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SUVEG ELECTRONICS An ISO 9001:2008 Company Life Long Brilliance Guaranteed ACON S i n c e 1 9 8 5.

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1 SUVEG ELECTRONICS An ISO 9001:2008 Company Life Long Brilliance Guaranteed ACON S i n c e 1 9 8 5

2 WHAT WE BELIEVE IN At Suveg Electronics, the objective has been to create products which are distinctly innovative and which provide optimum performance in their class by employing all resources, manpower & assets in optimum capability We have also adopted the Best world class technology for manufacturing and quality assurance All products are made consistently as per the designs & international quality standards Thereby, we can guarantee the same energy efficiency performance for every light fixture that we make and sell ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS

3 LED DOWNLIGHTS & T5 LUMINARIES ACON Indoor Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

4 A CON LED DOWNLIGHTS ACON LED downlighters are a nice way to improve the aesthetic value along with maximum energy saving Variety of choice and style along with value for money The technology being completely eco-friendly, no harmful emissions The classic and compact designs perfectly suits every style of modern interiors Over 70000 hours of operational life Long Life, No maintenance Lowest Energy Consumption Highly Energy Efficient Eco-Friendly Luminaire Zero Maintenance Superior Lighting & Aesthetic good looks Powerful Light Throw American / German Power LEDs High Productivity & Efficiency Better Focus & Directivity Best Clarity & Precision


6 A CON T 5 L UMINARIES Ultra Slim, Light Weight Assemblies

7 ACON T5 R ETROFIT /S TAND - ALONE The use of T5 fluorescent technology has become the designers choice when it comes to lighting, where energy efficiency and aesthetics are priorities In juxtaposition, we have carefully understood the prerequisites of electronic ballast for use in hostile conditions Electronic Ballasts - patented design - that are durable, highly energy efficient, P.F.> 0.99, THD < 10%, good EMI/RFI filtration, end of tube life protection circuitry, over voltage cut off facility, capacity to withstand neutral fault condition ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS

8 A CON T5 L UMINARIES 70% Energy Saving with Reflector Enhanced Saving & Double Light Accompained with ACON Electronic Ballast Most Durable & Reliable Protection against excess voltage fluctuations Crest Factor < 1.7 Low Lumen Depreciation No Blackening at both ends Same light output through out High Power Factor & Low Harmonics Best Performance All protection Facilities Long Life of Lamp 2 Years on LTHD & 1 year on MTHD Models Zero Maintenance ModelLengthConsumption ACON 28W T5 LTHD-10 / MTHD-30 - Retrofit 428W +/- 1 W ACON 28W T5 LTHD-10 / MTHD-30 – Stand Alone 428W +/- 1 W ACON 14W T5 LTHD-10 / MTHD-30 - Retrofit 214W +/- 1 W ACON 14W T5 LTHD-10 / MTHD-30 – Stand Alone 214W +/- 1 W

9 E NERGY C OST AT THE END OF 2 YEARS – ACON 28W T5 V/S 36/40W C ONVENTIONAL T UBE L IGHT ParameterACON 28W T536W/ 40W Tube Light Wattage Consumption28 Watts55 Watts (With Choke) Durable Voltage Range0 – 600 VAC200 – 240 VAC Saving27W0W Power Factor> 0.990.55 LuxDouble Light OutputDim LifeMore than 5 Years6 Months GUARANTEE2 YearsNo Guarantee ENERGY CONSUMPTION OF 40W TUBE-LIGHT IN 2 YEARS ENERGY CONSUMPTION OF ACON 28W T5 IN 2 YEARS 55W x 12 Hours x 25 Days x 24 Months / 1000 28W x 12 Hours x 25 Days x 24 Months / 1000 = 396 units x 5.50 per unit= 202 units x. 5.50 per unit = 2,178/-= 1,111 Total Energy Cost Saving by ACON 28W T5 in 2 Years 2,178 – Rs. 1,111 1,067/- + Additional Saving due to ZERO Maintenance (Lamp, Choke, Starter)

10 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Sr.Technical SpecificationsLTHD-10MTHD-30 1 Rated Voltage 220 / 240 V 2 Mains Frequency 50 Hz 3 Total Circuit Power 14W/28 W 4 Power Factor > 0.99 > 0.95 5 Harmonics < 10 % as per EN 61000-3-2 < 30 % 6 Durable Voltage Range 0 – 600 V90 – 300 V 7 Over Voltage Protection > 270 V- 8 Lamp Current Crest Factor < 1.7< 2 9 Conducted & Radiated Emission Within EN 55015 Limit - 10Color Co-ordinates Within IEC : 60081 - 2002 11 Protection against accidental contacts with live parts as per IS 13021 YES 12 Endurance Test at Tc = 55* C YES 13 Lumen > 100 lumen per Watt > 90 lumen per Watt 14 Life >20000 Hours> 12000 Hours 15 GUARANTEE (INCLUDING LAMP) 2 Years1 Year


