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Welcome to Mrs. Arsenault’s Class Please find a seat!

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1 Welcome to Mrs. Arsenault’s Class Please find a seat!

2 Icebreaker - Snowball Fight Section 1 – One thing you are excited about for this semester. Section 2 – One thing you are nervous about Section 3 – One thing you would like to learn about in this class.

3 Coming into the Class Please be seated in your own seat, ready to work when the bell rings. If you are up out of your seat wandering in before, during or after prayer, I considered that late. If you are late, you will need to sign the late book which is by the door. Please fill in the reason you were late and then find your seat. Three inexcusable lates will earn you a period 5 with Mrs. Gramlich. The handouts that you will need for the class will be on the table. Please make sure that you take the materials as you enter. I will also have our class plan on the board. Please make sure you read the board as you get settled.

4 Prayer We will begin each class with prayer. There are many ways to pray and worship God, so we will be praying a different kind of prayer each weekday. Music Monday Texting Tuesday Meditation Wednesday Intentions Thursday Scripture Friday

5 You are loved! - Attendance I will be worried about you if you are not in class. If you are excusably absent from class on days during which an assignment, quiz, examination or other evaluation activity occurs, you will be given the opportunity to make up the missing activity through either the original or replacement work. If you are absent, your parent must call the school to indicate the reason for the absence. In the case of a missed test, the student must provide a note from home explaining the absence. It is your responsibility to determine whether any evaluative activity has been missed.

6 My expectation is that you are PROACTIVE in your attendance and your missing work. If you know you will be absent, you can email me to make me aware of your absence or leave me a voice mail. Any absents do not mean that you are excused from your classwork. All classwork can be found on my This information can be found on your course outline.

7 Unexcused Absents If you are absent and have not been excused – I will call home! If you are found skipping - you will earn a period 5. Unexcused absents will hinder your ability to exempt the final exam.

8 Evaluation & Expectations: Assignments - 25% Assignments are will consist of reading assignments from the chapter, unit assignments & questions, journal entries, and review of lecture notes. These assignments will be assigned during class. All assignments will have a due date attached to them. Late homework assignments will be accepted, but only until the day of the unit test. If your assignment is more than 2 classes late you will be assigned time in the SSC and the assignment will be turned into Mrs. Gramlich. Due dates are a fixed date not a suggestion. If you need an extension – ASK!

9 Turning in work/retrieving graded work. There are black trays on shelves in the front of the classroom. Please put your assignment in the appropriate tray. Once an assignment has been marked I will return it to you. If you have not handed the assignment in you will be asked to attend a session with me or Mrs. Gramlich.

10 Unit Assessments- 20% Assessments will be made up of material from the chapter readings, questions, terms definitions, lecture material, and additional readings or assignments. There are NO makeup tests (unless absence is excused). It is the responsibility of the student to make up missed tests on your own time on the day you return to school. Please be prepared for your tests.

11 Service Project – 10% As a requirement of the course, students will complete a project consisting of 10 hours of community service during this course of study. There are three possible focuses of the service: Faith, Works or Gifts and Talents. We will go over this more in detail later on.

12 Final Exam – 35% The final exam will be made up of material from the chapter reading, questions, terms definitions, lecture material, and additional readings or assignments and Unit tests.

13 Final Exam Exemption Policy As school policy, students may be exempted from writing a final exam based on exceptional achievement or commitments to course expectations. Students who have an 80% in the class and have completed all the required tests and assignments (including the service project) will not be required to write the final exam in that Religious Studies course. The final decision if the student is to exempt will ultimately be made by the teacher based on attendance and effort.

14 Class rules

15 Drinks are fine as long as it has a lid!

16 Cell phones and Other Electronics I do not mind that you have it with you. You may listen to music when I give you time to work individually on an assignment. Do not use your cell phone during class or I will take it away for the remainder of the class.

17 Listen when I talk and I will listen when you talk!

18 Do your own work!

19 Try your best!

20 Have a good attitude!

21 If you don’t know – ASK!

22 Have fun!

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