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How We Can Ensure A Safe Environment For Our Students A schools environment is the invisible thread that connects the multitude of activities on a campus.

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1 How We Can Ensure A Safe Environment For Our Students A schools environment is the invisible thread that connects the multitude of activities on a campus. A safe, clean and well maintained school with positive psychosocial climate and culture can foster school connectedness, which in turn can boost the health of students and staff members as well as students' educational achievement

2 Objectives of CEO- Parent Focus Group Meetings: To have regular interactive sessions with parents for their suggestions on all school programs and functions To have a forum for discussing health, comfort and safety of students. To evaluate the environment of the school and get valuable inputs from parents for positive actions. To give an opportunity to parents for their involvement in formulating school policies and conducting programs. STRATEGIESTIMELINES Open HouseAt least twice in an academic year Parent- Teacher Contact Session Once in every term Supervisors Parent Focus Group Meetings Each of the 8 supervisors conducts 3 or 4 meetings in an academic year CEO Parent Focus Group Interactive Meetings At least twice in an academic year

3 A high performance school seeks and provides adequate space and opportunities for students and teachers to spread out, reflect, interact, exchange information, examine and test ideas. The appearance of the school is inviting with murals, frescoes, glass paintings adorning the walls and ceilings. Sculptures, fountains and well maintained gardens are designed to reduce stress. The school has adequate natural lighting that enhances productivity. The school is clean and sanitary. It is comfortable, has a consistent temperature and manages noise. The school is inviting to good teachers and supports their retention.

4 The school is well equipped with the following: I. T Labs Science Labs F1 Lab Well equipped library B-School Art Room Music Room Canteen Engineering Drawing Lab Home Science Lab Mi Studio Auditorium with seating capacity of 1800 students Sports Complex Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Court Tennis and Badminton Courts Playgrounds Ramps and Buggy / Mobility Cars for use of Students with SEN IHS senior team adroit infinitum - UAE national champions, compete with teams from 40 countries for World Championship in Austin, Texas, USA

5 Healthy Environment I.H.S promotes good health and well being of students by strictly adhering to well designed programs and policies. 1.Coaching is provided for 14 different types of outdoor sports 2.A health trek covering 1000 meters is provided for students and teachers 3.Yoga classes 4. Choice of healthy food in canteen. 5.Green Patrol Club ensures cleanliness in the school campus 6.Students of Environment Club monitor use of plastic bags, misuse of water and electricity 7.Recycling of water, digging of compost pits and planting of trees ensures a green environment 8. The school has entrusted the task of maintenance & cleanliness to MBM, a professional cleaning agency. IHS students win awards in CBSE cluster meet

6 Safety Measures adopted at I.H.S 1.RFID (Radio Frequency Identity Cards)records the entry and exit time of all students and the information is intimated via SMS to parents. This not only promotes safety but also discourages absenteeism. 2.The First Blossoms… Students who reach school early practice aerobics, read newspaper, conduct quizzes etc. 3.Teachers are allotted specific duties during arrival, recess and dispersal time to ensure safety of students 4.A fully equipped medical center with a qualified doctor, doctor on call, two staff nurses and two support staff. 5.Medical kits, which are replenished every month, are kept with each supervisor 6.Mock fire drills, school evacuation floor plans, fire fighting equipment, fire alarms, fire detection systems ensure safety in the campus. 7.Presence of security personnel and security patrol gives students a sense of safety and security

7 Programs for Students with Special Needs MET analyzing attainment and progress of SEN students Career Counseling SHADOW TEACHERS LEARNING CENTRE SUPPORT with modifications in curriculum, if required- ALP ACTION FOR SUPPORT OR DEVELOPING HIGHER ORDER THINKING SKILLS/CREATIVITY 1. Britannica Online2. SCAIL Program 3. Mi Studio4. Resource Based Learning 5. Remedial Classes6. Assignments & Assessments ACTION IN CLASSROOM 1. Accommodations in the classroom – IEP 2. Differentiated Instructions 3. Diverse learning strategies 4. Challenging or Simplified Activities 5. Concessions during examinations COUNSELLING CENTRE Identification of SEN Students by Student Support Team & Parental Involvement Inclusive Programme for all students Shadow Teacher for students with GLD2

