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International Training

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1 International Training
Professional Familiarization Program To the presenter: Each slide has notes added to it. These notes are not all inclusive of the information on the slide just additional information that you may need to help present the information. It is your responsibility to study each and every slide and be well versed in the information covered in each slide.

2 Welcome to the SDI/TDI/ERDI Familiarization course
Welcome to the SDI/TDI/ERDI Familiarization course. It is our intent to show you the benefits of teaching the SDI/TDI/ERDI system of SCUBA diving. SDI/TDI/ERDI offers the benefits of a flexible teaching curriculum with up-to-date support materials and excellent customer service. SDI/TDI/ERDI takes prides in putting the customer’s needs and requests at the top of our list! Introductions Welcome to the SDI/TDI/ERDI familiarization program. Our intent is to show you the benefits of the SDI/TDI system and how you can incorporate that into your training system through the store. This Program is not intended to teach you how to teach, but simply acquaint you to SDI/TDI/ERDI. SDI/TDI allows the store and instructor flexibility when training divers. We offer the latest state of the art training materials and place the customer’s needs and satisfaction at the top of our priorities. We will try to answer questions you may have Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

3 Topics that will be covered
Administrative Work History of SDI/TDI/ERDI Offices and Representatives The Legal Side of Diving Liability and Insurance SDI Open Water Diver SDI Advanced Diver Development Program and Continuing Education SDI/TDI Professional Development Student Registration Web site TDI ERDI Scuba Travel International (STI) All of these areas were covered in the on line crossover program you have completed. We will elaborate as needed for each area. Please feel free to ask questions at anytime.

4 Administrative Work Some things we will need: These items help us:
Copies of professional qualifications Specialty instructor ratings Current status verification Crossover application Online familiarization completion certificate Crossover check of sheet These items help us: Get your crossover completed quickly Get you the ratings you have earned

5 History of TDI Company formed as TDI in 1994
Initially located in Florida now located in Topsham, Maine TDI offers courses in: Entry Level and Advanced Nitrox Extended Range Entry Level and Advanced Trimix Decompression Procedures SCR & CCR Rebreathers Overhead Environment Advanced Wreck Diving Technician Training for Equipment Servicing Blending of Mixed Gases Worlds Largest Technical Training Agency TDI was started to fill a niche for technical training that was missing at the time. TDI has several courses available to certify both the diver level and the instructor level. TDI is the worlds largest Technical Training Agency.

6 History of SDI SDI was officially launched in 1998 and offers courses from Open Water Diver through Leadership level. Produces state-of-the-art full color training text along with videos and other support material to bolster the learning process. First Agency to: Require use of personal dive computers during confined-water and open water training. Offer certification programs for 10 year olds. Offer on-line academics for Open Water Diver certification, specialties and professional level courses. Offer Solo Diver certification. SDI was developed at the request of the TDI Members. SDI started with the Open Water Diver program and has expanded to provide training at many diver as well as leadership levels. SDI has had many “First” in the industry including: Requiring Open Water Students to be trained using dive computers during all water sessions. Certification for 10 year olds On line academic training Solo Diver (Still the only agency to offer this program) ERDI founded again at the request of TDI and SDI Members. ERDI was developed to help fill the niche for public safety diving.

7 History of ERDI Founded in 2000
Public Safety diving (police, fire, federal agencies) Courses offered ERD Tender (awareness level) ERD 1 Diver – Basic or first level of diver training (operator level) ERD 2 Diver – Advanced training including FFM & Drysuit (operator level) Ops Components Contaminated Water, Confined space, Drysuit, Full Face Mask, Hull Inspection, Ice, Ice/Surface Rescue, Night, Rapid Water, Small Boat, CSI, Explosives Recovery, Threat Assessment ERD Supervisor (technical level) ERD Instructor

8 Global Representation
Offices & Representatives SDI/TDI has 26 Regional Representatives located throughout the World including World Headquarters in the US. Serves more than 120 countries with Open Water Diver materials translated in over 10 languages. Regional Managers/Area Reps in USA, Canada, and Mexico. Reps are available to facilitate crossover packages and educate dealers about the next and exciting new programs. SDI/TDI/ERDI has 25 Regional Offices around the world plus Headquarters in Maine serving over 120 countries. The SDI Open Water Diver materials have been translated into 10 different languages. In the United States and Canada there are Regional Managers available to help with the needs of the members.

