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Visual WebGui Overview

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1 Visual WebGui Overview

2 What is Visual WebGui RIA Platform?
Applications Deployment Platform Secured by design High performance Economy deployment Fully Scalable Cloud Ready Migration of Desktop to the Web Visual StudioTM Development Find out more…

3 Why Visual WebGui? (1) Development skills
Desktop Tools Web HTML AJAX CSS JavaScript ASP.NET

4 Why Visual WebGui? (2) Runtime & deployment benefits
Secured by design Best AJAX Performance & minimal client footprint As Scalable as ASP.NET (…and even more) Multi-browsers support (IE, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Netscape) Support Silverlight & Smart Client /w the same code base Migration of WinForms, VB 6.0 & Desktop to Web & Silverlight Fully extendable and customizable UI Plain ASP.NET xcopy deployment Full readiness for Cloud deployment

5 Visual WebGui Technology

6 Position in Microsoft’s technologies stack
Runtime: based on the ASP.NET infrastructure Development time: an ASP.NET flavored project Find out more…

7 Command Level Virtualization
1 Client first approach  downloads tiny, plain kernel 2 Uniquely Optimized Protocol Standard AJAX communication / port 80 Standard Browser Clients: IE, FF, Netscape, Chrome, Safari, Opera…. Additional Clients: WinForms /WPF/ Flash/ Mobiles … Server: no installation, using IIS and .NET CLR Find out more…

8 Decoupled Presentation Layers
Standard Browsers Visual WebGui Server Silverlight Browsers “screens” to any device that sends and receives XML Proven Alternatives (prototypes) Mobile Devices Flash/ Flex WPF Client Find out more… Smart Client

9 Military Grade Security (1) The server controls the application
<<<<<<<< The server “screens” the application to it’s clients The clients sends nothing but events >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Visual WebGui Server Optimized events Empty Clients Standard HTTP/HTTPS Instructions metadata ‘Empty Client’ approach prevents the most problematic client security issues. The server does the ‘heavy lifting’ Find out more…

10 Military Grade Security (2) Endpoints are a security vulnerability
Server Client Credentials + Tokens Sensitive Data UI Flow/Logic Business Logic Consuming Services Connection strings More Than 2000 of The World Most Dangerous Hackers Could Not Hack VWG, despite a $10,000 Prize

11 Performance Factors Uniquely optimized protocol, never exceeds 1kb / request/response. IP Constant server state CPU. IPed optimized rendering engine adjusted-able / device/browser. User testimony: Martin Dube, Symbiose Technologies: “…VWG's main advantage is performance” (read more) Find out more…

12 As Scalable as ASP.NET (testing – more)
State Server (i.e. SQL/ Oracle cluster) Visual WebGui Server 1 Visual WebGui Server 2 Visual WebGui Server 3 Load Balancer Device (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) Dynamic web farm (call level stickiness) A single server servers between concurrent users Redundancy based on a floating session Find out more…

13 Productive Proven Development
Develop WinForms API Deploy Multiple Presentation Layers – Single Codebase Maintain by basic skilled developers Design WYSIWYG Designer WinForms API & tools, one layer .NET Object Oriented code LIVE DEMO Find out more…

14 WinForms Migration to Web Initial Basic Scenario
Ctrl+C/ Ctrl+V Copy WinForms Code to a new Visual WebGui Application Replace any System.Windows.Forms to Gizmox.WebGUI.Forms Ctrl+R LIVE DEMO Compile and run in a standard browser 3rd party components: Wrap any ASP.NET based control Telerik, Infragistics, DeveXpress, ComponentOne Create your own the control level designer Choose from VWG suite (58 WinForms controls, Office, Charting etc) Components vendors are interested in creating VWG controls suits Find out more…

15 VB 6.0 Migration & desktop Apps to Web
Option 1 Art-in-Soft: VB 6.0 to WinForms + VWG to Web Option 2 Re-generating the UI only. Works for desktop technology Result: VB 6.0 to any Web Presentation Layer Visual WebGui DHTML/Silverlight Visual Basic 6.0 WinForms

16 ASP.NET One Click Controls Wrapper Automatic integral procedure
Automatically creates a Visual WebGui wired-up control of any ASP.NET based control

17 Control Designer/Skin Designer (Version 6
Control Designer/Skin Designer (Version 6.4+) Providing visual customization & control creation options Skin Designer Control Designer Control & skin designers simplify the creation of custom controls & customizations of existing controls to a visual level. For application branding and customizing themes. Control Designer

18 Visual WebGui infrastructure to run Silverlight
Windows Forms development Enterprise controls Military Grade Security Server enhanced , powerful UI Minimal footprint Migration of WinForms, VB 6.0 & Desktop to Silverlight DHTML fallback for non Silverlight devices

19 Visual WebGui Samples

20 VWG RIA Scenario Demo LIVE DEMO
/live/webmail/dhtml/ User- guest, Password - webgui MS outlook porting to web, took 1 developer / 1 month

21 Enterprise Internal Show case
SAP Netweaver Labs Sharing testing resources Project 5 18 month Completed with 2 Developers for 9 months Savings of $720K for one enterprise application * Assuming Dev Cost of $120K / year 21

22 VWG Saves multi-lingual search engine 2 years and $250k Each revision took between one to five days whilst using classic ASP.NET, would have taken from one to three weeks each John Graffio: “...VWG has allowed me to come to market anywhere from months ahead of anything I could have remotely dreamed of” Find out more…

23 ARC-GREENLAB Developed ArcGIS ® based solution for the Lower Saxson Chamber of Agriculture Former solution was based on Microsoft Access 97 Martin Krausmann: “Turning to Visual WebGui made it possible to create a rich user interface for both the web and desktop environments.” Find out more…

24 Thank you 

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