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To Create a Workplace suited for Visual Control and Lean Production

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1 To Create a Workplace suited for Visual Control and Lean Production

2 The Six Ss Is not Six Sigma
A highly disciplined process that focuses on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services 6S is Sort, Straighten, Shine (Scrub), Safety, Standardize, Sustain 5-S… in Japanese factories Focus: orderliness 6th S added in some US companies… Safety Combines orderliness with safety / ergo Overall intention: CLEAN, SAFE, ORDERLY First step on Lean Journey

3 Visual Factory/Office
1st Level: See the Shop/Office Basic 6S 90% never get beyond this point 2nd Level: See the work In 5 Seconds, can you see what’s going on?

4 6S Think of 6-S as a repeating action sequence: Remember…
1: SORT OUT - get rid of what’s not needed 2: STRAIGHTEN - organize what belongs 3: SCRUB - clean up, see and solve problems 4: SAFETY - make the work area safe 5: STANDARDIZE - assign tasks, track visually 6: SUSTAIN - keep it up (audit and insist) Remember… This applies to all areas (value-adding and administrative) Basic "6-S” is part of establishing any cell

5 Sort GET RID OF WHAT’S NOT NEEDED Start with a red tag campaign
Tag everything that looks disorderly or unsafe Be ruthless (90% of the time you'll be OK, you'll get over the 10%) If in doubt throw it out If still in doubt, send it to a “red tag area” for resolution You should be removing truckloads of items… be tough (sometimes you’ll need to ask for forgiveness later!)

6 Straighten ORGANIZE WHAT BELONGS Create a place for everything
Meet with shop/office personnel on what should be where Deal with the open red tags from the "Sort Out" step: Organize parts and material Resolve things you were afraid to throw out Write off or sell off obsolete materials

7 Straighten

8 Straighten

9 Straighten

10 Straighten

Make the work area absolutely clean Clean everything (equipment, floors, walls…) Paint everything (equipment, floors, walls…) Look for problems… Leaks? Loose or missing items Unsafe conditions Causes of messes or problems… Quality issues Solve problems (root cause), take corrective action (prevent)

12 Scrub

Look for unsafe conditions Look for potential for unsafe acts Look for difficult tasks (are they ergonomic?) Try the jobs yourself… where could you get hurt? List the opportunities Resolve them Put creativity before capital and put safety first!!!

14 Safety

Who will do what to keep the area clean, safe and orderly? Agree on daily and weekly tasks Establish a visual management system for these tasks Can you tell at a glance if the tasks have been done?

16 Standardize


Develop audit checklists for office and for shop floor Assign the audit role to someone outside the area Track the audit results (a bit of friendly competition?) Hold yourselves accountable for sustaining

19 Sustain - Maintain The Gains
Create checklist for entire area & all items within the area Use checklist daily or weekly as appropriate Once a year have Examiners perform independent review Fix and clean daily Continue to train & heighten awareness Remember you are World Class! Act like it.

20 Sustain - 6S Scorecard 0 = No evidence that 6S is being considered for implementation 1 = Some evidence of 6S being started 2 = 6S is partially implemented (some gains are evident) 3 = 6S has been implemented but not self-sustaining 4 = 6S has been implemented & is self-sustaining (standard throughout) 5 = 6S is entrenched; efforts have resulted in high achievements 6 = “Out-of-the-box”; Area is doing extraordinary things, above & beyond the norm

21 Sustain - 6S Scorecard 0 – 20 = Some organization, needs much improvement 21 – 40 = Signs of 6S in place, good organization, needs more time to mature 41 – 60 = 6S implemented, signs of maturing, not self-sustaining 61 – 80 = 6S implemented, system is self-sustaining 81 – 100 = 6S is entrenched with high achievements 100+ = Extraordinary, over-and-above, “outside-the-box”

22 Visual Management Make normal / abnormal conditions obvious with
Floor and surface marking Shadow boxes Samples Visual indicators Obstacle height limits Lights and sounds Arrows, zones, stickers Scoreboards Labels and tags

23 For Shops Remove unnecessary items
All cleaning material stored in a neat manner Floors clean of debris, oil and dirt Bulletin boards updated, straight and neat Easy access to emergency equipment, highly visible Items on floors are in clearly marked areas Aisles are clear and kept free of material Storage of boxes is square, neat, orderly Machines, tools, equipment kept clean Nothing on top of machines or cabinets Documents and binders stored in a neat manner Tools, jigs, fixtures, details are labeled, shadowed, identified, easy to reach Shelves, benches, desks kept free of unused objects, including files and documents

24 For Offices Remove unnecessary items, minimum personal items
Cleaning equipment stored in a neat manner Floors clean and free of debris and dirt Bulletin boards are updated, straight and neat Easy access to emergency equipment, stored in a prominent manner Nothing on the floor but furniture, CPU, recycle bin and garbage can Office layout posted at each entrance, name and task/position outside cubicle/office Office equipment and furniture is functional and in good repair Paper, cabinets, and bins squared up, centered and at right angles, PC wiring is routed and secured/clamped Desks, surfaces, cabinets, chairs cleaned weekly Nothing on top of overheads or cabinets, nothing leaning against walls or columns, everything labeled Documents and binders stored in a neat and orderly manner Shelves, cabinets, desks kept free of unused objects, including files and documents

25 Acknowledgements “Lean Thinking” by James Womack and Daniel Jones
“Toyota Production System” by Taiichi Ohno Simpler Business System,

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