12 ACON M IRROR O PTIC L UMINARIES The science and technology of mirrors which, by means of reflecting rays of light, throw immense light Highly Energy Efficient decorative mirror optic luminaries for Recessed Mounting in modular matrix ceilings and Surface Mounting for hanging from the ceiling or protruding slightly from it Suitable for T-5 Lamps– Complete with superior lighting & stunning aesthetics ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS

13 A CON M IRROR O PTIC L UMINARIES 50% Energy Saving Highly Energy Efficient Superior Lighting & Stunning Aesthetics Highest Light output – 1.5 times > light Mirror Optic Louvers Uniform Distribution of Light All Protection Facilities Highly Durable & Long Lasting 2 Years Zero Maintenance High Efficiency imported Reflector Minimized Glare Model Wattage Power Factor THD ACON 1x28W T5 MOL-1028W +/- 1 W0.99< 10 % ACON 2x28W T5 MOL-1056W +/- 2 W 0.99< 10 % ACON 2x14W T5 MOL-1028W +/- 1 W 0.99< 10 % ACON 4x14W T5 MOL-1056W +/- 2 W 0.99< 10 % ACON 2X24W T5 MOL-1048W +/- 1 W 0.99< 10 % ACON 4x24W T5 MOL-1096W +/- 2 W 0.99< 10 % ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS

14 A PPLICATION & I NSTALLATION Offices Conference Rooms Reception & Public Service Areas Recreational Areas (Restaurants, Cafeterias) Shops & Boutiques Departmental Stores Other General Areas TYPE INSTALLATION PROCESS RECESS MOUNTING 1) Resting on T-bar of false ceiling 2) Suspension via hook or chains SURFACE MOUNTING 1) Wall Mounting Arrangement with optional Wall Mounting Bracket 2) Suspension via hook or chains

15 O THER P RODUCTS MODEL / WATTSSaving 3/6/9/12/18 w LED Downlighters80% INDOOR 14/28w T5 2ft/4ft Stand Alone50% 14/28w T5 2ft/4ft Retrofit (With Reflector)60% 1,2,4 x 14/28w T5 Mirror Optic50% 1x28 / 2x28w T5 4 ft Box Type50% 14/24/28/54w T5 Ballast50% 36/45/55/65w T8 Ballast35% IP 65 Fittings & Clean Room Fittings50% MODEL / WATTS RadianceLumino Saving OUTDOOR 1x28w T5 4 ft Retrofit (with Reflector) 50% T5 4 ft 1x28w T5 2 ft 1x14w/1x24w T5 2 ft 2x14w/2x24w T5 2 ft 4x14w/4x24w T5 2 ft 5x14w/5x24w

16 2x14W/24W Radiance 4x14W/24W Lumino Series4x14W/5x24W 2x14W/24W Lumino Series ACON LED High-Bay Fixture A Range of ACON Indoor & Outdoor LED & T5 Energy Saving Fixtures ACON 4x14 T5 Mirror Optic

17 S OME OF OUR SATISFIED CUSTOMERS Reliance Essar Power L&T Mombasa Cement Company, Kenya IIM-A Torrent Cable Birla Copper O.N.G.C. Times Of India GEDA GNVFC Nirma Minister Bungalows, Gujarat GEB GSECL Indian Railways Kolkota Corporation Gujarat High Court R&B – Govt. Of Gujarat International Airport, Ahmedabad Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ammunition Factory Ingersol Rand ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS

18 S UVEG E LECTRONICS AT A GLANCE Vast Product Range aesthetically designed Many of the products patented Unique concepts and specifications Tests carried out at ERDA & EQDC as per IS 13021 Part 1 & 2, IS 6842 for Electronic Ballasts and IS 10322 for Outdoor Luminaries Product Testing done at 3 stages for ensuring quality Suveg Electronics is the only company to offer guarantee on lamps as well and assuring highest uniformity along with maximum energy saving Offering energy efficient lighting solutions worldwide! ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS

19 THANK YOU! SUVEG ELECTRONICS Sorab Villa, Nr. Popular House, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad – 380009. India (O) +91-79-26583994 Fax: +91-79-40001399 Email: URL :

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