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CJ Internship STUDENT Guidelines & AGENCY Responsibilities School of Criminal Justice.

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1 CJ Internship STUDENT Guidelines & AGENCY Responsibilities School of Criminal Justice

2 Student Responsibilities 1. Submit all forms on time. Application is due approximately 8 weeks before the semester. Agency Approval form must be turned in by the deadline or you will NOT be cleared to register.

3 Student Responsibilities 2. A supervisor from your chosen agency must complete and sign the Agency Approval Form before you will be cleared to register for the course. 3. Establish a work schedule with your agency supervisor. You must complete 120 hours of work by the last day of the semester. 120 hours is approx. 8 hours per week in the Fall or Spring semester; approx. 30 hours per week in each summer session.

4 Student Responsibilities 4. Abide by agency rules, especially those regarding professional behavior and confidentiality. Be on time and work all scheduled hours. If you are ill or have an emergency, contact your agency supervisor immediately. 5. Dress appropriately (business causal: khaki slacks and collared shirt). No jeans, shorts, or printed T-shirts unless approved by agency supervisor.

5 Student Responsibilities 6. Follow your course syllabus. Submit Weekly Logs via TRACS assignment. Check your e-mail and TRACS regularly for announcements. Submit written assignment(s) as described in the course syllabus. 7. Interns should primarily be working, not observing. No more than 2-3 shifts of police ride-along are allowed. You may Not do an internship where you are currently employed.

6 Student Responsibilities 8. If your Agency Supervisor and or the Internship Coordinator determine that you are not meeting your Student Responsibilities, your internship may be terminated. 9. It is your responsibility to become familiar with your Student & Agency Responsibilities and abide by them.

7 Agency Responsibilities 1. Supervisors verify and sign the students weekly log of hours 2. The interns direct supervisor fills out an evaluation of the student at the end of the semester. 3. Provide interns with a variety of experiences by rotation through different departments. Specifically we ask that police department internships include no more than 2-3 shifts of ride-alongs so that students are exposed to other organizational functions, such as administration, records, training, budgeting, community relations, etc…

8 Agency Responsibilities 4. Lastly, we ask that our students are assigned tasks which provide them with professional work experience. Agencies should utilize their intern in a method that benefits both the student and agency. The intern should not be an observer, but a volunteer who is given scheduled assignments and tasks to complete. How to utilize your Intern Our past criminal justice interns have conducted pre-sentence investigation interviews, assisted in probation supervision, created client brochures, built databases, organized National Night Out, set up Twitter/ Facebook accounts, and helped organize information for police accreditation. If your agency is not able to provide you with an internship that meets these responsibilities, you need to contact the Internship Coordinator immediately.

9 If you have Questions Contact your academic advisor or: Internship Coordinator

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