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10 Things You Can Do Today to Help Your Clients Save Time and Money Use the Force Luke! Douglas Sleeter, Founder and President The Sleeter Group.

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1 10 Things You Can Do Today to Help Your Clients Save Time and Money Use the Force Luke! Douglas Sleeter, Founder and President The Sleeter Group

2 CPA Practice Advisor Columnist, Successful Small Business Consulting Top 25 Thought Leaders, 2011 and 2012 About Doug Sleeter 2 The Sleeter Group 700-member Accounting Consulting Group Author – Textbooks and Reference Guides Consultant to Software Developers Accounting Today Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

3 The Old World Client Communication Accountant Copies of DataLive Data Accountant Travel or RDP E-mail or FTP Both Ways Desktops/ Servers LANs/ VPNs Desktops/ Servers LANs/ VPNs Expensive Complex Must Coordinate with Client Data Gets Out of Sync Security Lapses Everywhere Very Inefficient

4 The New World Client Communication Accountant Security Manage Data Operations Timesheets Job Costing POS Dashboard Bookkeeping Consulting Payroll Taxes CFO Services Dashboard Anytime/Anywhere Enhanced Security Less Expensive Data Always in Sync (Live) Simplicity Reduced Client IT Needs Software Live Data Internet Cloud Browser or RDP

5 Chunkification of Business Processes Accountant Branded Secure Web Site GL, Reports & Dashboards

6 SellerBuyer Zero Entry 6 Seller Receives Order Electronically Sellers Cloud Solution Converts Order into Invoice and Sends Electronic Bill to Customer. Also sends order to fulfillment Seller receives funds electronically in bank, and the Cloud Solution records the receipt in the accounting system Human Enters Order into Online Shopping Cart, or into POS, or Phones the Seller who Enters the Order Customer Initiates Payment via Electronic Bill Payment System Bookkeeper Reconciles Transactions (Human Review of Auto-Entered Data) Customers Cloud Solution Converts Bill into a Payable Transaction and starts the payment approval process Human Review of Auto-Entered Data (Account, Dept., and Job Codes) Customer Shops and Places Order

7 How Zero Entry Changes Everything For Bookkeepers –Very Little Data Entry (Not Zero, but Close) –Paperless Document Management Opt-in –Managing Data Flows Between Chunks –Reconciling the Pieces For Accountants/Consultants –Evaluate, Compare, Evangelize (sell) –Install, Configure, Connect, Test, Monitor –Change Management Catalyst –Become a Lego Master 7 Opportunity!

8 Leading Clients Across the Chasm Innovators 2.5% Early Adopters 13.5% Early Majority 34% Late Majority 34% Laggards 16% Based on Geoffrey Moore - Crossing the Chasm Technology Adoption Curve

9 2013 Awesome Applications Avalara Avatax BillQuick Cloud9 Real Time Concur small business QuickBooks Online SmartVault Xero Zoho CRM

10 Setting the Foundation 1.Go Paperless and get your clients paperless. 2.Organize Yourself - Use OneNote to organize all of those bits of important information that you need to remember 3.Improve meetings - Using LiveScribe to produce full reports of client meetings including audio recording of the conversations.

11 Paperless Dump the File Cabinets Get Paperless – Stay Paperless –SmartVault –Fujitsu ScanSnap –Cannon Scanners –Adobe Acrobat – 11

12 Microsoft OneNote or Evernote Digital Notebooks Secure sharing, collaborative, cloud or local 12

13 Improve Meetings Livescribe SmartPen Record everything you write and hear. Tap anywhere on your notes to replay the audio from that moment in time. 13

14 Virtualize and Collaborate 4.Virtualize Your Presence - Use online meetings with clients including recording client consulting sessions., Google+ Hangouts 5.Collaborate - Use Google Docs for collaborative document creation with clients and colleagues. 14

15 Virtualize Your Presence Online Meetings –GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar –Google + Hangouts Remote Assistance Tools –Remote Desktop –GoToAssist –LogMeIn Instant Messaging –Google +, Yahoo Messenger, Zoho Chat 15

16 Google Docs – Zoho Docs Securely share collaborative documents, spreadsheets and presentations 16

17 Secure the Fort 6.Secure Your Data Transfers – Use Dropbox,, Skydrive, Sharefile, or Google Drive to share files with colleagues and clients. 7.Get your clients QuickBooks files hosted in the Cloud or convert them to QuickBooks Online or Xero 17

18 Files automatically sync across multiple computers, and the Web when files change Version history Share folders 2GB free / up to 100GB paid Windows, Mac & Linux Secure – – Transmitted via SSL – Stored with AES-256 encryption SAS 70 certified Mobile apps available & integrated

19 Google Drive 5GB Free 10GB max file size Windows, Mac & Android Integrated with Google Docs

20 On-line file storage and sharing across devices Supports Windows, iOS & Android today Integrated with Office 2010 menus 7GB – FREE!

21 5GB free SSL transmission / 128- bit encrypted storage Multi platform – Windows, Mac, iOS Folder independent File versioning Outlook plugin Great user experience! Administrative control

22 Hosting QuickBooks in the Cloud Cloud9 Real Time Right Networks Many others Make sure you choose a Licensed Intuit Hosting Company 22

23 Improve Productivity 8.Learn what CRM and project management tools are going to help you in your practice. Method CRM, Results CRM, Zoho CRM 23

24 Deepen Client Relatinships 9.Use to take AR, AP, and Cash Forecasting to the cloud. 24

25 Multiple data flows across systems Sync to accounting software Customers Business Accountant Link to bank Vendors

26 Zero Entry Cash Flow Forecasting Business Insight

27 Transform Your Value 10.Use Dashboarding tools to develop deeper engagements with clients. QQube, Profitsee, WebKPI, Corelytics 27

28 Thank You! Douglas Sleeter 925-416-6300 Accounting Solutions Conference Ceasars Las Vegas – November 3-6, 2013 Sleeter Group Consultants Network 700 Consultants in US, Canada Education (Seminars, Webinars, Books) Developer Consulting (Marketing and Product Strategy)

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