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Southampton City Council Lydia Wilton. Our Location Southampton.

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1 Southampton City Council Lydia Wilton

2 Our Location Southampton

3 Southampton City Council Located in the South-East UK region Local Authority Part of Health and Social Care 222,000 people living in Southampton Low unemployment – 3.5% Over 9,000 people on sickness benefits Pockets of high deprivation Old programme :Objective 3 status New programme : less funding - stronger focus on employment and skills

4 European Social Funding ESF ESF is an important source of funding for activities to develop employability and human resources The EU have now agreed the budget and regulations for the next Structural Fund programmes for 2007 – 2013 The overall EU budget for 2007 -2013 is 864bn

5 Development of Project Proposal under the European social fund 2007-20013 You need to consider the four areas of actions : Increasing adaptability of workers and enterprises Enhancing access to employment and participation in the labour market Reinforcing social inclusion by combating discrimination and facilitating access to the labour market for disadvantaged people Promoting partnership for reform in the fields of employment and inclusion

6 Identifying your aims and objectives Examples of policy fields under the old programme : Policy Fields: Equal opportunities and social inclusion Lifelong learning Adaptability and entrepreneurship Women in the labour market

7 Equal opportunities and social inclusion for all

8 Equal opportunities and social inclusion Examples of activities Promoting equal opportunities in the labour market Overcoming obstacles and improving employability Programmes of vocational guidance for long term unemployed Tailored made packages of support Providing careers information, education & guidance Smoothing transition between school/education/employment Widening access to basic skills / information & technology Promoting changes & welcoming different solutions so everybody has the same opportunities

9 Lifelong Learning

10 Lifelong learning Examples of activities Developing & improving information, advice & guidance Increasing the number of people in higher education Widening access to basic skills / Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Promoting learning in the community and in the work place Expanding on research, science & technology Developing qualifications gained in the work place Sharing responsibility for investing in learning Putting learners needs first with ICT to break down barriers

11 Adaptability and Entrepreneurship

12 Adaptability and entrepreneurship Examples of activities Making people more effective in the work place Supporting growth in employment / self-employment Recognising future changes in the labour market at national and local level Tackling change through developments in the workforce Supporting a training for trainers programme for employers Widening ICT / basic skills and up-dating qualifications Improving access to adult education training and confidence- building for parents and carers Supporting economic development including social enterprises

13 Women in the labour market

14 Examples of activities Providing support for the needs of women learners Supporting the national childcare strategy Providing relevant careers information, education & guidance Drop-in centres to develop opportunities for mothers of young children Careers advice so they recognise how sex discrimination can effect their job Strengthening qualifications and training to lone parents Widening access to basic skills in ICT

15 Applications for Structural Funds Attend as many seminars and training opportunities to gain knowledge in bid writing, project delivery and management Read all guidance notes and legislation relevant to ESF If there is guidance on scoring use it Check beneficiary eligibility and eligible costs Partners – must be involved through out Consultants – should we use them ? Added Value – ESF can make a difference Sustainability / Exit Strategies Audit trails

16 ESF – some good tips ESF – some good tips !!! MAKE IT CLEAR you must have : Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound objectives, with clear performance indicators You must be able to prove you did what you claimed to have done, spent what you claimed to have spent etc.


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