9 A little Risk Management
The legal side of diving education Our programs allow Dive Professionals a level of freedom to interpret and teach our programs. The programs are legally defensible due to the inherent flexibility of the programs. Quality Assurance (QA) Procedures How procedures are run at Headquarters if a QA is filed. All QA inquiries must be submitted in writing. Training board makes all final decisions of QA findings. The legal information was covered in Chapter Four of the on line program. Each program has a required list of skills and academic requirements As long as those are completed it does not matter in which order they have been completed. For example if a student is having difficulties with mask clearing allow the student to go on to the next skill as they gain their self confidence you can revisit mask clearing until they are able to complete that skill. While SDI/TDI may suggest a certain order in which to teach the material, the instructor has the option to reorganized the order if they feel there is a need to. All Quality Assurance matters are handled by SDI World HQ. QA matters may take as little as a month to resolve to as long as 6 to 12 months to resolve.

10 A little Risk Management
Liability and Insurance Risk Management Waivers & Releases: a waiver must be completed for every course taken even if courses are combined. Medical Forms: must be filled out for each course. Accident/Incident Reports: When in doubt fill them out Copies must be sent to Headquarters and the Insurance Agent SDI/TDI Insurance coverage provides Multi agency coverage Technical Dive Coverage $1,000,000 per occurrence/ $2,000,000 total Cont. Risk Management includes: Defensive teaching, proper paperwork, medical forms Accident information was covered in detail in Chapter Five of the on line program. The SDI Accident form is located in the Member Service area on the SDI/TDI website The industry suggestion for when to complete an accident/incident report is “When medical attention is sought or you recommend medical attention be sought” a dive profession should complete and submit an accident/incident form to HQ.

11 SDI Course Offerings

12 SDI Open Water Diver Class academics can be completed on-line or traditional classroom. Minimum age for online training is 13 16 opportunities for the store/instructor to contact student during online training Medical completed online 4 open water dives Required equipment Must have a computer during all in water portions of the course. Bottom timer does not count as a PDC. Skill performance is flexible during open water check out dives 3 training dives per day allowed. Assistant Instructors can lead dives 3 & 4 after all skills are finished. What is one advantage of teaching the SDI program? COMPUTER SALES!!!! All SDI/TDI/ERDI Training levels were discussed in Chapter 7 of the on line Instructor crossover program Standards are in the SDI or TDI Instructor Manual and also available on the Member Services area of web site.

13 Why Online or Blended Our results and feedback Other statics
Students are academically better prepared Students are better prepared for practical work Instructors get better quality time with students Other statics Seventh annual survey, Sloan Consortium Fall million students took an online course, up 17% from previous year (exceeds 1.2% growth of overall higher education) U.S. Department of Education (Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies) Online learning is more effective than face-to-face learning Online Learning combined with some face-to-face (blended) is most effective Face-to-face learning alone is the least effective of the three

14 Global Referral Procedures
How the program works and is accepted. The forms can be found in the, training log book, on the back of the student record folder, and on the web. Referral procedures and overview were discussed in Chapter Three of on line Instructor crossover program. There was a “How To” video discussing the SDI Open Water Diver Referral process. How it is completed, who can complete it and the proper paperwork needed to complete a referral As with many of the SDI and TDI forms, the SDI Open Water Diver Referral Form is on the Member Services page of the SDI/TDI/ERDI web site.

15 Advanced Diver Development Program
Advanced: No cores dives required unless your facility requires them. It is based on students taking 4 Specialties and logging 25 dives, the 4 open water training dives can be counted. Advanced Diver Development. The certification card will state what level they are qualified for. To receive the SDI Advanced Diver rating the student must complete any four specialties and have 25 logged dives. Their original Open Water Diver certification dives count towards the 25 dives.

