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Start Smart Stay Safe. Calgary Police Service Calgary Catholic School District Calgary Board of Education Mount Royal University Centre for Child Well.

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1 Start Smart Stay Safe

2 Calgary Police Service Calgary Catholic School District Calgary Board of Education Mount Royal University Centre for Child Well Being Collaborative Partnership

3 Start Smart Stay Safe (S4) is … A proactive, strengths-based model of teaching/learning where police, schools and families partner together to actively build positive relationships, create safe communities and prepare children for the challenges of our complex, changing world.

4 S4 Focuses On  Connecting with Schools and Children Focus on a strengths-based approach and building resilience in students.  Connecting with Families Engaging families Parallel messaging/activities to the school component and learning sessions  Focused on “How do we work together to keep our community safe?”

5 S4 Focuses On Building resilience through relationships. Bringing trusted adults together in collaboration to support healthy development in children. Teachers with Police Officers delivering strengths- based lessons, teaching children competencies that support them to thrive in life.

6 Skills, Tools, and Strategies Include: Building upon their own passions and strengths Learning strategies to be able to ‘bounce back’ from life’s challenges in their complex, changing world (resilience) Developing skills, knowledge, and attitudes to become a responsible citizen and contribute to their community Using digital tools ethically and safely (internet, texting) Developing skills required to make healthy choices Developing effective and respectful communication skills Developing problem solving strategies to promote peace Developing leadership skills

7 Practical applications Thoroughly developed lesson plans/tasks and resources Tasks are adaptable to the personalization of learning Integrates into Alberta Education Program of Studies (Religion, Health, Social Studies, Language Arts,) Supports the Alberta wide anti-bullying strategy through proactive education Develops a culture of resilience that supports School/District initiatives such as the Catholic Community of Caring, Circle of Courage, Virtues and Safe and Caring Schools Builds community through common language and understanding What S4 Offers Schools

8 S4 is a universal educational resource for teachers, police officers, and families Supports assessment practices School Education Officer (SEO) will provide support for the Safe and Caring approach to school lock downs What S4 Offers Schools Cont’d …

9 Foundations of S4

10 S4 Cornerstones

11 Children’s Understanding of Resilience ME = Personal strengths, attitudes, and talents HELP = Relationships and resources BOUNCE = I am able to meet challenges ME + HELP = BOUNCE

12 The Four Themes Safety and Significance in the Community How do responsible communities promote belonging and significance to build safety and resilience in a community? Self-Awareness and Choice How does an awareness of the stress response help us to make responsible choices to build safety and resilience in a community? Mastering Skills for Success How do communication and conflict resolution skills build safety and resilience in a community? Living in Service with Others How do members of a group live in service with others to build safety and resilience in a community?

13 Internal Website



16 Each Theme Is Divided Into 4 Sections Student Connection: Teachers are provided with adaptable lessons/tasks and notebook files that offer student choice and promote personalization. Police Connection: Officers facilitate a 1 hour lesson with the teacher’s support (teacher’s choose lesson to meet students’ needs). When available the Officers will continue to build relationships with students by stopping by for informal visits. School Connection: Students/teachers/administration together choose activities to build school community. Family Connection: Teachers send these lessons home to further enhance students’ learning. This offers opportunities to develop a common language between home and school.



19 External Website


21 Intentionally provides meaningful opportunities for families to engage in their children’s learning A vehicle to engage parents in the school Provides valuable information about: Social-emotional development of children at specific age levels Videos that explain resilience, strengths-based philosophies and how they relate to the family. Links for community supports Identifying Family Strengths using the Family Strengths-based Assessment Tool Family Activities that promote the strengths of the family unit Promoting life long learning in the family What S4 Offers Your Families

22 Family Connection Lessons (sent home by the classroom teachers) Family Learning Sessions (Evening sessions with the School Education Officer) Family Board Game Evening at school Family Book List Connecting Families to the School Community: Developing a Common Language


24 Program Planning Supports For Teachers

25 Teachers Can Search For Lessons By: S4 Themes Levels suggested for certain grades. Teachers may choose any lesson/task at any level that will meet their students’ needs Framework for Student Learning A ll lessons/tasks have been tagged Topics Digital citizenship, healthy relationships, inclusion, safety in the community, effective communication, bullying, gangs, substance abuse, victimization, peer pressure, dealing with conflict

26 Start Smart Stay Safe is “A Way” of teaching which provides rich resources for teachers (the designers of learning) so that they can intentionally prepare students for their complex, ever changing world!

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