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Millwork Shops Can Find New Products To Offer Builders and Homeowners Local Marketing of Wood Products Grant Project Harry Watt NC State University Wood.

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1 Millwork Shops Can Find New Products To Offer Builders and Homeowners Local Marketing of Wood Products Grant Project Harry Watt NC State University Wood Products Extension February 2011

2 Discrimination Policy Notice The work upon which this project is based was funded in whole or in part through a grant awarded by the Wood Education and Resource Center, Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry, U.S. Forest Service. In accordance with Federal Law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W, Whitten Building, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410 or call (202) 720-5964 (voice and TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

3 Wood Products for Every Purpose-Cupolas Cupolas Vents 24/7 Adds Style Lots of Design Options

4 Cupolas Simple Product for Most Shops High Margin Item to Resale Green Environmental Product

5 Exterior-Gutters Can Make Wooden Gutters With Metal Inserts or Solid Western Red Cedar Several Species Locally Are Somewhat Decay Resistant-Locust & Cypress

6 Exterior Products-Louvers Simple Lumber Product Uses Lots of Shorts & Narrows Lots of Style Options Suitable in Most Home Style

7 Exterior Products-Trim Lots of Style Options for Straight Lumber-a Chop and a Rip = Easy to Manufacture Lots of Available Carvings and Components to Buy to Add Style

8 Exterior-Wall Shingles Fits Lots of Home Styles Low Maintenance Compared to Most Siding Options Can Have Economical Material Costs Cypress Wall Shingles

9 Exterior-Wall Shingles Local Wood Species-White Oak, Cypress Thicknesses of 3/8 and ½ Work Well From 4/4 and 5/4 Lumber Length and Widths Can Vary For Style

10 Exterior-Bark Siding Common in 1930s In WNC With Chestnut Yellow Poplar a Modern Replacement With 75 Years of History of Good Service

11 Exterior-Bark Siding Rustic Look Low Maintenance Growing in Popularity Good Marketing Needed to Grow Market

12 Exterior-Poplar Bark Commercial & Residential Usages Provides Jobs to Local Hunters & Gatherers

13 Exterior-Lumber Siding Familiar Products Horizontal and Vertical Siding Directions Can Use Square Edges or Moulded Edge Patterns

14 Exterior-Stairs & Railings Two Story Homes Good With Porches Helps to Have Roof Overhangs in Designs

15 Exterior-Entry Doors May Be the Key Element in a Home Design Lots of Opportunity to Combine With Glass for Unique Designs

16 Exterior-Garage Doors Useful in Mountain West & Rustic Styles

17 Exterior-Porches Simple Straight Wood Designs Satisfy Most Jobs Poles Work Well in Rustic Designs

18 Windows Can Go Beyond Specifying Standard Windows Lots of Customization Options While Using Standard Windows Lots of Customization Options By Using Stained Glass

19 Exterior-Shutters Popular With Home Owner, Who Even Attach Non-Working Plastic Shutters to Homes! Lots of Wood Species to Choose From Lots of Style Options = Lots of Room for Customers to Pick What Suits Them

20 Exterior-Wooden Decks Recent Issues Over Wood Treatments Decks Vary in Exposure to Elements Eastern Red Cedar Could Be Used With Porches and Overhanging Roofs = Market Opportunity for Manufacturer and Designer Wanting New Products

21 Exterior-Structural Elements Timber Frame Very Popular in Mountains Can Grow Market By Offering Garages, Entertainment Buildings Great Opportunity in Lower Price Point Homes Using Smaller Timbers and Splines

22 Exterior-Timbers Can Purchase or Make Assembled Trusses for Builders to Sit Atop 2x6 Walls for Quick Timber Frame Elements Can Easily Use Timbers on Porches and Roof Overhangs

23 Exterior-Timbers-Stand Alone Structures

24 Lots of Small Timber Frames to Sell Example Recreation Building in Germany

25 Exterior-Logs Lots of Design Options-Round Logs, Square Logs Opportunity to Grow Markets By Adding Elements of Log Design in Hybird Homes, Like Example Followed by Timber Framers Engineered Logs Offers Some Superior Working Properties Over Natural Logs

26 Interior-Wall Paneling Lots of Design Options –Horizontal or Vertical –Flat Boards or Patterns –Wide Range of Suitable Species –Wide Range of Stains and Paints –Most Shops Can Produce Paneling Products

27 Interior-Flooring Offers Lots of Options for Species, Grades, Patterns Trend is for Getting Beyond Standard 2-1/4 Wide Installing hardwood flooring over radiant heat piping

28 Interior-Trim (Mouldings) Casings for Doors and Windows Base Mouldings at Floor Crown Mouldings at Ceiling Can Use for Great Ceilings

29 Interiors-Fireplace Mantels Lumber and Plywood Styles Available Lots of Style Options Can Incorporate Energy Savings Devices Can Add Designs With Other Materials, Like Tiles

30 Interior-Built Ins Built In Seating Is Popular With Clients Offers Hidden Storage Can Showcase Wood Species That Are Affordable

31 Interiors-Open Bookcases and Storage Units We Have Dimension Manufacturers That Can Supply Glued Panels, Machined and Ready to Assemble Lots of Opportunity for Modular Construction to Set Up a Product Line

32 Interiors-Wine Racks & Cellars Market Needs Barely Touched At This Time Should Be A Question to Ask Homeowner Do You Want to Put In Wine Racking or a Wine Cellar, or Is Wine One of Your Passions?

33 Interiors-Shutters Needed for Privacy with Close Neighbors in Modern HER Developments Lots of Wood Species Available for Stained Shutters As Well As Painted Shutters

34 Interiors-Cabinets Key Interior Wood Product in Most Homes Industry Has Done Well Meeting the Need for Custom With Standard Products 3-D Software Is a Key Driver for Cabinet Market Growth and Can Be Used In Other Home Areas

35 Interiors-Kitchen Cabinets Vast Majority Are Stock Sized Cabinets Most Now Use Paper Interiors and Only Finish Doors and Face Frames Good Marketing for Local Cabinetmakers to Offer Good/Better/Best Quality Lines

36 Interiors-Cabinets for Garage Melamine is Most Popular Choice Product Line Usually Limited to About 20 Items in a Modular Construction Design

37 Interiors-Bathrooms Can Go Far Beyond the Vanity Really Pays to Develop a Product Line

38 Interiors-Closets High Growth Segment Most Are Melamine Opportunity for Wood Stain Finishes in Furniture Grade Finish Quality

39 Interiors-Entertainment Units Storage for Audio/Video Equipment Wet Bars Are Popular

40 Interiors-Flooring Almost Unlimited Options- –Species –Patterns –Finishes –Arrangements Three Styles-Strip, Plank, Parquet Two Types-Solid, Engineered

41 Interiors-Furniture All Areas of the Home Need Furniture! –Dining Room –Bed Room –Entertainment Centers –Display Units –Storage Units –Home Office –Custom Artistic Pieces

42 Miscellaneous-Childrens Outdoor Playhouses

43 Miscellaneous-Outdoor Storage and Work Buildings Design With Elements of Main House Outdoor Garages and Car Sheds

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