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Complete Ground Station Monitor & Control Solutions.

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1 Complete Ground Station Monitor & Control Solutions

2 Terrestrial & Satellite Telecom Uplink/Downlink VSAT Broadband/Cable Broadcast LEO Satellite Tracking TT&C Government/Military Earth/Ground Stations Teleports Facility Management Fully Scaleable Turn-Key M&C Solutions for:

3 Architecture ( basic view ) Device Drivers Customized device drivers that will communicate simply or with as much function & detail as your equipments protocol will offer. Software Products - UPMACS Operate

4 Architecture ( basic view ) Device Drivers Serial / Ethernet Ports Communicate with virtually any equipment using serial, Ethernet, GPIB or SNMP ports, sockets or protocols. Includes serial port protocol analyzer. Serial/Ethernet Ports Software Products - UPMACS Operate

5 Architecture ( basic view ) Device DriversRegisters Registers are created for every piece of information you wish to display, act-on, or track internally. Serial/Ethernet Ports Software Products - UPMACS Operate

6 Architecture ( basic view ) Device DriversRegisters Screens (GUI) Monitor and control status and alarms through summary screens and block diagrams. Apply drill down logic to resolve issues on individual or grouped equipment interface and control screens. Serial/Ethernet Ports Screens Software Products - UPMACS Operate

7 Architecture ( basic view ) Device DriversRegisters Simple Control Language (SCL) Schedule, Execute, Calculate, Launch, Communicate and more… Any action or any task becomes possible with UPMACS when using the power of SCL. Serial/Ethernet Ports Screens SCL Software Products - UPMACS Operate

8 UPMACS Operate ( Station File ) Serial TCP/IP SNMP U/Cs D/Cs ACUs De-Icing Transceivers Mods - Demods HPAs LNAs Data Acquisition Test Equip. Etc. Ethernet Hub Serial Port Server UPMACS M&C Station Overview

9 Obtain remote control of any or all stations from anywhere with... UPMACS Operate Station A UPMACS Operate Station B UPMACS Operate Station C UPMACS NETWORK CLIENT TCP/IP via Ethernet Internet Dial-Up Dedicated Line Satellite link UPMACS Remote M&C Networking

10 Summary Status of Broadcast Uplinks

11 Multi Antenna LEO Satellite Tracking Systems UPMACS will Automatically: Process Pass Schedule Info & Ephemeris Data Execute Pre-Pass System Configuration & Confirmation Build Pass Logs of All Critical Data During each Satellite Pass Complete GUI Interface for Operator M&C of all Antenna equipment

12 UPMACS Operate for Multi-Antenna Systems

13 Equipment Control Interfaces

14 LEO Tracking ACU Interface

15 Satellite Modem M&C and Trending

16 More Modem Control

17 Diversity/Backup Antenna Switching

18 UPMACS Interfaces for all Systems

19 Test Loop Translator

20 SSPA Status & Control

21 Temp. Sensors & Trending


23 Tracking Receiver

24 SNMP Monitoring


26 Uplink Power Control

27 Take Full Control of all your M&C Applications with the UPMACS Development System Design, build, maintain and expand any UPMACS station files (databases), device drivers, screens (GUI) quickly with the UPMACS IDE. Build interfaces for almost any type of equipment. Implement layers of open-ended system functionality, scheduling of critical event driven controls using built in SCL (Simple Control Language).

28 1 - Build a new device driver or import an existing driver from the (free) UPMACS device driver library. 2 - Define serial ports and add devices. 3 - Define one register for every piece of information you want to display or track internally. 4 - Write SCL programs for each type of action an operator or RTS (real time supervisory) computer can execute. 5 - Create screens. Define screen hierarchy and drill down logic. 5 Basic Steps to Build an UPMACS Station

29 Software Licensing UPMACS Operate Full operate license - Unlimited ports 8 port license 3 port license Remote Network Client Custom / OEM UPMACS Development System Development System license (includes full Operate license)

30 UPMACS Services Overview Turnkey M&C System Design & Integration Over 25 years experience Extensive device driver library UPMACS development system tools make for fast deployment and cost effectiveness Simple or Sophisticated custom equipment interfaces Onsite integration and operator training Fixed costs no surprises Developer Training Educate staff on UPMACS development system, take control of systems and operational overhead Online access to all UPMACS device driver libraries Custom developer support packages available Product & System Support 25 years worth of satisfied customers have grown accustom to UPMACS' expert and personable support Basic support includes 1 year on all software and custom systems Extended support packages available Ask us for a quote on your next system!

31 Partial Customer/End User List –Apollo Microwave (Bell South) –Applied Telecommunications –Canteq Telecom –CEL Aerospace –China Radio & TV –Comcast –Comsat Corporation –Intelcan Technosystems –ITT Industries (U.S. Army) –KSTP-TV –KSAT ( Kongsberg Satellite Services ) –L3 (LNR/STS) Communications –OPTUS (Australia) –ArgonST (U.S. Navy) –Spar Aerospace –SweDish Satellite Systems –Teleglobe Canada –Telesat Canada (Bell ExpressVu) –The Missouri Lottery –University of Washington –US International Broadcast Bureau –ViaSat (NOAA, Swedish Space Corp, SES Americom, Orbital Sciences) –Washington State University

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