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Making Work Zones Work Better Effective Noise Control During Nighttime Construction.

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1 Making Work Zones Work Better Effective Noise Control During Nighttime Construction

2 Cliff Schexnayder, Ph.D., PE Eminent Scholar Arizona State University and James Ernzen, Ph.D., PE Associate Professor Arizona State University

3 Domenick Biller, New Jersey DOT J. Conrad, Washington DOT Steve DeWitt, North Carolina DOT William Dowd, FHWA Arthur Gruhn, Connecticut DOT Fred Hejl, TRB Crawford Jencks, TRB J. Smythe, Iowa DOT Erich Thalheimer, Central Artery/Tunnel Proj. Ron Williams, Arizona DOT

4 Construction Nuisances The goal is to minimize constructions impact on abutting residents and businesses, while moving forward with the work on schedule and within budget.




8 SOURCE CONTROLS It is a cardinal rule that, where possible, noise control should occur at the source. Require modern equipment Modern equipment has better engine insulation and mufflers.

9 SOURCE CONTROLS Require the use of Manually adjustable or Ambient-sensitive backup alarms. Equipment Restrictions


11 By specification direct the use of only solar powered traffic control devices. SOURCE CONTROLS Equipment Restrictions

12 SOURCE CONTROLS Operate at minimum power A frequency reduction will assist in reducing perceived noise.

13 Use electric or hydraulic powered equipment. SOURCE CONTROLS Use quieter alternate equipment

14 PATH CONTROLS The second line of attack is controlling noise radiation along its transmission path.

15 PATH CONTROLS Enclose especially noisy activities or stationary equipment

16 PATH CONTROLS Grout plant enclosure for audio, visual and dust control.

17 Note advertising space sold on the enclosure. PATH CONTROLS

18 Erect noise barriers or curtains. Noise barriers are cost- effective when they provide perceptible noise reduction benefits to a relatively large number of receptors.

19 PATH CONTROLS Erect noise barriers or curtains. A barrier must physically fit in the space available and completely break the line-of- sight between the noise source and the receptors.


21 PATH CONTROLS May be very temporary systems mounted on jersey bases for easy relocation.

22 PATH CONTROLS More permanent walls designed to last several years on long duration projects.

23 PATH CONTROLS Any gaps should be completely sealed.

24 PATH CONTROLS Another option for temporary noise barriers are acoustical curtains.


26 RECEPTOR CONTROLS When all other approaches to noise control fail a program of control at the receiver should be undertaken.

27 RECEPTOR CONTROLS Window treatment program A receptor located very close to the noise generating activity.

28 RECEPTOR CONTROLS Resident with health condition Window treatment program Criteria: Hardship situation ( infant, house-bound person)

29 RECEPTOR CONTROLS Interior glazed storm sash Window treatment program Measures: Replace window with double pane glass Sliding glass storm door

30 RECEPTOR CONTROLS Window treatment program Cost guidelines on CA/T project: $800 per interior storm sash $2,500 per window replacement $5,000 total per resident

31 RECEPTOR CONTROLS Temporary relocation In very special cases temporary relocation may be necessary. California - earthquake repair One case I-15 project (medical) Four apartments CA/T project

32 COMMUNITY RELATIONS Early communication with the public is

33 COMMUNITY RELATIONS Establishment of good rapport with the community can provide high benefits at low cost.

34 COMMUNITY RELATIONS Inform the public of any potential construction noise impacts and measures that will be employed to reduce the impacts.

35 COMMUNITY RELATIONS INFORMATION Identify the work activity and location. Identify the work hours and the duration of the activity.

36 COMMUNITY RELATIONS INFORMATION Explain what neighbors can expect, sounds, lights and equipment. A statement of concern about the nuisances and that every effort is being made to reduce impacts is important.

37 COMMUNITY RELATIONS INFORMATION Whenever possible, crews will point lights away from homes and will also try to move heavy equipment so that back-up alarms are angled away from homes.

38 Where to get more information Noise complaint hotline number COMMUNITY RELATIONS INFORMATION


40 Noise complaint hotline number


42 COMMUNITY RELATIONS Establish and publicize a responsive complaint mechanism for the duration of the project.


44 NOISE MITIGATION COST CA/T Noise Program Estimate

45 NOISE MITIGATION COST This mitigation effort represents about 0.15% of project cost. What does project delay cost.

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