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Brad Berdine Brian Henze Beth Cohlman Bryan Schiele.

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1 Brad Berdine Brian Henze Beth Cohlman Bryan Schiele

2 Table-Top Restaurant Ordering System Background Our project focuses on the development of a table top restaurant ordering system named TROS. We hope to integrate a new level of technology into the dining experience. Our product seeks to streamline the interaction between customer, server and restaurant staff while remaining simple and easy to use.

3 Table-Top Restaurant Ordering System Background continued… The TROS seeks to integrate the connection between many technologies currently in use today, such as: Point of Sale (POS) Automated Ordering Kiosks In-restaurant entertainment (e.g. trivia games, etc…) Online ordering capability


5 Table-Top Restaurant Ordering System Project Details Our final product will consist of a working prototype of a multi-touch, table-top ordering system. Hardware consisting of: Multi-touch screen in table Computer powering the interface Multiple LCD displays for receiving orders Networked server Credit card reader

6 Table-Top Restaurant Ordering System Project Details continued… Software consisting of: Multi-touch user interface Software running the server-side applications POS software Platforms: Database (e.g. MySQL) Unix server Windows based –or- Linux based OS

7 Table-Top Restaurant Ordering System Team Brad Berdine Networking Administration Strong intrapersonal skills Brian Henze Operating systems Leadership experience Numchuck skills Beth Cohlman Software development Strategic thinking Databases Bryan Schiele User interfaces Hardware experience Restaurant experience

8 Table-Top Restaurant Ordering System Economics We remain unsure of the project costs simply because we have not yet done the necessary research to determine what materials we might use. Whatever we would choose would have to remain within the type of budget that a restaurant would be willing to pay. There would also by some recurring costs for the system, besides just the initial cost.

9 Table-Top Restaurant Ordering System Potential Challenges Design Challenges Multi-touch GUI to implement multi-touch Software integration Team Challenges Time constraints Financial backing Learning curve Unknown Challenges Creating vs. Buying

10 Table-Top Restaurant Ordering System Initial Division of Work Brad Berdine Trade study High level requirements Brian Henze Trade study High level requirements Beth Cohlman Scheduling High level requirements Bryan Schiele Scheduling High level requirements

11 Table-Top Restaurant Ordering System Development plan Define high level requirements Investigate possible implementations State diagramming Interconnection definitions Prototype design Prototype implementation

12 Table-Top Restaurant Ordering System Environmental impact statement The TROS will seek to leave a small environmental footprint by: Utilizing power saving technologies Using low impact materials Efficiently performing basic operations The TROS will help alleviate the chaos of day to day restaurant business by: Improving order accuracy Streamlining table side service Reducing overhead costs Making the dining experience memorable and exciting!

13 Table-Top Restaurant Ordering System Questions…

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