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Service Learning Project: The HAVEN Chelsea Picciotti.

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1 Service Learning Project: The HAVEN Chelsea Picciotti

2 What is service learning? Service learning is a method of teaching that combines formal instruction with a community service project.

3 What are the benefits of service learning? STUDENTS in service-learning classes can benefit academically, professionally, and personally. These are just a few of the ways : Increase your understanding of the class topic Gain hands-on experience (possibly leading to an internship or job later) Explore or cement your values and beliefs Have opportunities to act on your values and beliefs Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills Grow your understanding of diverse cultures and communities Learn more about social issues and their root causes Improve your ability to handle ambiguity and be open to change; become more flexible Develop or enhance your skills, especially in the areas of communication, collaboration, and leadership Test out your skills, interests, and values in a potential career path, or learn more about a field that interests you Connect with professionals and community members who you will learn from Grow a professional network of people you might connect with again later for jobs or internships Satisfy your urge toward public service or civic participation

4 The HAVEN Battered Womens Shelter, Inc. What is the HAVEN? The HAVEN is an emergency shelter that provides services for victims of family violence and sexual assault. As any other organization the HAVEN has goals; their goal is to provide victims of family violence or sexual assault with the necessary information, resources, support, and a supportive follow up program to transition out of a violent lifestyle. The HAVEN has been a part of Valdostas community since 2002.

5 The HAVEN The HAVEN in Valdosta services 9 counties: Atkinson Berrien Brooks Clinch Colquitt Cook Echols Lanier Lowndes They: Organize forensic interviews Teach SAFE DATING classes Self-defense classes

6 What did I do for the HAVEN? For my service learning project I volunteered at the HAVEN. There I had a multitude of tasks: I sent faxes to surrounding counties advising them that a conference would be held to help victims of sexual assault I transferred phone calls to different rape crisis advocates I filmed an interview to be sent to detectives I even did some laundry so that victims would have some clean clothes to get into. Faxing a memo

7 Filming the interviewTransferring calls

8 Typing the memo to be sent to surrounding counties detailing a conference to deal with victims of sexual assault Washing clothes

9 What all does the HAVEN have to offer? An onsite exam room An interview room Medicines Shower to wash away the filth of a sexual assault The onsite exam room

10 The interview room Informational bulletins

11 What did I learn? I learned that just because a program in beneficial to the community does not mean that people will actually help with it. The HAVEN is dangerously understaffed, and is in dire need for volunteers (hence me washing clothes and recording an interview). I also learned that community outreach is not only beneficial to the student, but also the program in which they volunteer with.

12 For more information on the HAVEN you can contact Tessa M. Carder Rape Crisis Center Advocate 229-242-1544 Local Crisis Hotline: 229-244-1765 24 Hour Hotline: 1-800-33-HAVEN

13 Sources "Service-learning." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 03 Apr. 2012. Web. 06 Mar. 2012.. Community Service-Learning Center. "Benefits of Service- Learning." Community Service-Learning Center. University of Minnesota. Web. 06 Mar. 2012.. The HAVEN Battered Women's Shelter, Inc. The HAVEN. Valdosta: HAVEN Battered Women's Shelter, 2003. Print

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