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Chris Christensen Northern Kentucky University.

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1 Chris Christensen Northern Kentucky University






7 I was teaching at the University of Minnesota; teaching mathematics. I tried to devise a crypt system … So I wrote to the Navy … Well, they didnt need any more crypt systems, but they did need someone who had some ability as a analyst, and would I be interested in taking their crypt course? Howard Campaigne

8 J. J. Eachus was a mathematics PhD from the University of Illinois. At the time of Pearl Harbor he was teaching at Purdue University-Indianapolis and as sort of a hobby he took a Navy correspondence course in cryptanalysis.

9 [Bill Wray and I] took a Navy course in cryptanalysis which had no connection with the college [Williams college]. I had to drop it because of heavy administrative duties but Bill completed it apparently very successfully. … I assume that the Navy was interested in recruiting mathematicians. There was no regular text – merely mimeographed material on methods of coding and decoding messages – substitution, transposition, etc., with exercises on each lesson. I would say there were about 12 lessons. Donald E. Richmond April 6, 1982





14 Alfred Clifford (Top, 1) Marshall Hall, Jr. (Middle, 2) Andrew Gleason (Middle, 5)



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