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Lower Paxton Township. The township was incorporated in 1767 from Paxton Township. As of the 2000 census, the township had a total population of 44,424.1767.

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1 Lower Paxton Township

2 The township was incorporated in 1767 from Paxton Township. As of the 2000 census, the township had a total population of 44,424.1767

3 Harrisburg In colonial days, John Harris operated a ferry at Harrisburg. His son, John Jr., laid out the town of Harrisburg in 1785.

4 Tour of Lower Paxton Twp.

5 Municipal Building

6 Lower Paxton Township History The name "Paxton" has a long history in Pennsylvania and there are two theories about its origin. The first theory is that it may have been brought here from Scotland by the Scottish Presbyterian settlers who settled in the upper area of what was then Lancaster County. Possibly the name comes from the Latin "pax" meaning "peace." With the addition of "ton," Scottish for "town," the liberal translation can be "Peace Town." The second theory is that "Paxton" is a derivation of the Indian name "Peshtank" which was originally given to the area by its Indian settlers, the Susquehannocks. "Peshtank" became "Paxtang" and finally "Paxton." John Harris, in fact, wrote his letters from "Paxtang" or "Paxton," not Harrisburg. This Indian derivation would roughly translate "Place-where-the- water-stands-still." Paxton Township was created in 1729 within Lancaster County. Organized long before the City of Harrisburg, it was at that time about the size of Dauphin County. In the years after Dauphin County was established, the township was slowly divided. Hanover Township was cut off the east in 1736 and Upper Paxton Township was cut off the north in 1767. What remained in 1767 was then renamed Lower Paxton Township. The divisions continued. Harrisburg Borough (now the City of Harrisburg) was formed in 1791 and Swatara Township was created in 1799. In 1878 more land was cut of the north and became Middle Paxton Township and in 1815 Susquehanna Township was formed.

7 Lower Paxton Township Supervisors David Blain | Gary Crissman William L. Hornung | William B. Hawk | William C. Seeds

8 Supervisors Responsibilities Meet with residents to obtain input on township programs and policies. Meet with other elected officials and township staff on issues of general governance. Review of technical reports from engineers, planners and other professionals. Attend county association and the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors meetings and conferences. Participate in the inspection of specific problems or proposals within townships. Report on the status of local government affairs to the many concerned citizens of the township.

9 Codified Ordinances Curfews

10 Township Manager George Wolfe

11 Lower Paxton Township Police

12 Traffic Violations

13 Police FAQ The Township enforces a curfew on persons under the age of eighteen between midnight and 5:00 a.m., unless they accompanied by their parents or a responsible adult designated by their parents. Dog licenses are required by Dauphin County and are sold at various government and business locations. It is illegal for individuals to have an unlicensed dog that is three months old or older. All dogs three years old or older must possess a current rabies vaccination. All bicycles must be registered with the Township. Registration is from Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The cost of a license is $2.00 and you must bring the bicycle with you. The Police Department will perform "house checks" for residents who are on vacation. You can arrange for this service by calling 657-5656, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. Please call at least one day prior to leaving. Persons needing the assistance of a Police Officer should call the Dauphin County Dispatch Center at the following phone numbers: Non-Emergency calls - 558-6900, Emergency Calls - 911. Persons needing the assistance of the Township Fire Marshall should call the Police Department Office at 657-5656. To report a fire call 911. Any questions regarding Community Policing programs and activities should be directed to Police Officers Susan Lanza or John Stoner at 657-5656.

14 Fire Department Colonial Park Linglestown Paxtonia

15 Lower Paxton Township Public Works Roadway resurfacing. Snow plowing and application of anti-skid materials. Pothole patching and pavement repair. Maintenance of traffic signals. Maintenance of bridges. Traffic line painting and installation of traffic signs. Grading of roadway berms and shoulder areas. Installation and maintenance of storm sewer systems. Tree trimming and grass cutting along public rights-of-way. Collection of leaves during the fall season. Street sweeping. Park maintenance, including athletic fields and courts. Municipal vehicle and equipment maintenance.

16 Jack F. Hurley Transportation and Maintenance Building

17 Solid Waste Management HOW DO I PARTICIPATE? The Lower Paxton Township Solid Waste and Recycling Program requires that all residents occupying single family and multi-family dwellings of two and three units do the following: Provide a container of not less than 10 gallons or more than 33 gallons for the collection of recyclable materials. Containers must be kept clean and in good condition. DO NOT PUT RECYCLABLES IN PLASTIC BAGS. Decals are provided by the Township to indicate which containers have recyclable material. If you need a decal, please call the Township Administration Office. The recycling decal must be facing the roadway when placed at curbside for collection. All solid waste shall be collected in metallic or plastic containers provided by the resident of not more than 33 gallons that are watertight, have a tight cover, and have one or two handles. Plastic bags may be used, but cannot be placed outside the residence until the day of collection, unless stored in metallic or plastic containers. Put out your containers by 6:00 A.M. to ensure that they get picked up. Curbside pickup requires that recyclable and solid waste containers and all other material be placed along the curb. Where there is no curb, place the containers next to the roadway or berm. All collections of solid waste and recyclables will be made on the same day between the hours of 6:30 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. On holidays and during emergencies Waste Management and the Township Health Officer may schedule other hours. Waste Management provides at no additional cost, a carryout service to residents with disabilities that preclude them from taking their solid waste and recyclables to the curb. This service shall only be available to persons who are disabled under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and who do not reside with another individual capable of transporting the solid waste and recyclables to the curb. Customers may suspend solid waste and recyclable collection. Notice must be provided to Waste Management at least two weeks in advance and the suspension period must be for at least 30 days.

