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Why engage with Course Reps and how to work effectively with them Learning and Teaching Conference 2012.

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1 Why engage with Course Reps and how to work effectively with them Learning and Teaching Conference 2012

2 Objectives of todays training By the end of this session, you will... 1.To reflect on your levels of engagement with Course Reps. 2.To consider the benefits of engaging with Course Reps. 3.To evaluate how your engagement could be improved. 4.To be able Identify the key responsibilities of Course Reps and how to work effectively with them.

3 Define a Course Rep

4 Course Rep Key Stats 1068 Course Reps registered 51% of Course Reps trained 27.4% PG (21.8 PGT & 5.6% PGR) 72 Student Chairs registered 16 Student Secretaries 5 Faculty Reps

5 Course Representation at Newcastle University Teaching Learning and Student Experience Committee (UTLSEC) - Education Officer - Postgraduate Representative Faculty Teaching Learning and Student Experience Committees (FTLSECs) - Taught School Representatives Boards of Studies - Chairs and Secretaries of Staff-Student Committees Staff Student Committees Usually several per School to cover all programmes and stages - Course Representatives Graduate School Committees (GSCs) - Research School Representatives School Postgraduate Research Committees - Chairs and Secretaries of Staff-Student Committees Staff-Student Committees Separate staff-student committees for postgraduate research students are recommended - Course Representatives Students Union Education Executive Committee Composed of School Representatives and chaired by the Education Officer

6 Course Rep Achievements Law Library to open on Sundays. In Biomed the Course Reps have successfully lobbied for laser pointers to be replaced by cursors in lectures so they can be seen on recap. In Historical Studies the Course Reps highlighted issues with the module selection process. In Combined Honours Course Reps have helped improve communication between subject schools. In Biology, Course Reps successfully increased the time that they have to complete lab based work. SACS Course Reps have re-designed the Art Café.

7 Dont take our word for it… I was surprised how seriously the staff took our opinions Many of the reps' ideas have been implemented - such as a re vamp of the common room and a new student mentor service. Not only did it improve the course but I got to know my Degree Programme Director and the course admin staff which is useful I have a problem myself and I have gained important diplomatic skills from the meetings.

8 How Engaged Are You With Course Reps? L.O.E = Level of engagement score out of 10.

9 Discussion Groups Discussion Questions 1.What are the positives of working with Course Reps? 2.What difficulties could be encountered working with Course Reps? 3.How could these difficulties be overcome?

10 Discussion Group Feedback

11 How the SU supports Course Reps

12 Representation at the heart of what we do Representing our members is core to our existence and we will provide a strong and independent voice to decision makers, both locally and nationally. We will support our members in creating the change they want to see, through effective representation and campaigns which have real impact. NUSU strategic plan, 2012-15.

13 SU Support Monthly newsletter E-mail support Dedicated facebook page Web pages Face to face meetings Attendance at relevant meetings Regular training

14 DatesSession & Audience (No.)Time 17 Oct20 Nov Course Rep Training New Course Reps (500+) PGT & PGR Course Rep Training 1.5h 1h 23 Nov Course Rep Refresher Lunch Returning Course Reps (40) 2h Oct & Nov Chair & Sec Training SSC Chairs and Secretaries (40) 2h Dec 11th Skills Training Day All (20) 2.5h Feb January Intake Training January Intake Reps (20) Feb 21st Information Day All (25) 2.5h Mar 6th Leadership Skills Day School Reps and Chairs & Secretaries (20) 4h Apr 26th Employability Day All (40) 4h May School Rep Training New School Reps (50) 2h

15 Scenarios The responsibilities of a Course Rep

16 The Revised Student Representation Policy +

17 The revised policy During 2010/11, the Student Representation Policy was reviewed. The aim of the review was to assess the effectiveness of the current policy and ensure it remained fit for purpose. Following widespread consultation, a revised policy was produced and was approved by UTLSEC in December.

18 Major Amendments Faculty reps to be replaced by School Representatives. Secretary role to become optional.

19 Minor Amendments Chair role to remain mandatory and deputy chair role to be created. Annual Reports to be a standing item for the final SSC meeting Schools encouraged to reward representatives. The work of higher level reps to be recognised in the Higher Education Achievement Award.

20 Items to note Current requirement to hold minimum of four SSC meetings per year to be maintained. NUSU to continue to offer centralised training. Schools encourage to facilitate informal meetings / events for SSC members. Minutes from SSCs to be made available to relevant cohort.

21 School Reps – How it will work Each School will have two representatives, one taught and one research. School Representatives will be recruited during semester 2 wherever possible. 22 Currently recruited (19 Taught, 3 Research) Once selected, the school reps will be trained by the Students Union.

22 What would you like to achieve? (Course Rep wise)

23 ANY QUESTIONS? Rachael Thornton / Liam Dale (Education Officer) e: t: 0191 239 3963 George Watkins (Representation and Democracy Co- ordinator) e: t: 0191 239 3983 Gilly Box (Development Officer, QuILT) e: t: 6290

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