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The School’s population is: We handed out the questionnaires to:

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2 The School’s population is: We handed out the questionnaires to:
TÉGLÁS Our school is a primary school. The children’s age are from 6 to 14 years old. The School’s population is: 665 kids; 54 Teachers 2 School secretary. We handed out the questionnaires to: 86 children, 17 teachers, 70 parents.

3 Questionnaire for students - breakfast
Do you have breakfast before going to school? Always 29 (34%) Usually 8 (9%) Sometimes 25 (29%) Never 24 (28%) What do you have for breakfast? Sandwiches, sliced ​​bread and butter, cheese, muesli, cereal, eggs, toast, french toast, pastries, rice pudding, cream of wheat, cocoa, milk, tea, yogurt, jam, bread,

4 Questionnaire for students - fruits / vegetables
How often do you eat… …vegetables? … fruits? For every meal (6%) < (9%) Once or twice a day 32 (37%) < 37 (43%) A few times a week 31 (36%) > 30 (35%) Rarely (21%) > 11 (13%) Never (0%) = 0 (0%) FRUIT : VEGETABLE 2 : 2 They eat more fruits a day.

5 Questionnaire for students - eating in the shool
What do you usually eat during school breaks? Fruit or vegetables (8%) Sandwiches (76%) Crisps (8%) Chocolate or other sweets (8%) Other: quark rod (túró rudi), what I get in the cafeteria, hamburgers, pizza, cake, chocolate „shell”, etc..

6 Questionnaire for students - fast food / fizzy drinks
How often do you… …eat fast food? … drink fizzy drinks? Every day (3%) < (30%) A few times a week 22 (26%) < (31%) Rarely (64%) > (34%) Never (7%) > (6%)

7 Questionnaire for students - water / favourite drink
How much water do you drink every day? 3 glasses or more (57%) 1-2 glasses 15 (17%) I rarely drink water 16 (19%) I don’t drink water at all (7%) The frequency and the amount of each are directly proportional. What’s your favourite drink? Water, cola, fruit juice, tea, soda, lemonade, syrup, multivitamin, milk, energy drinks! 

8 Questionnaire for students - favourite food
What’s your favourite food? They prefer fast food, than home made or typical Hungarian dishes. Chinese food, macaroni, spaghetti, sandwiches, fried meat and potatoes, hamburgers, pizza, lazagne, roast beef, gyros, potato noodles, chili beans, pancakes, ratatouille, roast potatoes, mushroom, fish, noodles, hot dogs, chicken, rice, poppy seed noodles, chicken soup, stuffed cabbage, rice pudding, cream of wheat, ratatouille (lecsó), potato casserole, roast Brasov.

9 Questionnaire for students - TV / PC
How much time do you spend… …on watching TV? …using a PC? More than 4 hours a day (17%) > (13%) 2 - 4 hours a day (38%) > 22 (26%) 1 – 2 hours a day (27%) < 29 (34%) Less than 1 hour a day (17%) < 24 (28%) They spend more free time with watching TV than using a PC.

10 Questionnaire for students - sports /health
What sports do you do/play in your free time (not on PE lessons)? Dancing, cycling rollerblading, skateboarding, soccer, running, swimming, walking, gymnastics, handball, volleyball, corpse hop, skiing, jumping rope, weight lifting, tennis, basketball, karate, badminton, archery. How often do you do/play them? Every day (42%) A few times a week (40%) Rarely (9%) Never (9%) Do you feel fit and healthy? Yes, very fit and healthy (67%) Yes, quite fit and healthy (21%) Not very fit and healthy (7%) Not fit and healthy at all (5%)

11 Questionnaire for parents
Does you child have breakfast at home before leaving for school? Always 25 (36%) Usually 14 (20%) Sometimes 11 (15%) Rarely 12 (16%) Never (13%) What does your child usually have for breakfast? Muesli, yogurt, cereal, eggs, cold cuts, cheese, milk, cocoa, tea, bread and butter, jam, sandwich, quark rod, sausage, french toast, peanut butter bread, toast, sandwiches, fruit, apple, banana, etc..

12 Questionnaire for parents
Do you encourage your child to eat fruit and vegetables? Yes 62 (89%) Sometimes 5 (7%) No (4%) If yes, how do you do it? Contains vitamins, healthy, delicious, eat together, her/his body needs it, I cook / I pack fruits or vegetables, I put it in cakes.

13 Questionnaire for parents
What does your child have for lunch at school? Doesn’t have lunch at school (13%) Homemade lunch (33%) Eats in a school canteen 38 (54%) Fruit or vegetable 0 I give him/her money to buy whatever he/she wants 0 How often do you take your child to a fast food restaurant? Every day (0%) A few times a week 0 (0%) Once a week or less 3 (4%) Rarely 49 (70%) Never 18 (26%)

14 Questionnaire for parents
How often do you play sports together with your child? Every day (13%) A few times a week (20%) Once a week or less (11%) Rarely (40%) Never (16%) What sports do you play together? Cycling, badminton, running, gymnastics, skates, tennis, walking, dancing, soccer, tennis, hiking, volleyball, karate, rope

15 Questionnaire for parents
Do you set a time limit for your child to use a computer? No (26%) Yes 52 (74%) Do you set a time limit for your child to watch TV? No (34%) Yes (66%)

16 Questionnaire for teachers
Which topics connected with health life style are included in your teaching programme? Healthy food and drink (94%) Practicing sports (53%) Negative influence of an unhealthy diet (65%) Negative influence of lack of sport (41%) Negative effect of watching too much TV and using computers (71%) Other: Smoking, alcohol, drugs, grooming information, the environment.

17 Questionnaire for teachers
How do you encourage your students to live a healthy lifestyle? Organize sport tournaments (24%) Organize hiking/bicycle trips (24%) Going to the swimming pool (24%) Doing physical exercise in the classroom 3 (18%) Preparing/eating healthy meals together 3 (18%) Talking about healthy lifesyles (71%) Other: Health Day, projects, posters, drug prevention lectures, team games in the yard, sports competitions.


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