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Motorcycle, Cookery & Arts Project Jan – March 2010 Mayors Fund.

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1 Motorcycle, Cookery & Arts Project Jan – March 2010 Mayors Fund

2 What was offered? An 8 weeks Motorcycle maintenance course for 12 young people aged 13yrs -19yrs. Arts workshops this for younger siblings too young to access the motorcycle course. Healthy Cooking project for young people to learn about nutrition, food hygiene and how to plan, prepare & cook healthy meals for those taking part in Motorcycle project & Arts workshops.

3 Who was it for? Young people aged 13- 19yrs from Whitefoot and Downham. Young people who do not access youth services Young people at risk of offending Young people known to be riding motorcycles unsafely/illegally.

4 How much did it cost? £5418 from Whitefoot Mayors Fund £5418 from Downham Mayors fund Orbit motorcycle project 9000 Certification registration 136 Cookery Tutor 1700 Total 10836

5 Who were the Partners? Orbit motorcycle project Street Wardens, SNT, Street based Youth Workers, Positive Activities Outreach workers Traveller Outreach workers, Schools Forster Park School Goldsmiths Community Association

6 What happened? Motorcycle project 8 weeks 4 hours a session Personal Safety Legal Road Use Motorcycle maintenance Prepare for Compulsory Basic training Citizenship

7 What Happened? Healthy Cooking Reading food labels Basic Hygiene Healthy Plate- proportion of different food groups at meal times Sugar, salt, fats Budgeting Menu planning Washing, preparing and cooking lots of food.

8 Art workshops Decorating gift boxes Mask decorating Collage Painting Drawing

9 Achievements AQAs 8 x Health & Safety Motorcycle Maintenance 2 x Preparing Cooking Apple Crumble 7 x Cooking and Serving a meal for a Peer Group 7 x Practical Application of Food Hygiene Rules

10 Monitoring ParticipantsWBMRBBBACTotal Male863219 Female43 7 Total26

11 Motorcycle Project ParticipantsWBMRBBBACTotal Male522110 Female11 Total11

12 Healthy Cooking Project ParticipantsWBMRBBBACTotal Male34119 Female426 Total15

13 Art Project ParticipantsWBMRBBBACTotal Male22 Female426 Total8

14 Challenges Motorcycle project. Partners made referrals but some young people did not show up. At risk or vulnerable young people hard to engage. Some young people attending were known for anti-social/criminal behaviour and put others off. Generator got stolen Cookery Project The theory part of cooking session was too long for some young people and they got bored. However the practical sessions were fantastic and they all got stuck in and arrived early for the sessions.

15 Thanks Downham & Whitefoot Local Assemblies for granting the fund for this project Forster Park school who offered the car park area for the Motorcycle Project Goldsmiths Community Centre for use of their facilities Orbit Motorcycle project Soul Food Company Young people

16 The End

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