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Your Home Ideas Frequency: 11 issues per year Volume: 196-212 pages Trim size: 203x275mm Circulation: 45 000 copies Published in Ukraine since: 2005.

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1 Your Home Ideas Frequency: 11 issues per year Volume: 196-212 pages Trim size: 203x275mm Circulation: 45 000 copies Published in Ukraine since: 2005

2 About the Magazine The magazine provides advice for consumers about to repairing and renovating their homes The recommendations are practical and easy to follow The magazine publishes high quality materials, which passed quality control Every article about repair and renovation features detailed cost estimates for materials and labor The magazine publishes reviews of building and decoration materials, furniture, and equipment for middle class-oriented consumer markets The magazine holds the leading position in circulation and in affluence of its audience in Ukraine in its segment One of the top-20 read monthly magazines in Ukraine

3 Issue sections Market News Information about new products available in the Ukrainian market: construction and finishing materials, accessories, and household appliances. New Apartment Completed designer projects for apartments. High-quality designs, innovative solutions, quality materials, cost estimates. Design Project Offers re-zoning and interior design projects for standard apartments in 3-D computer graphics. Each project is followed by explanations with cost estimates, as well as re-design options.

4 Issue sections Ideas A collection of articles featuring innovative design solutions of pressing and complex architectural and planning problems. Furniture, Decor Elements, Household Appliances Detailed reviews of furniture, decor elements, and home appliances from Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers. The reviews include price estimates. Design from A to Z Series of notes about the basic concepts and methods of interior design. The examples of completed projects and recommendations.

5 Issue sections Project How to repair a specified apartment or a specified room such as bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. The repair process, terminology, possible problems and solutions are covered in great details. The reader gets acquainted with modern techniques used in reconstructing apartments. Materials Market reviews for materials used in construction, repairs, surfacing, and wall, floor and ceiling finishes. The articles offer comparative market analyses of materials, their technical features, and their price estimates. The House from Outside and Inside This section features information on interior elements of the modern country house, as well as examples for structuring storage areas and outlying buildings.

6 Issue sections Constructions Comprehensive reviews offer comparative market analysis for constructional elements, such as doors, windows, and stairs. Besides manufacturers, the section lists companies offering installation services. Problem Articles analyze potential problems arising from choosing, reconstructing and arranging living premises. The section features materials related on repair and construction services. Equipment Reviews of equipment for apartments or houses.

7 Issue sections Lets Build a House! New technologies for construction of residential suburban cottages from modern building materials. Construction budgets. Recommendations regarding development and design. Landscape Examples of beautiful landscaping plans followed by expert advice. Letter of the Law The section covers legal aspects of residential reconstruction, problems in purchasing, selling, and insuring real estate.

8 The Audience Reader Demographics According to TNS Ukraine, PMI Regions 2011/1 53,5% Male, 46,5% Female 67,4% belong to 25-54 years age segment 65,6% Married 62,2% have children 75,2% employed 59% with higher education 75,6% contractors, 11,4% business co- owners, 5,4% small businessmen 25,6% with average income, 23,5% with upper-average income, 19,3% with below the average income,12,2% with high income 25,8% professionals, 19,2% workers, 12,2% students, 11,9% entrepreneurs, 8% clerks, 6% chief officers, 5,3% housewives, and 3,6% unemployed Customer characteristic According to TNS Russia Type of repair work of interest 53% renovation, 40% major repair, 24% reconstruction Models of housing repair of interest 43% all types of repair and construction works accomplished by specialists, 42% some types of repair and construction works accomplished by specialists, and 15% repair and construction work accomplished independently. Factors determining interest to the magazine 68% apartment repair, 60% apartment furnishing, 19% cottage furnishing, 17% cottage construction, 14% professional interest, and 13% cottage repair.

9 Circulation Summary Your Home Ideas specialized in reaching people, who are planning renovation, reconstruction, interior re- design, either on their own and or with assistance of qualified contractors. Each issue is prominently displayed in thousands of retail outlets throughout Ukraine. A part of its circulation is carefully placed in the hands of key individuals who are influential in home repair, construction, and design field: interior designers, construction architectures, decorators, and representatives of construction firms. Distribution Channels Supermarkets 48% Newsstands 46% Paid subscriptions 4% Direct mail 1% Specialized Trade Shows 1%

10 Advertising deadlines Issue NumberIssue DatesSpace DeadlineMaterial DuePayment beforeOn Sale Date #02(73) 2012December-January11 Dec 201121 Dec 201102 Jan 201217 Jan 2012 #03(74) 2012February24 Jan 201203 Feb 201218 Feb 201221 Feb 2012 #04(75) 2012March28 Feb 201209 Mar 201218 Mar 201227 Mar 2012 #05(76) 2012April27 Mar 201206 Apr 201222 Apr 201224 Apr 2012 #06(77) 2012May30 Apr 201211 May 201220 May 201229 May 2012 #07(78) 2012June29 May 201208 Jun 201224 Jun 201226 Jun 2012 #08(79) 2012July03 Jul 201213 Jul 201229 Jul 201201 Aug 2012 #09(80) 2012August07 Aug 201217 Aug 201202 Sep 201204 Sep 2012 #10(81) 2012September04 Sep 201214 Sep 201230 Oct 201202 Oct 2012 #11(82) 2012October09 Oct 201219 Oct 201204 Nov 201206 Nov 2012 #01(83) 2013November13 Nov 201223 Nov 201209 Dec 201211 Dec 2012

11 The price list for advertisement placement

12 Discounts for Ads placement

13 Special project Architects Consultations «Architects Consultations» is a popular project held by Your Home Ideas with in the framework of large theme exhibitions. At the Your Home Ideas stand, the leading architects and design specialists consult visitors on home design, re- planning and repair works, give expert advice on choosing construction materials and finding contractors, etc. This activity enjoys wide popularity among the exhibition visitors

14 Contact Advertising Department Manager Address: 14-A, Pimonenko str., of.: 5 Кyiv, 04050 Ukraine Tel. +380-44-351-1805, Fax. +380-44-351-1803 e-mail:

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