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Offering New Hope RWC SIFE Rotaract Team : Michelle Blaakman Renee Scott Erynne Hammond Megan Brask Shannon Summers Stephen Brayda Jessica Meigel Joanna.

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1 Offering New Hope RWC SIFE Rotaract Team : Michelle Blaakman Renee Scott Erynne Hammond Megan Brask Shannon Summers Stephen Brayda Jessica Meigel Joanna Stewart

2 Street Children Children are on the streets because: Orphaned by AIDS Families cannot take care of them financially To search for a source of income Child abuse Poverty and desperation has caused them to turn to things such as: Drug abuse: sniffing glue Sexual promiscuity Violence

3 …the school was in korogocho it was too far for me to be going each morning so i dropped out of school. after dropping out of school i started borrowing a shilling, five, ten and so on until i became a professional on borrowing. but one day that i cant forget in my life is the day that i messed up with my father so he was upset with me. i went and slept out on the street, the next morning my friends told me to go to kayole a home that was giving food and a place to sleep. i was very happy to be there because i knew that i was far from my father. -Tobias- i was fine at the age of ten but when i reached twelve my life started to go zigzag. i suffered for a long time sleeping outside the house, stealing other peoples properties. one day i was caught. because i was stealing they wanted to burn me but another lady told them that she knew me. - Derrick- one day my father came home when he was too drunk and he started beating us from mother to son he didnt want to know if he is big or small. -Simon- living with my grandma is like throwing your self in to the fire. when i found those living style is hard i ran away. i stayed in street for one year. -Joseph- Voices of the Children

4 Education in Kenya Primary education is free throughout Kenya, but students are still required to buy their uniforms, books, desks, shoes, writing materials, and bring their own lunch, thus street children and children from impoverished families cannot attend school. Secondary school is not free and only the more fortunate families can send their children.

5 Voices of the Children In my class there are 70 pupils. My friend Mary comes with her young brother Jimmy because there is no one to look after him but her. Gladys from MYSA Parents should not make girls to be house helps because the government has given us free education so that we can go to school. Vivian from MYSA I am a single child. In 2005 my parents died of yellow fever and I had to go live with my aunt. My aunt doesnt like me because she makes me wash clothes, utensils, cook, clean the house and do the other chores instead of sending me to school. Whenever I ask her to send me to school she reminds me that Im an orphan, which makes me feel unwanted. I have tried to tell the police and neighbors but no action has been taken so far and I would really like to go to school like my friends. Anonymous from MYSA

6 History of KKM Founded by Jason Brayda in 2003, in Nairobi, Kenya Studied in Kenya, at Daystar University, while working with different outreach organizations that provided aid to street children After seeing the childrens needs and struggles he started KKM to support their programs Inspired him to start his own programs centered around mentoring and education for young adults

7 Kenya Kids Ministries Vision: It is the vision of Kenya Kids Ministries to see the children and young adults of Kenya fully enjoying the rights entitled to them; living and growing in an environment that meets fundamental needs, offers hope for their future, and cares for their well being.

8 Kenya Kids Ministries Mission: Provide immediate assistance through partnerships with other organizations Create programs that encourage self- expression and help children develop life skills Empower Kenyan organizations to become self-sufficient by supporting entrepreneurial ventures Raise international awareness to create a larger caring community

9 Current KKM Programs Funding: Taraja boys home Heritage of Faith and Hope Children's Rehab Centre 3 in 1 Children's Centre Familia Human Care Trust Kenya Joy Divine AOG Children's Home New Life Mama Nginda Children's Home MYSA (Mathare Youth Sport Association) Mathare is one of the biggest slums in the world, 2 nd in Kenya, and 3 rd in Africa. Its the largest youth sports association in Africa Nominated for the Nobel Peace prize in 2003 With 17,000 members, they are committed to the clean-up and development of the slum.

10 Current KKM Programs Contd… Student Sponsorship Intern Placement Program Adventure program rock climbing and camping, lunch and a movie, trip to national park Mitumba Development and trash management scheme Taraja irrigation and agriculture setup 3 in 1 infrastructure development and computer training Proposal writing Heritage shoe drive Developing of Joy Divine Board and legal issues Visiting youth on the streets families of youth on the streets children's homes Tuition program for secondary school children

11 KKM Budget 40% - Immediate assistance to those suffering from disease, homelessness, and malnutrition through co-venturing with established programs and organizations. 30% - Our established programs and activities designed to offer children and youth means of developing skills and ways to express their own ideas. 20% - Aiding in the organization of entrepreneurial ventures to create opportunities for those we serve. 10% - Raising an international awareness of the conditions and needs of children and youth in Kenya, with the purpose of creating a larger caring community.

12 SIFE Rotaract & KKM After hearing about the success of our SIFE Rotaract team, Jason contacted us for help in his search to find an ongoing support for his ministry Hearing his passion for this ministry inspired one of our members to take on the project and help Jason in his pursuit of success for KKM

13 SIFE Rotaract Our Goals for KKM: Implement creative initiatives Inspire lasting change Infuse hope and excellence In the lives of all those we touch

14 Kenya Kids Restaurant Goal..................................... Our goal is to raise $7,500 start-up capital to establish a restaurant. Purpose............................... To start a restaurant in Kenya that will be a continuous support for Kenya Kids Ministries, as they continue to reach out to children in need. Location............................. The restaurant will be situated near Daystar University, providing a social setting for university students where they can be actively involved in assisting their community. The Restaurant............... The new jobs provided by this establishment will increase economic growth and development and will enable KKM to assist many more children.

15 Building with Straw Bales

16 How you can help: Financial assistance: Your one time gift will help fund this restaurant that will be a continuous source of income for KKM. Your gift will fund programs to offer food, shelter, education, and opportunities where none were previously available. Your organization can commit to collectively fill 50 envelopes, which yields $1,275.

17 How your money is used: The $7,500 raised will purchase the building and supplies needed to make the restaurant operational. If we do not reach our goal of $7,500, whatever money is raised will be put aside for the restaurant until adequate funds are met. If our goal is reached and the money exceeds the needed amount, then the excess funds will be used for our team to travel to Kenya. Any additional funds raised beyond this point will be used to support the restaurant in continuing operations.

18 Thank you for your time Any questions?

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