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Zen mixed martial arts For Mind and Body.

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1 Zen mixed martial arts For Mind and Body

2 Mission Statement The First Principle of Kung Fu requires Good Stances
Persevering in Good Stances will build a strong Will along with Character Cultivating Character leads to Personal Integrity Personal Integrity leads to Authentic Being Authentic Being leads to Understanding Insight Understanding Insight combined with Knowledge of Self leads to Wisdom Wisdom combined with the Natural Intuitive Mind leads to Emancipation Emancipation combined with Abandonment of both Hope and Fear leads to Spiritual Bravery 10/22/09

3 History Upon completing his studies abroad in China on the various components that truly encompass a martial art, Dr. Moss moved back to his hometown of Dallas, Texas to start the dojo that is now known as Zen MMA He sought to incorporate all of the traditional animal forms found in Wujiquan, the ancient battleground form of China Zen Mixed Martial Arts was established by Dr. Moss in early 2004. 10/22/09

4 Martial Arts forms offered:
Fighting Styles Martial Arts forms offered: Shaolin Kung Fu Muay Thai Boxing Brazilian Jujitsu Wrestling Tai Chi Yoga 10/22/09

5 Trainers Dr. Anthony Moss – over 30 years of various mixed martial arts training, received Red belt top honors and inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Instructor Andrew Triplett – 2nd degree black belt and assistant headmaster Instructor Taylor Loyd – 2nd degree black belt specializing in ground fighting All trainers are certified black belts by the United States Martial Arts Foundation 10/22/09

6 Facilities 5000 sq. ft. dojo with elevated ceilings and mirrors on two of four walls On 2nd floor we have a canteen/rest area for class participants, friends and family Two CCTV camaras are mounted on the training floor which allows monitoring the classes from the rest area Full size official Octagon Over 20 top of the line fitness machines Fully stocked with all necessary Martial Arts periphenelia Incredibly sincere and caring staff 10/22/09

7 Class Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 5:00 -Boxing
-Muay Thai -Wrestling -Kung Fu -Jujitsu -Boxing 6:00 7:00 -Yoga -Tai Chi 10/22/09

8 Personal Training Sessions Gatorade and Energy Drinks
Store Inventory Gee’s of all sizes Sparring Pads Training Weapons Personal Training Sessions Gatorade and Energy Drinks Vitamin Supplements Whey Protein Bottled Water 10/22/09

9 Marketing Strategy First and foremost word of mouth has proved the most effective way of attracting new students We have taken out billboard ads along Central Expressway and Greenville Avenue Utilizing a skilled staff that reaches out to attract people from all walks of life Advertising in the newspaper for free one hour training sessions at Zen MMA Encouraging students to recruit others through a rewards program 10/22/09

10 Zen Mixed Martial Arts -Evolution for the Advancement of Body and Mind

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