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Condensation Solutions “Breathe easy…”. Cost effective solutions for condensation and mould.

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1 Condensation Solutions “Breathe easy…”

2 Cost effective solutions for condensation and mould

3 1 in 5 properties in the UK still suffer from Condensation Why? What is the problem?

4 Our role - to provide you with information on Condensation and Mould Why does it occur? What are the solutions? What are the benefits?

5 Requires dwelling to be free of Category 1 hazards. Hazards in Group A are classed category 1. Hazard Group A - Physiological Requirements Damp & Mould Growth Description of the hazard 1.01 This category covers threats to health associated with increased prevalence of house dust mites and mould or fungal growths resulting from dampness and/or high humidity's. It includes threats to mental health and social well-being which may be caused by living in the presence of damp, damp staining and/or mould growth. Extract from the HHSRS The Housing Health and Safety Rating System

6 Damp and mould: why you should care! In Europe, 50% (depending on the country) of the indoor environments where human beings live, work and play are damp. Too much moisture makes a home stuffy and gives it a faint odour. Humid walls create a coldness that makes more heating necessary and increases energy bills. World Health Organization is concerned about this situation because excessive dampness and mould are a threat to health. Occupants of damp or mouldy buildings are at increased risk of experiencing health problems such as respiratory symptoms, respiratory infections, allergic rhinitis and asthma.

7 Building Regulations state that extract fans should be fitted but why do intermittent extract fans fail to provide a solution? 15 l/s 600 l/s +2°

8 Modern Day Housing Double Glazed Central Heating Cavity wall and Loft Insulation Fitted Doors Reduction in flues Properties are effectively sealed

9 A sealed box Where does it all go? = 112 per week

10 Besides the 112 Pints of moisture per week, what else is present in the air?

11 The costs of poor ventilation to landlords? Ongoing maintenance (painting over the problem) Long term damage to property Lost Tenants/Revenue Health (tenant & landlord – lost rent!!!)

12 90% RH 18°C = 70% RH 14°C The Explanation!

13 90% RH 18°C = 70% RH 14°C The Explanation!

14 Positive Input Ventilation

15 Air is pushed back down into the house and redistributed. The unit gently ventilates the home with fresh air. 100 % 70% 40% 30 % Too damp Too dry Ideal Humidity And Temperature After 1 Hour % Relative Humidity Relative humidity is still between 75-95% The Process

16 Valuable heat is retained and evenly dispersed around the property Humidity And Temperature After 2 Hours 100 % 70% 40% 30 % Too damp Too dry Ideal Relative humidity is between 65-75% % Relative Humidity The Process

17 Humidity And Temperature After 3 Hours Contaminated moisture laden air is diluted, displaced and replaced with clean, tempered and filtered air. 100 % 70% 40% 30 % Too damp Too dry Ideal % Relative Humidity Relative humidity is between 55-65% The Process

18 Humidity And Temperature After 6 Hours The house is free from contaminants % Relative Humidity 100 % 70% 40% 30 % Too damp Too dry Ideal Relative humidity has fallen to between 45-55% The Process

19 The Energy Efficiency of PIV Solar Gain Heat that accumulates at ceiling level is redistributed around the house. This reduces space heating costs Temperatures in the loft space are on average 3°C higher than outside. By delivering this warmer air into the property around 150 Watts per day can be saved - approximately 10% of annual heating costs Humid air is displaced without the need to open windows

20 HEATING INSULATIONVENTILATION The Perfect Environment The Solution

21 Positive Input Ventilation

22 Design, Develop & Manufacture Harrogate, North Yorkshire

23 Unique Patented helical expansion chamber enables cyclone separation to occur, forcing dust and contaminants away from the sealed electric motor. Filterless Extract Fan

24 Versatile Product Wall Mount Ceiling Mount (duct to atmosphere/outside) In-line 230 Vault – Kitchens SELV – Bathrooms Specific to occupants requirements (unique humidity tracker)

25 New Innovations:

26 Healthy Home Check Your local Specialist ventilation Advisor Provides advice on the best method of ventilation to improve indoor air quality and reduce humidity levels. Assesses the problem and takes readings of humidity levels Shows samples of the products and explains how they work. Therma-hygrometers are used to measure the temperature, relative humidity and dew point in a property. The levels will be higher in areas suffering from condensation and mould.

27 Install & Maintain

28 Questions? Thank You for listening

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