’s Elite Tutoring # 20

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