16 Advanced Diver Development Program
How do I compete with the traditional 5 dives “advanced diver” program? With the Advanced Adventure Specialty 2 core dives (Deep & Navigation) plus a choice of 3 specialty dives from offerings in the Advanced Adventure Diver manual. Selling Advantage: Students can try out different specialties and can sign up for additional classes and expand upon the area of diving they find interesting. Students have the opportunity to chose their Specialty Course based upon their desires. Diver receives credit for one Specialty towards the Advanced Diver level. The Advanced Adventure Diver rating is designed to compete with the typical Advanced Diver certification issued by many of the other training agencies. There are two core dives required, Navigation and Deep diving. The remaining 3 dives can be selected from the remaining specialties in the Advanced Adventure Diver manual. Support materials available are student manual, Instructor Guide and a Power Point. A student can receive credit for one of the four required specialties for Advanced Diver level, by completing the Advanced Adventure Diver program.

17 Rescue Diver Program Master Diver Program
Pre-Requisites are Advanced Diver OR For experienced divers 40 logged dives. Master Diver Program This is an earned certification. 4 Specialties, 50 logged dives and Rescue Diver required. Once they meet the requirements they are allowed to gain their Master Scuba Diver certificate. This is the highest level of non-professional status. Rescue Diver requires an Advanced Diver rating or for those individuals that do not want to complete the Advanced Diver program. They will be required to provide proof of 40 logged dives before they can participate in the Rescue Diver program. The Master Diver rating is an “Earned” certification. Once the diver has met all of the requirements they can submit proof to the dive store and receive this rating. The Master Diver level is the highest non-professional level available

18 Solo Diver Program Solo diving is one of the most popular specialties that SDI offers. This course gives the students the knowledge of being self sufficient while diving. In turn they become a better diver and buddy. Solo diving has its own separate release Prerequisites 21 years old Advanced Diver certification 100 logged dives SDI was the first and is still the only certification agency to offer this training. This training is not for just anyone. The prerequisites raise the bar high. Designed for individuals that may be into photography or other areas that require more individualized diving.

19 CPR and First Aid CPROX CPROX1stAED
SDI has several CPR/First aid programs available These programs are designed for the diving community. Programs are designed to be taught in as little as one hour. These courses require a recertification every two years. Minimum age 18 or as young as 10 with parental consent. All programs are designed for administering assistance to adults. These programs are not designed for infant or child techniques. CPROX is a program designed to teach the divers how to administer 1 person CPR while using oxygen CPROX1st AED incorporates the use of an AED with CPR and oxygen as well as first aid

20 SDI Professional Development
Divemaster SDI and TDI Assistant Instructor Qualified to teach limited specialties Instructor IT Staff Instructor Qualified to teach IDC Instructor Trainer Dive Master SDI Divemaster can assist with all levels of SDI Diver training. TDI Divemaster must be certified first as a diver in a specialized area before they can become a Divemaster for that area and function as a Divemaster in that area Assistant Instructor Assistant Instructors can be qualified to teach some non-diving specialties such as equipment and altitude SDI Instructors SDI Instructor candidates must meet industry standards to qualify to become an instructor IT Staff Instructor IT Staff Instructor is equivalent to the RSTC Instructor Trainer rating. These individuals can teach the IDC portion of the SDI Instructor program. This program can be taught in the field by qualified and approved Instructor Trainers Instructor Trainer (IT) An Instructor Trainer is required to conduct the evaluation portion of the SDI Instructor training. To become qualified at this level an individual must have completed the Trainer program with SDI Headquarters staff.

21 SDI/TDI Instructor Course
2 Instructor Trainers are required to make an SDI Open Water Instructor. This structure allows flexibility to create Instructors. An IDC (Instructor Development Course) and an IEC (Instructor Evaluation Course) are required segments of the Instructor program. (two independent Instructor Trainer signatures are required: one for the IDC and one for the IEC). This can be an in house generator of new SDI Open Water Instructors. For TDI it only requires one Instructor Trainer to make a TDI Instructor Instructor Training SDI In the SDI system two trainers are required for the training and certification of an SDI Instructor. One individual conducts the Instructor Development Course (IDC) and the other individual conducts the evaluation SDI facilities that wish to train individuals from the Open water Diver level through the instructor level are able to do that if they have two Instructor Trainers on staff. TDI TDI Instructor training requires only one IT

