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Services Nevada Presents Premier Properties.

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1 Services Nevada Presents Premier Properties

2 What is a Premier Property?
A Premier Estate Premier Land A Premier Home A Premier Bed and Breakfast A Premier Condominiums

3 How Does a Property Qualify?
First and foremost, it must be an upscale, quality property in a quality neighborhood Valued at a minimum of $1,000,000, unless it has been pre-approved as an exception. Premier Estates must be valued at a minimum of $1,500,000, have an estate-like setting or substantial privacy. Exceptions must be personally viewed by either a broker/owner and a Premier Director or two Premier Directors

4 How do I register my listing in the Program?
Complete the Registration form and fax it to Windermere Services Nevada at If mailing, send to Premier Properties Coordinator, Windermere Services Nevada, 2200 Paseo Verde Parkway, Suite 160, Henderson, NV The $75 registration fee can either be paid by check, or with permission from your broker, charged to you through your office. The registration and fee is valid for up to 18 months as long as there is not more than a two week lag time between relisting periods within that year.

5 What is included in the fee?
Use of the Premier logo in all marketing and advertising materials Opportunity to advertise in the Metropolitan and Distinctive Homes Premier page A Premier logo will appear next to your listing on Windermere’s web site Your listing will appear on the Windermere Premier Properties website Premier Signage Opportunity to participate in monthly Premier mailing. Opportunity to advertise your property in Premier Living Magazine

6 Once complete, fax or mail to Windermere Services Nevada.
Here is the registration form that you complete to get your listings certified as Premier Properties. Once complete, fax or mail to Windermere Services Nevada.

7 Here is the Premier Director’s Evaluation Form for the property

8 On website, you can access the Premier Properties website

9 The Premier Properties Website is glamorous and easy on the eye.

10 There is a Premier Property Profile

11 As well as a section on Premier Communities throughout the network

12 Each Premier Property shows in this upscale format

13 When you click on details this pops up

14 Here is the remainder of the detail information

15 Your Photo Gallery from is automatically attached
Be certain to do a bang up job with photos and commentary

16 It also features a mapping function

17 There is a One Sheet available for www. windermerepremier. com
There is a One Sheet available for You can access it online or order it from the WORC under marketing supplies. It has a beautiful display of the site and its purpose.

18 There is also a One Sheet on Premier Properties for Special Homes
There is also a One Sheet on Premier Properties for Special Homes. It details all of the special treatment that a Premier Property receives from Windermere and you.

19 Here is another gorgeous One Sheet about Luxury Properties

20 This stunning tri-fold brochure is available for you to WOW your potential clients.

21 Premier Living is a lovely coffee table magazine in which you can advertise your listings. This is distributed quarterly to thousands of potential clients in the 10 state area.

22 To get to the information on Premier Living, go to Resources>Premier Properties

23 Then go to Nevada & Southern Utah

24 There you will find Premier Living Magazine

25 Here is all the information you will need

26 The deadlines for the 2007 publications
Here are the deadlines for ads in 2007

27 In the work site you will find all of the instructions for participating in advertising in Premier Living

28 Here is the reservation form that you will need to complete if you want your properties to be in a publication of Premier Living

29 These are the specifications for Ad copy, Photo requirements and the submission of photos

30 More specifications

31 and more….

32 For only $16.00 per year you can order Premier Living for any of your clients. They will receive it quarterly and it will be sent with compliments from you!

33 Here are the ad sizes available for you to purchase in Premier Living

34 One of these will WOW your client and expose your listing to thousands of potential buyers.

35 As you can see, there are all sizes of ads in Premier Living.

36 More sizes!

37 Premier Living offers such a wide variety of ad formats that you will surely find one that is perfect for your listing.

38 This gorgeous portfolio is available for you to purchase for your Premier listing presentations. It puts Premier properties above the others and sets you apart from the competition.

39 This is currently being designed for your use on a monthly basis
Here is a mock up of the Premier Postcard that will be available on Custom Xpress on a monthly basis This is currently being designed for your use on a monthly basis Premier Properties . Special Text Here House Picture House Picture House Picture Description Here Description Here Description Here

40 In Custom Xpress, you will find more Premier Marketing Materials

41 Here is the front of a Premier Postcard that will really WOW your clients. It’s 8.5 x 5.5.

42 Here is the back. The lines are clean and sharp

43 Here is the front of a full page postcard. It’s 8.5 x 11!

44 And the back. What a wonderful way to show off Premier Properties!

45 This is the front of the Premier 11 x 17 Brochure

46 Here is the top page of the interior brochure

47 Here is the lower portion on the interior

48 And the back, with your information

49 The tools that are now available for Premier Properties are fabulous!
On the WORC, go to Resources> Marketing> Premier Properties> Nevada and Southern Utah.

50 Here you will find Community Profiles to use in your listing presentations!

51 These profiles show the last 5 years of $1,000,000+ sales in each community!

52 Here you will also find the 2006 Luxury Home Market Recap

53 It is a 6 page report which shows all of the $1,000,000+ sales, as well as Days on the Market, for the last 5 years

54 This tool gives you the ability to go head to head with any agent in Las Vegas and be better prepared!

55 Typically, high end home owners are interested in Windermere’s Foundation and the good it does in the communities

56 They will also be interested in Community Service Day and the volunteer efforts that the offices commit to each year

57 You will also want to make certain that they know that Windermere has offices in 10 western states. This is important in getting the word out about their Premier Property.

58 You will want to share information about the Las Vegas television show with your high end clients

59 When you are dealing with high end homes, the compensation becomes a large obstacle to overcome. Be certain to include this One Sheet in your presentations.

60 Don’t forget to include your high end properties in It is one other place that you can showcase the home.

61 It is a beautiful website!

62 It showcases your properties just like the Premier Website does

63 You may want to put your presentation in this padded Windermere book

64 Include this in your presentation and then let the clients know about

65 Show them the website and let them know that their home, if you do open houses will be here

66 We are in the process of designing a Presentation Sheet for the Windermere Las Vegas website

67 Hopefully, you now know everything you need to know about Premier Properties and the Windermere tools to help you market them!

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