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Dating. Olden Days young adults did not do what we call dating met almost always in the company of other people a young man would present his card at.

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1 Dating


3 Olden Days young adults did not do what we call dating met almost always in the company of other people a young man would present his card at the door if the girl was interested he was admitted to meet with her in the presence of her parents women could see manycallers; when a relationship became serious they might start keeping company the purpose of calling was to find a mate of your own social class and religion.

4 Classic Era advent of the automobile, longer school attendance for both males/females, independence due to income from part-time jobs people paired off into couples to enjoy each others company marriage was not the primary motivation – enjoyment going steady indicated by giving of class ring purpose of dating to learn how to relate to the opposite sex control switched to men, women waited to be asked, men paid for movies, dinners and transportation

5 Today even less oriented to getting married since people are tending to marrying later – late twenties or many not at all tendency to get together in larger groups sharing of transportation and payment

6 Sexual attraction Fun Ego Boost Getting out of ourselves The thing to do Companionship The joy of give-and take Finding a marriage partner

7 Need to see each other as human beings first, and woman second. Both have to consider each other as persons with needs, interests, talents, experience and as persons be worthy of respect and honour. Must view each other as equals. Must see beyond stereotypes of their respective sex. Unmarried people must abstain from sexual relations.

8 High Expectations having hope is not the same as having expectations. Hope implies that a person is ready t respond when an opportunity presents itself. having expectations indicates that a person thinks a certain outcome is probable. when something does not happen you leave yourself open for disappointment and tend to put pressure on the situation.

9 Concerns About Being Attractive we may think that having a perfect experience means that we have to be perfect in our physical appearance and our personality we are who we are – shy/sociable, overweight/thin, imperfect but also lovable. we can work towards improving ourselves but we also have to like and accept ourselves as we are today appearances become less important as people come to know each other

10 Romance is one of lifes great thrills. When dating or going out you have lots of wonderful feelings along with a generous surge of sexual energy. Along with romantic love can come illusions Illusion in romance is called INFATUATION distortion of the other person lose objectivity oblivious to the persons faults

11 Superficial – avoids the truth (could lead to real love) Overpowering – overrules your judgment so you cant make good decisions Fickle – roller coaster of emotions from optimism to pessimism to repulsion. At one time you may be exhausted, at another thrilled. Short Lived – see celebrity marriages

12 Jealousy – looking at someone else interferes with the relationship Dependency – unhealthy to centre all of ones energy on one person since they will not be able to fulfill all your needs Exclusivity – tends to drive other people away and eventually damages or ends the relationship


14 may lose her if I dont have sex with her just got carried away wont be a man(woman) until Ive had sex once we started drinking, forget about self control if we re in love, why isnt it okay to have sex whats the big deal about putting on the brakes sex make life interesting most people I know do it shell think Im gay if we dont have sex sex proves we love each other its ok if we have sex, well get married if I get pregnant

15 Pregnancy not only affect the couple but also their families and the unborn child leads to single parenting a child needs two parents adoption poor decision making shot gun wedding, abortion

16 STDs/STIs sexually transmitted diseases (infections) HIV AIDS immune system Genital Herpes Simplex Hepatitis B, C liver damage or failure Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Genital Warts with or without symptoms If you or your partner have had multiple partners then you are actually sleeping with all the other people

17 Diminished Relationship instead of fostering a loving, committed, long term relationship the relationship is crowded out by having sex the relationship becomes focused on sex and does not allow for growth

18 premarital sex – no - favours chastity and abstinence sex outside of marriage is basically dishonest

19 Mutual Commitment to bear the consequences of sexual intercourse A life-giving Context for Children a child deserves to be born into a family Members of Christs Body Saint Paul condemned fornication in his letters to the Corinthians warning that premarital/extramarital sex will tear apart a loving relationship or community

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