18 WHAT IS TO BE RECYCLED? Clear Glass Colored Glass Newsprint (including glossy inserts) Aluminum Cans Steel and Bi-metallic Cans Plastic

19 Taxes http://www.lower-

20 LPT Sewer Authority Sanitary sewer service is provided to Township residents by the Lower Paxton Township Authority, which owns an extensive collection and transmission system. Operation of the sanitary sewer system is the responsibility of the Township's Sanitary Sewer Department. The Township and the Authority have joined forces through a management agreement whereby the Township, through municipal employees, operates the Authority's sewer system on a day-to-day basis. The Authority's sanitary sewer system services over 14,000 accounts. Residential accounts are charged a sewer service rental rate of $78.00 per calendar quarter. Nonresidential accounts are charged for system rental based upon water usage, with a base charge equal to the residential rate.

21 Parks Lower Paxton Township possesses 17 public park facilities and approximately 283 acres of park land. Park facilities range from lightly developed forest and mountain land to established athletic fields, playgrounds, and ball courts. Large, Township-owned regional parks (over 10 acres) include: Koons, Brightbill, Kohl, and Lingle Parks. Neighborhood park properties (smaller than 10 acres) include: Centennial Acres, Forest Hills, Hocker, Hodges Heights, Kings Crossing, Ranger, Hurley, Lamplight, and Meadowbrook Parks.KoonsBrightbillKohlLingle Centennial AcresForest HillsHockerHodges HeightsKings CrossingLamplightMeadowbrook

22 John Goodway Tree

23 Friendship Community Center

24 Linglestown The borough of Linglestown is under the Jurisdiction of Lower Paxton Township. The Borough was founded in 1765 by Thomas Lingle. In 1811, Thomas Lingle died and was buried in the St. Thomas (Wenrichs) church Cemetery. After his death the former name of the town was dropped and renamed Linglestown.

25 John Harris Mansion

26 Home of Thomas Lingle














40 West Hanover

41 Population As of the 2000 Census, there were 6,505 people

42 Establishment Of West Hanover In February of 1785 by action of the court of Lancaster, the segments of East and West Hanover Townships were named with the formal creation of Dauphin County. It was not until 1842 that East and West Hanover Townships of Dauphin County were finally designated as separate precincts. The boundaries have remained unchanged since that date.

43 Hanover Resolves Two years before the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the people of Hanover adopted the "Hanover Resolves." These resolutions vigorously proclaimed opinion, obligation, means and purpose which resulted from the dissatisfaction with the provincial government representing the Crown for the lack of protection from the Indian terror and no voice in Parliament or the Provincial Government. The Hanover Resolves are now famous in Pennsylvania as the earliest known resolutions for independence from England.

44 Township Manager Michael D. Rimer

45 Board Members and Officers Chair: Mr. Robert Ziltz – Vice Chairman: Mr. Larry Hartman Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs. Linda Turns Supervisor: Mr. Rick Mullen – Supervisor: Linda L. Turns

46 Township Solicitor Jon Yost

47 West Hanover Park & Recreation Board

48 West Hanover Codified Ordinances § 75-3. Restrictions on weed growth. No weeds shall be permitted to grow to a height in excess of 12 inches on any premises or property within the Township of West Hanover and, regardless of height, no weeds growing on said premises or property shall be permitted to go to seed. This prohibition shall not be applicable to premises or property which constitute an agricultural area.

49 165-4. Mandatory recycling program for residential dwelling units. There is hereby established a program for the mandatory source- separation of recyclable materials from solid waste by persons located in the township. A.Residents of each dwelling unit, or multifamily housing of less than four units, are hereby required to separate all recyclable materials as specified by regulation from other solid waste generated at their homes, apartments and other residential establishments and to store such materials in compliance with the township codified ordinances until collection. B.Recyclable materials from residential dwelling units shall be placed at the curb or other similar area, separated from solid waste; for collection at such times and dates as may be established by regulation. Such regulations shall schedule a minimum of one day per week for pickup of recyclables from township dwelling units.

50 District Justice Judge Roy Bridges was elected to a six year term in office beginning in January 2006

51 West Hanover District Justice Judge Roy Bridges was elected to this office in January 2000 and will remain until January 2006 LOCATION: 7810 Allentown Boulevard Harrisburg, PA 17112

52 West Hanover Fire Dept.

53 Rules for Open Burning in West Hanover

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