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June 2004 Adil Allawi Technical Director

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1 June 2004 Adil Allawi Technical Director

2 June 2004 Introduction n Contents –Diwan Introduction –Diwan Products n Software and services for mobile devices and service providers. n Text Engine for complex text (e.g. Arabic, Thai) n Multilingual Mobile Java Applications n Bidi support for WAP, xHTML n Multilingual WAP server n Fonts and Localisation solutions

3 June 2004 Diwan in Brief n Started Arabic Electronic Publishing Revolution in 1985 n Worked with Apple Computer Inc. to define new fonts and Arabic OS interface n First Arabic Desktop Publishing n First Ever Fully Electronic Newspaper n Pioneers in Mobile Computing n First Arabic WAP publishing system n First specially developed Arabic typeface for mobile device

4 June 2004 Diwan in Brief n Recent Contracts –OpenWave n Providing multilingual solutions for WAP and xHTML –Siemens (Information and Communication) n Providing multilingual solutions for phones, SMS and phone applications –Sun Microsystems Inc. n Development partner n Working closely on testing new international features of Java 1.4

5 June 2004 Diwan Mobile Services n A multilingual text engine enabled to support complex languages including Thai and all Right to Left Scripts (eg. Arabic, Farsi and Urdu). n Mobile Java Applications n Multilingual WAP consultation n Multilingual WAP and Internet Server n Font and localisation solution

6 June 2004 BiDi Text Support n Main Features –Fully Unicode compliant –Supports Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Hebrew –Handles multiple languages on a single line –3 alternate number forms: n European n Arabic n Persian/Urdu –BiDi run ordering in 2 modes: Left dominant and Right dominant (e.g. for Arabic/Hebrew) –Easily integrated into existing projects

7 June 2004 Thai language support n Main Features of Thai rendering Thai language requires combining characters. A combined character may be displayed on more than one level. Combined characters may overlap the following character. Correct display of illegal character combinations

8 June 2004 Thai language support n Text engine correctly places Thai accents in their optimal location allowing clearer display of Thai text. n Thai fonts can be drawn legibly to a minimum of 10 pixels - ideally 13 pixels n Cursor is drawn in the correct location for combined letters. n Thai numbers may be displayed instead of European numbers or as an alternative.

9 June 2004 Thai input method n Thai input works in two modes –Passthrough: allows entry of all letters without checking. –Strict: will prevent the entry of illegal combinations. n Cursor movement can jump over groups of combined Thai. n Compatible with Thai T9 Input

10 June 2004 Thai word breaking n Thai language is commonly written without word breaks. n Guessing of correct word breaks is non- trivial. n A word breaking algorithm that calculates word breaks from a dictionary. The current dictionary is 92K.

11 June 2004 Mobile Java Applications n Works with Arabic and Hebrew Language without the need for native language support on the phone n SMS email and office applications n Custom applications for service providers

12 June 2004 BiDi WAP n Arabic shaping engine for WAP browsing –Allows basic BiDi WAP browsing. –Can work with most phones. –Fast time to market for Arabic WAP solution –Supports all right-to-left languages.

13 June 2004 BiDi WAP Extended n Full Integration of BiDi Layout for WAP browsing –Bi-directional layout engine for WAP content –Lays out objects and tables in the correct reading order for right-to-left text –Supports multilingual text input in a WAP browser

14 June 2004 Multilingual WAP publisher n Unicode based and Multilingual n Compatible with most WAP mobile phones - will publish text to Arabic phones and bitmaps to phones that cannot support Arabic. n Integrate WAP publisher only or build full Internet and WAP publishing solution.

15 June 2004 Localisation Solutions n Arabic Localisation –Convert a complete WAP/Web site to Arabic n New Fonts n Animations and Ringtones

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