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Project Management Systems: Supporting the Transformation Niall Faris – Head of Project Controls Systems Programme Management Office.

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1 Project Management Systems: Supporting the Transformation Niall Faris – Head of Project Controls Systems Programme Management Office

2 Agenda Some London Underground Facts Overview of Capital Programmes Political/Organisational Context The Maturity Journey Current Controls Tool Situation The Future Controls Solution Delivery challenges and Quick Wins

3 London underground is the oldest underground railway in the world, with some parts of the network dating back to the 1850s. We operate 268 stations and 253 miles of track, along 11 lines. The network services over 3 million passenger journeys each day. We have started a programme of major investments to renew and upgrade the entire network The Capital Programmes Directorate is tasked with delivering this investment, spending £1.4bn per year until 2018 Some Facts

4 We are delivering highly complex and varied projects within tightening constraints... London Underground Programmes

5 The Political Context The challenges Investment constrained by ongoing commitment to reduce Government debt Demands for significant improvements in efficiency and reliability Olympics now 266 days away and mayoral election in Spring Increased scrutiny on getting value for money. UK infrastructure costs 15- 40% more than in comparable European countries.

6 Organisational Context The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be. Isaac Asimov Large consolidation of central functions (HR, IM, Assurance etc.) with significant resource reductions. Increasing external pressure/influence.

7 LU Projects Organisation Capital Programmes Directorate Power & Cooling 2000 Project Staff Sponsors Programme Managers Project Managers Controls Staff Engineers Strategy and Commercial Track & Civils Stations BCV Upgrade SSR Upgrade Infrastructure Sponsor Upgrades Sponsor Stations Sponsor PMO 400 Projects

8 The Maturity Journey Started at 0.8 Certification Project Management Maturity Model used to measure our performance

9 The Project Management Framework Controls Processes Systems?

10 SAP ERP – Financials, Timesheets, Procurement, HR P6 Primavera Planning ASite Contract Management OPM Oracle Portfolio Manager PRA Primavera Risk Analysis Schedule Risk Analysis ARM Active Risk Manager Risk Management RIB Cost Estimation The Current Controls Situation Microsoft Project Planning P6 Primavera WBAT Accruals Tool @risk QRA MPD Excel Benefits Management Excel Lessons Learned Excel Project Cost Management Excel Issues Management Excel Change Control P6 Primavera Business Object Excel Reporting Excel Planning

11 The current situation The challenges The business currently operate around 40 different controls tools. A large amount of the core control processes operate from Excel Spreadsheets stored locally. Reporting is burdensome, as data is difficult to get hold off. No single source of the truth. Labour intensive obtaining an enterprise view of data The Platform for tools All projects and programmes working from the same project Lifecycle All projects are operating the same controls processes

12 SAP ERP – Financials, Timesheets, Procurement, HR Presentation Layer (BI) – P6 Analytics Reporting P6 EPPM Primavera Planning & EVM Issue Management PCM Primavera Contract Manager Contract Management Change Management Project Cost Management OPM Oracle Portfolio Manager Benefits Management Lessons Learned PRA Primavera Risk Analysis Quantitative Risk Analysis ARM Active Risk Manager Risk Management RIB Cost Estimation The Integrated Controls Solution

13 The Potential Benefits All project staff to have access to all systems Project staff will work from desktop project dashboards using up to date data. All software will be linked meaning data will be entered once into the system. Period end reporting will be automatic There will be no Excel working for Project Controls The business will be able to drill down to interrogate projects without disrupting project teams. Data quality will improve Decision making capability improved Business will be able Enterprise wide view of projects will be obtained Standardised training to be introduced Transfer of staff around the business improved System will be easier to support with 8 pieces of software Licence use optimised

14 Sep-11Oct-11Nov-11Dec-11Jan-12Feb-12Mar-12Apr-12May-12Jun-12Jul-12Aug-12Sep-12Oct-12Nov-12Dec-12Jan-13Feb-13Mar-13Apr-13 May-13Jun-13 LU PMS Programme Design TfL Single PM Methodology PMS Schedule Overview – Proposed Revised Position P6 & Web Front-end Available Sep-11Oct-11Nov-11Dec-11Jan-12Feb-12Mar-12Apr-12May-12Jun-12Jul-12Aug-12Sep-12Oct-12Nov-12Dec-12Jan-13Feb-13Mar-13Apr-13 May-13Jun-13 Setup SAT & PAT Environments Concept Design Detailed Design P6 Build, & Test Service + Test Model MPD: Impact, Design & Upgrade UAT P6 Rollout Refine Phase 2 Concept Design Detailed Design Setup Environ. Service + Test Model Deliver Portal PCM Build, Test & Release PCM Rollout & Embedment Agree System Processes Review LU PPM Tools Implement Single PM Methodology Implement TfL PPM Tools Close-Out TfL PPM Programme P6 Build, Test & Release P6 Rollout & Embedment PRA Build, Test, Release Rollout / Embed 4 4 3 3 5 5 6 6 4 4 3 3 5 5 6 6 Lessons Build & Test Benefits Build & Test Christmas Freeze Olympics Freeze P3M3 Level 4 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 2 P6 & PCM Available Rollout / Embed Benefits & Lessons Learned Available Analytics & Reporting Pilot Project PRA Available Delivery Challenges

15 Delivery Challenges/Lessons Learnt What does out of the box really mean? Tackle core process issues early Stay strong and avoid developments wherever possible – we are special syndrome Full stack Oracle knowledge very scarce in UK Cultural challenge not to be underestimated Implementation will require a dedicated embedment team Quick Wins: Get early sandbox set up – proof of concept and stakeholder management/engagement is key Consider the cloud...

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