22 SDI/TDI offers 4 ways to register your students
Student Registration form. Can be mailed, faxed, or ed to HQ for processing. Pre-paid card. Purchased in advance and are mailed to Headquarters for processing. Online Registration. Via the Members Area of the website. Fast and convenient. In-store Card printing. The ability to print cards at your store immediately Registering Students Student registration forms located on the web site, once completed can be mailed, faxed or ed to SDI HQ. A prepaid form is also available. The two online options available allow the facility to enter all of the student information and the cards can either be printed at HQ and sent to the store or the store can now print on location and immediately had the card to the diver. All Instructors must give permission for the facility to register the students with HQ. The instructor can do this in writing to HQ.

23 SDI/TDI/ERDI Web Site General site
Certification look-up (for lost or forgotten cards) Search engine for facilities and instructors Courses descriptions Can search for TDI Instructors Website The SDI/TDI/ERDI website has many features for both divers and leaders to access. Resort facilities can search for certified divers that have forgotten or lost their card and wish to dive. Potential students can find facilities in their area and course descriptions for courses they may be interested in taking. Students wishing to complete a particular course through TDI can find a qualified TDI Instructor in there are who can conduct the training.

24 TDI/SDI/ERDI Website Main Page

25 SDI/TDI/ERDI Web Site Member Section Certification reports
Online registration of divers Changes to member data takes 24 hours Change User and password Member Services Page Member can access their account to: Can change their user and password (Note: any changes made will take 24 to 48 hours to become active) See what certifications they have issued and what ratings they hold Can register students for certification cards Can renew on line or print out hard copy renewal to send to HQ Renewal Fees are: Dive Master and Assistant Instructor $55.00 Instructor active $150.00 Instructor Non-teaching $90.00 Instructor Trainer $225.00

26 Member Section Presenter demonstrate how to access information in the Member’s Service Page Member Service Page Initially your user Name will be ITI and your Instructor Number, (ie ITI10000) Same with your password, it will be ITI and Zip Code (ieITI91706) Once you log on you can change both your user name and password under the Tools section. Forms, Standards for all three agencies etc are available in the Member’s Section

27 TDI Course Offerings

28 TDI Programs Manuals and Instructor Guides are available for:
Nitrox and Advanced Nitrox Deco Procedures Extended Range Entry Level Trimix and Advanced Trimix, Advanced Wreck Inspiration and Evolution CCR. Overhead Power Points for Nitrox and Advanced Nitrox, Deco Procedures, Entry Level Trimix Inspiration/Evolution TDI Programs are constantly being upgraded and new programs developed constantly. Many of the programs have the student manual, an Instructor Guide (IG) and a PowerPoint to help conduct the program.

29 ERDI Training Specialized Training for Public Safety diving Departments Law enforcement Fire Departments ERDI was founded in 2000 to fill a niche for Public Safety Diving. This program is designed to train Fire Departments and Law Enforcement in the proper Public Safety Diving rescue and recovery techniques. ERDI Programs are OSHA compliant. Public Safety Diving Departments may find it helpful being trained using ERDI programs when looking to receive funding from sources such as FEMA. It is recommended each Department research FEMA website to see whether or not funding would be available.

30 STI Scuba Travel International
Can assist with individual or group travel Commissions paid Contact information on the web site Scuba Travel International was launched in 2009 to assist SDI/TDI facilities with their travel needs. STI is able to setup travel for one diver or a group Commission is paid to the facility whether one diver or a group signs up Contact STI through the website or at

31 Topics that we covered History of SDI/TDI/ERDI
Offices and Representatives The Legal Side of Diving Liability and Insurance SDI Open Water Diver SDI Advanced Diver Development Program and Continuing Education SDI/TDI Professional Development Student Registration Web site TDI ERDI STI We have covered all of these areas. Paperwork Items required to turn are: Detailed report from the online crossover Proof of certifications Proof of insurance with International Training listed as an additional insured Waiver/Release Payment Thank you for your time

32 Any Questions? Questions?

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