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Group 6 Minh Nguyen Rashed Alkhaldi Pushkar Antarkar RESTAURANT ORDER TABLETS.

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1 Group 6 Minh Nguyen Rashed Alkhaldi Pushkar Antarkar RESTAURANT ORDER TABLETS

2 No detail information about the food, absence of Nutritional and Allergy Information. Solution- Digitalized menu with every possible information. Restaurant Staff order-taking mistakes. Solution- The placed order is sent electronically to the kitchen. No source of entertainment during the wait time. Solution- Customer can Play Games or Read Books. Absence of reliable source to track the order. Solution - Order Tracker is provided with the entertainment. Problem Scenario (1)

3 Time consuming process of payment. Solution – Self check out. Bill Inquiry, Manual Tip Calculation. Solution- Built-in Tip Calculator with itemized pictured bill. Feedback and Survey. Solution – Customer are encouraged to give feedback & surveys by providing this feature. Problem Scenario (2)

4 Browse Menu/Place Order. Placing the order successfully. Review Order. Able to review the before placing it. Make Payment. Built-in Tip Calculator and Self Checkout. Play Games/Read Books. Entertainment during the wait time with Order Tracking. Feedback. Let the customer talk about the service to make it better. Task Analysis

5 The menu with a picture gives a better idea about the dish. Alternative Design Pros

6 Customer can easily browse through the details of the dishes. Alternative Design Pros

7 The order tracker enables customer to track the order while playing game or reading book. Alternative Design Pros

8 The customer can not review the order before placing it. Alternative Design Cons

9 Customer can not view the details of the particular item in the bill. Alternative Design Cons

10 The design is not navigation friendly. One can not easily navigate through the forms. Alternative Design Cons

11 Name of the button should be Entertainment than Games. The Application could get start with Fun. Remove one and/or all item/items from the Order list. Visibility of the Pay button. Book slider should be right & left instead of up & down. Placed order confirmation. Manual entering the Tip percentage. Set picture visible in the Bill for specified time. Suggestions

12 Allow customers to create their profiles. Addition of details in the Main Course – Burgers, Sliders, etc. Provide information to the customer about the deals and special menu. Watch movie, browse the internet Customized orders. Built-in browser. Split Bills. Future Work


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