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The executive departments are described in Article II Section 2 that says that the president of the U.S. Constitution "... may require the opinion, in.

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2 The executive departments are described in Article II Section 2 that says that the president of the U.S. Constitution "... may require the opinion, in writing, of the principal officer in each of the executive departments, upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective offices.... ", although the Departments are included in the constitution, but the Presidential Cabinet is not described. Then how did we get the Cabinet? Through tradition! President Washington began the practice. The word cabinet stems from Italian cabinet to, which means a small private room.

3 Department of State (1789) $35.1 billion –Originally called Department of Foreign Affairs Only lasted month before Washington and Congress changed it to State Thomas Jefferson was the first Secretary of State under Washington, although John Jay (Federalists & Supreme Court Chief Justice) had been serving as interim Secretary of State during the Articles of Confederation to Constitution transition. Responsibilities –Foreign policy –Treaties –Agreements with foreign countries –Represents Americans abroad –Assiting Americans abroad –Assisting American businesses abroad –Keeping public informed about U.S. relations with other countries Dept of State Organizations Counterterrorism Intelligence offices Office for each continent or region of the world, including smaller offices for each country. State Dept office of legislative affairs

4 Department of Treasury (1789) –Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of Treasury Kind of bullied Congress Not Washingtons first choice Responsibilities –Executive branch budget and accounting Accountant for the Executive –Produce coins and bills U.S. Mint –Stamps –Collects taxes IRS –Borrows money Bonds, CDs –ATF, part Justice, Homeland Security, & Treasury Jack Lew

5 Department of War (Defense 1947) (1789) –Dept of Navy, Army, Air Force –NSA- National Security Agency –DIA- Defence Intelligence Agency Responsibilities –Provides Military forces to deter war and protect national security Joint Chiefs of Staff Chief of Staffs –Army –Navy –Air Force –Marines Regional Offices –COCOM,NORTHCOM, CENTCOM, EUCOM, PACOM Chuck Hagel A Billion is a difficult number to comprehend, but one advertising agency did a good job of putting that figure into perspective in one of its releases. A Billion Seconds ago -- it was 1973. A Billion Minutes ago -- Jesus was alive. A Billion Hours ago -- our ancestors were living in the Stone Age. A Billion Days ago -- No-One walked on two feet on earth. A Billion Dollars ago -- was only 8 hours and 20 minutes, at the rate our government spends it.

6 Department of Justice (1870) –Attorney General (1789) Responsibilities –Prosecute those accused of violating federal law –Legal advice for President –Enforce immigration laws Information about immigration Naturalization –Operates Federal Prisons –Maintains halfway houses –Represents U.S. in court Solicitor General Supreme Court too $43.5 Billion budget Eric Holder

7 Department of Interior 1849 –$10.7 Billion –Ken Salazar Responsibilities –Manages public lands, wildlife, and national parks –Operates hydro-electric plants –Helps manage Native American Affairs –National Park Services –U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Fishing licenses, hunting licenses etc. –Plagued by scandal all throughout history Teapot Dome Scandel Gale Norton & Jack Abromoff

8 Department of Agriculture 1889 –$95 billion Responsibilities –Inspects food –Assist farmers and ranchers –Administers food stamps and school lunch programs –Assist in efforts to supply nations poor with food –USDA works with FDA –Nutrition labels –Certifies organic foods –Regulates Trade and marketing of food Tom Vilsack

9 Department of Commerce 1903 –$8 billion "promote job creation and improved living standards for all Americans by creating an infrastructure that promotes economic growth, technological competitiveness, and sustainable development. Responsibilities –Conduct census –Grants, patents, register trademarks –Promotes trade, economic growth and tech development –Sets standards in weights and measurements Rebecca Blank

10 Department of Labor 1913 –$59.7 billion –Was part of commerce from 1903-1913 Responsibilities –Enforce federal laws on minimum wage, maximum hours, and safe working conditions –Operates job training programs –Administers unemployment compensation and insurance –Occupational Safety and Health Administration –Works with Homeland Security on ICE raids Seth Harris

11 Department of Health and Human Services –1953 –Discretionary: $67.2 billion (2006) –Mandatory: $573.5 billion (2006) –Was Department of Health, Education, and Welfare –1980 Carter split the three, Dept or Ed, Dept of HH, and Welfare became an executive agency. Responsibilities –Funds healthcare programs –Conducts programs to prevent and control disease –Administers Medicaid and Medicare –FDA –Center for Disease Control and Prevention –OIG Monitor, investigate, and prosecute Medicaid and Medicaid fraud etc. –Making your peanut butter safe… Kathleen Sebelius

12 Department of Housing and Urban Development –1965 - LBJ –$28.5 billion –FHA- Federal Housing Administration Responsibilities –Operates home-financing and public housing programs –Enforces fair housing laws –Office of Housing –HUD –Section 8 –American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Shaun Donovan

13 Department of Transportation (DOT) –1967 Advent of multicar households Largescale commercialization of flight –Jet engine –$58 Billion Responsibilities –Administers programs to promote and regulate highways, mass transit, railroads, waterways, air travel, and oil and gas pipelines. –Federal Highway Administration Money for highways Regulations for highways,streets, etc –Federal Aviation Administration Funds for airports Regulates airspace –TSA and Coast Guard moved to Homeland Security with reorganization due to 9/11 Ray LaHood

14 Department of Energy –1977 Responsibilities –Promotes production of renewable energy, fossil fuels, and nuclear energy –Conducts nuclear weapons research and clean up –Transmits and sells hydroelectric power –Regulates energy star qualifications Refrigorators, washers and dryers, –Environmental policy Greenhouse gases/emissions CO 2 footprints –Carbon Offsets –Alternative and new sources of energy researcy and funding Grants –Solar powered research etc

15 Department of education –1979 –Discretionary: $56.0 billion (2006) –Mandatory: $13.4 billion (2006) –Carter -part of Health, Welfare, and Education split –Reagon tried to abolish cabinet position immedietly but unsuccessful because of dem majority in Congress. Responsibilities –Administers federal education aid –Conducts educational research –Office of Education –FASFA Registration for financial aid –No Child Left Behind Arne Duncan

16 Department of Veteran Affairs –1988 –$87.6 billion (2009) –Result of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam Vets needed support Responsibilities –Administers benefits, pensions, and medical programs for veterans –Oversees military cemeteries –Funds and supports American Legions, Veteran of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans Eric Ken Shinseki

17 Department of Homeland Security –2002 –$52.0 billion (2009) –200,000 employees, DHS is the third largest Cabinet department, after the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs –Works closely with Defense, Justice, Energy, & Health and Human Services (CDC) Responsibilities –Border and transportation safety –Emergency preparedness –Chemical, biological, nuclear defense –Integrates all types of security groups Janet Napolitano

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