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SunSpec Members Meeting San Diego 2013

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1 SunSpec Members Meeting San Diego 2013
Loggerware SunSpec Members Meeting San Diego 2013

2 Loggerware Base Data Acquisition and Management Acquire Archive Manage
Collect device base data samples using Loggerware Logger Send base data to SunSpec compliant servers Archive Base data archived in Loggerware Data Storage instance Acts as logger extension Manage Allow access through API/SunSpec Plant Extract Forward base data to SunSpec compliant servers Inspect data using Loggerware Data Storage Dashboard

3 Loggerware Base Data Data samples collected from devices
Basis of all data analysis Derived data can be recreated from base data Base data can not be recreated Auditability requires base data

4 Loggerware Base Data Control Data integrity insurance policy
Guarantees the fidelity of original data samples Loggerware Logger does not alter collected values Loggerware Data Storage stores data unaltered Allows investment grade auditing Loggerware Data Storage instance owned by you Logically and physically independent from each other Clear chain of custody of device base data for auditing Control who, what, where for data access/forwarding

5 Loggerware Service Instance Loggerware Data Storage Dashboard
Remote Management Audit Application Analytics Application Loggerware Data Storage SunSpec Device Loggerware Logger SunSpec Host SunSpec Device SunSpec Host Other Device SunSpec Host

6 Loggerware Loggerware Logger Portable software architecture
Multiple hardware platforms Choose the solution that matches the application Supports a wide range of price/functionality Same management interface across all platforms Full SunSpec Support Vendor device definition using SMDX Full remote management Does not require external IP address

7 Loggerware Loggerware Logger SunSpec certified on: Ctek Moxa
4200 SkyRouter 6200 Device Server Moxa UC-7112 Plus V2101-LX W321 IA241 UC-7110

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