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ExCEL August Institute ExCEL After School High School Credit Recovery

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1 ExCEL August Institute ExCEL After School High School Credit Recovery
Cyber High ExCEL After School High School Credit Recovery August 7, 2012

2 What is Cyber High? Cyber High is a comprehensive electronic high school that is available to students on-line. The Cyber High curriculum is aligned with the Content Standards and Frameworks of California. All courses are currently accredited through the Fresno Unified School District of which Roosevelt High School is the sponsoring entity. Many courses meet the College Prep A-G requirements for the University of California system.

3 Cyber High Exam Policies
Exam Integrity An exam is the final assessment for a course unit; it is not a diagnostic tool.  All exams must be taken under the direct supervision of an authorized, certificated staff member. Before approving a student to take an exam, the teacher of record should ensure that the student is well prepared.   Reviewing a student's Quiz Detail report and the completed activity pages will assist with this process.

4 Cyber High Exam Policies
Approving an Exam When a teacher approves a student to take an exam, the teacher decides how long the student has to begin the exam. If the student does not start the exam within the allotted time, the approval will expire and it will not count as an exam attempt. If the approval expires, the teacher may re-approve the exam for the student.

5 Cyber High Exam Policies
Exam Retakes: A student is permitted to retake an exam only if they fail the first attempt. There is one exception to this rule; once a course is passed, no other exams may be retaken.  A course is passed when: 1. All five unit exams are completed. 2. At least four of the five unit exams are passed. 3. The average of the highest score received for each unit exam is sixty percent (60%) or higher. At no point will a third attempt be permitted.

6 Cyber High Exam Policies
Scoring an Exam An exam is scored as soon as a student answers all fifty questions and clicks the "Finish" button. It is not possible to score a partially completed exam. Exam status messages are sent to both the student and the approving teacher's Messages folder. A score of % is an "A", % is a "B", % is a "C", % is a "D", and a score below 60% is an "F". A score of 60% ("D") or higher is required to pass an exam.

7 Cyber High Exam Policies
Taking an Exam: once a student opens an exam, it counts as an attempt regardless of the outcome. This means that if a student passes or fails an exam, quits an exam, or lets an exam expire (not finished in two weeks), it will count as an attempt. Please note that if a student's Cyber High session is disconnected due to a technical issue, the answers are saved, and the student can log back in to resume the exam

8 Cyber High Exam Policies
Completing a Course A course is passed when all five unit exams are completed, at least four of the five unit exams are passed, and the average of the highest score received for each unit exam is sixty percent (60%) or higher. No additional exams may be taken for a course once it is passed or once the system determines that the student failed to meet the passing criteria. A student's five-credit transcript will be automatically mailed the following work day after completion. However, during the summer months, transcripts are held from mid-June to early-August and mailed prior to the opening of the new school year. Partial transcripts are not sent automatically and may be requested with-in Cyber High from the Management section. Official transcripts can only be mailed to the school's registrar.

9 Cyber High Guidelines for ExCEL High School After School Programs:
21st Century/ASSETS Grant requires that after school programs offer multiple academic options. Offerings which allow students to earn credits toward high school graduation and the A-G requirements can include: Online credit recovery courses CAHSEE prep classes A.P. test prep classes Academic Math, English, and Science classes

10 Credit recovery offerings should prioritize the following students:
Graduating Seniors on the D/F list Juniors on the D/F list and/or credit deficit All other grade levels on the D/F list and/or credit deficit

11 The ExCEL After School Program Department has Cyber High licenses available for use in ExCEL High Schools After School Programs. A registration form must be submitted to ExCEL to receive access to Cyber High licenses.

12 Identify computer lab(s) for classes Create a schedule for Cyber High.
Before completing and submitting the registration form, each site will need to complete the following tasks: At the high school level, the Academic Liaison will be the designated Cyber High Coordinator. In collaboration with your school support team develop an assessment to identify students best suited to succeed in on line credit recovery (e.g.: number of credits needed, compatibility of course work with on line courses, compatibility of student with on line learning, student’s level of computer literacy, etc.) . Identify computer lab(s) for classes Create a schedule for Cyber High. Identify credentialed teachers to run the lab(s). Develop attendance requirements. For example: Students are not allowed to miss more than 3 days per semester, week, or for the length of program. Collaborate with school counselor to develop process for recruitment, communication, course completion, and uploading of credits on SIS. The Lead Agency may choose to hire tutors specialized in math, English or other subject areas to help in Cyber High classrooms.

13 ExCEL Cyber High Credit Recovery Program User Registration Request: Please identify a Cyber High Coordinator & Teacher(s) for your site. Submit this registration form to ExCEL, in order for staff to have access to Cyber High. Complete this form even if staff at your site already has a Cyber High account.

14 University of California A-G Approved College Prep Courses –
Cyber High Curriculum Course List  University of California  A-G Approved College Prep Courses – Available in both English and Spanish

15 ExCEL August Institute
Cyber High Curriculum Course List Con’t Please Note: 1. All Units for the revised Cyber High Computer and PASS Workbook courses must be finished, including testing, before Friday August 31, 2012 at 5:00 PM. 2. It is imperative that students are informed that once the revised courses are released, it will not be possible to take the previous version of the final exam for any of the revised courses. 3. If a student does not complete a unit or take the corresponding unit exam for any of the revised courses listed above by August 31, 2012 at 5:00 PM, the student will have to start the unit over in the revised course version. 4. The student may continue with the next unit in the revised course. For example, if the student completed Unit 6 of Environmental Science B, she may continue with Unit 7 in the 2012 version of Environmental Science B. All credits earned using the revised version will accrue with credits earned using the previous version. August 7, 2012

16 Cyber High Certificated Cost
Certificated Teacher required. Consult with your Principal to determine the hourly rate for extended hours for certificated teachers providing Cyber High courses. Benefits are also calculated. For example: $39.57 X 12 hrs a week X 36 weeks= $7, a year plus $1, benefits for TOTAL: $8,792.38

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