8 Clubs, Activities, Programs for creating a healthy and conducive learning Environment in the school 1.Round Square 2.Duke of Edinbourgh Programme 3.International Tours 4.Gavel Club 5.Summer and Winter Camps 6.Right to Play 7.Sports Club 8.Environment Club 9.Artistique Club 10.Music Club 11.Dance Club 12.Saturday Club 13.Green Patrol 14.Weekend Munch 15.B-School 16.Building School…Transforming Lives Students of I.H.S doing Community Service in a village near Bhopal, India Students of I.H.S at Rashid Pediatric Centre

9 POLICY FOR CHILD ABUSE AND PROTECTION Physical / Emotional / Sexual Abuse of children can cause serious physical, emotional or behavioral problems. The school has 0% tolerance for any kind of child abuse. CHILD ABUSE Physical AbuseEmotional AbuseSexual Abuse 1. Beating, pinching, or pushing 2. Hurling objects at a person 3. Making a child kneel for a long time 4. Being made to stand for hours inside or outside the class (in the sun) 5. Making a child run in the playground for a long time 6. Bullying TYPES OF ABUSE 1. Humiliating a child by calling him/her names 2. Hurling verbal abuses at a child 3. Misrepresenting a childs learning disability as a discipline problem 4. Denying a student adequate time for Recess/Games 5. Abusing a childs parents in class 6. Making a negative comparisons to other students/siblings 7. Turning a blind eye to bullying Sexual abuse is the physical exploitation of a child resulting in serious emotional damage

10 CREATING A SAFE CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT Organize the physical space in the classroom for movement and interaction Make it easy for students to pull their desks together to do small group work, collaborative work and other interactive approach Make it safe for students to participate and ask questions without fear of ridicule or feeling unintelligent Everyone thinks and hears differently. Smart students ask questions. Respect individual differences and strengths. Promote tolerance and social interaction by changing the students groups Well planned lessons ensure smooth transition between activities Classrooms that are organized, characterized by mutual respect and where students feel safe asking questions and contributing to discussions promote learning.

11 CREATING A POSITIVE CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT 1.Community Build All Year Long 2.Display student work in the classroom 3.Establish classroom rules and procedures 4.Circulate to monitor progress of students 5.Address grudges ASAP 6.Smile often. Discipline often. 7.Give students time to solve their own problems. 8.Offer options. 9.Art and Music feed the soul. 10.Read, Write. Sit with students. Keep the vibes positive.

12 Attitude & Behavior TEACHERSSTUDENTS 1. Teachers are willing to spend extra time and energy in helping students 1. High attendance of students (95%) and punctuality symbolizes a happy, energetic and proactive classroom environment 2. Teachers skill in planning an organized DLP (with regular training sessions by teaching Learning Team) ensures highly evolved teaching pedagogy with cross functional expertise. 2. Respect for all staff members makes students willing learners. Use of anchors in the classroom makes it a student friendly classroom where teachers act merely as facilitators. 3. Review of DLP helps students to clarify doubts in a reassuring classroom environment 3. Parent involvement in all school policies and programs establishes a link between Parents-Students-Teachers 4. Use of smart boards, ICT, well searched resources and regular use of technology ensures active participation of students, versatility, personalised learning and virtual learning. 4. SCAIL, Britannica Online, DeSIRE Project, testing of non-written components etc.foster applied research and encourage students to be life long learners.

13 CAREER GUIDANCE FOR STUDENTS GRADE 8 Interest Test to identify hobbies GRADE 9 Personality Test GRADE 10 Aptitude Test GRADE 11 Career Information a. Campus Visitsc. Counselor Talks b. Educational fairsd. Emails & Circulars GRADE 12 1. Guidance for college search and applications 2. Networking with foreign colleges and universities 3. Counselors visit campuses worldwide IHS is the only school in the Gulf Region to offer 22 combinations of subjects for career choice IHS will be shortly offering vocational courses for Retail, I.T., Automobile and Security, under NVEQF (National Vocational Education Qualification Framework)

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