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Mount Boucherie Secondary School Planning 10 Course Outline Mrs. Saruk.

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1 Mount Boucherie Secondary School Planning 10 Course Outline Mrs. Saruk

2 Course Description: Mandatory course Career plan for your future Identify your interests Explore your talents and ambitions Inspire you to develop and follow a path leading towards your career aspirations.

3 Four curricular topics: Graduation Programs, Education and Careers, Health and Finances

4 A. Graduation Program (15 hours) 1. Graduation transitions 2. Focus Areas 3. Grade 10 – 12 plan Course Content:

5 B. Education and Careers (44 hours) 1. personal interests and attributes 2. post-secondary education and training 3. labour market information 4. job seeking and job keeping 5. employment standards and workplace safety 6. support networks and resources 7. transition plan Course Content:

6 C. Health (36 hours) 1. healthy living/ worksafe 2. diet, nutrition and exercise 3. healthy relationships and decision making

7 Course Content: D. Finances (20 hours) 1. financial literacy; The City 2. cost of education and career options 3. financial plan

8 Evaluation: 80% course work 20% acquisition of knowledge Complete all/most of your work in class Attendance is crucial for your success

9 Assignments: due at the beginning of class Check the website or ask a classmate. legitimate, unavoidable absences do not constitute lateness it will be accepted at the beginning of the next period have your parents phone the school to verify your legitimate absence

10 Attendance and Lates: arrive to class on time do not expect to leave the class during the period come to class completely prepared refer to the school policy for questions regarding the procedures for unexcused absences.

11 Classroom Supplies: Required equipment: your intellect your voice art supplies for projects Network access and internet priviledges

12 Extra Help: Dont be afraid to ask for my help during class… thats why Im here. Speak to me after class or arrange a meeting for lunch. Ask your peers Or your parents

13 Im looking forward to a great year with all of you and to see what paths you forge for yourselves! Please fill out the student information sheet and hand it back to me by next class. ~ Mrs. Saruk

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