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OneBridge Mobile Data Suite Product Positioning. Target Plays IT-driven enterprise mobility initiatives Extensive support for integration into existing.

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1 OneBridge Mobile Data Suite Product Positioning

2 Target Plays IT-driven enterprise mobility initiatives Extensive support for integration into existing infrastructures Relay server architecture for secure behind the firewall deployment Cross platform device support Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm and BlackBerry Integrate once, deliver on any device Open data delivery engine Sync for databases on Windows Mobile, Palm and BlackBerry Supports IP based data push for all supported platforms Supports Web Services and other enterprise services

3 Mobility challenges and needs Usability is key to mobile adoption and thereby success OneBridge provides tools to enable developers to focus on the application rather than on integration and infrastructure. OneBridge enables developers to select the right device for the job. Data delivery options are key to constantly enhance productivity While most enterprises only need basic functionality when starting a mobility initiative, they tend to request more advanced functionalities once they experience the benefit of Mobility. OneBridge provides a rich set of delivery methods which can be combined as required by the enterprise needs. Flexibility is key for enterprises to succeed in today's markets Most enterprises do not know yet where mobility will take them, though they expect much output from a mobility initiative. OneBridge provides required flexibility and extensibility for constantly changing requirements. Standards are required to enable real enterprise mobility Enterprises often struggle with different incompatible point solutions, if they dont choose the right approach to Mobility in time. OneBridge provides a platform for mobile applications serving different usage scenarios and user groups.

4 Architecture overview Timeline

5 Key differentiators Extended infrastructure support Integrates with most directories and authentication systems End-to-end security model, no need for VPN or other additional infrastructure components No staging of data is required, integrates with existing policies Supports globally distributed and scalable deployments Operates on all IP-based networks and is carrier agnostic Provides extensive logging and reporting possibilities We selected Sybase iAnywheres mobile platform because it provides us with a complete mobile solution that meets our global requirements and enables us to build applications that are independent of delivery devices, their footprints, various wireless standards, networks and carriers. Ron Beaver, CIO of Otis Elevator Company

6 Key differentiators Extensive client platform support Windows CE: SQL Mobile, DB2e, native PIM databases, ASA, Ultralite and other ADO supported databases Palm: PDB, DB2e, Satellite Forms and native PIM databases Symbian OS: native PIM databases RIM BlackBerry: native RIM data store See also the supported device list with over 250 devices

7 Key differentiators Variety of data delivery methods The OneBridge Sync Engine supports a variety of popular mobile databases and any server database compatible to ADO out-of-the-box. The field mappings and conflict resolution priorities are completely configurable through a sophisticated interface. IP-based data push for always-on networks enables mobile users to receive updates about critical business events just when they happen. Guaranteed delivery to the devices and highly secure connections from device to server without any staging is ensured. Access to enterprise services (Web Services and COM or.NET based custom services) enables mobile users to directly interact with complex business workflows while on the road.

8 Key differentiators Advanced extensibility Data Driver SDK is available for Palm, CE and Windows to integrate with existing backend systems (SAP, Siebel, etc.) Business Logic SDK to customize the sync process Data Push SDK for integration with business events ACM SDK for integration with custom authentication databases Programming language support (.NET/COM/Win32/Script) The development and deployment of OneBridge was so simple that all we had to do was plan the compliance with elevator safety laws and ensure the applications growth capacity and its interface with the groups ERP. Frédéric Renault, Managing Director of Aliant

9 Key differentiators Unique Relay Server architecture No need to open the firewalls Reduced administration and management

10 OneBridge Mobile Data Suite Summary Integrates easily into your existing infrastructure Supports existing directories and authentication databases Relay Server architecture for secure deployment behind the firewall Supports all popular device and server databases Supports all popular device platforms Accelerates your mobile application development Provides variety of data delivery methods out-of-box Supports connected and semi-connected application models Encapsulates communication security and protocols Completely embeddable into the mobile applications Leverages the standard tools & technologies you know Supports the Microsoft.NET and RIM Blackberry IDEs Utilizes Web Services and other custom enterprise services

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