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RAP Cultural Workshop February 2014 Summit County RAP Cultural Program.

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1 RAP Cultural Workshop February 2014 Summit County RAP Cultural Program

2 Agenda O Welcome O RAP Program & Advisory Board Overview O 2014 Application O What you should know 2

3 Welcome… Introductions Name Organization Title …Dont forget to sign in!* 3

4 Section 1: RAP Program Overview 4

5 Program Overview O Enabled by Legislature, exist because of State Statute O Voted on by Tax Payers of Summit County O 1/10 of 1% sales tax or 1 penny for every $10 goes toward benefiting the community 5

6 Eligibility O Grant recipients must have 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and registered with the State of Utah. Or is a municipal or county cultural council such as the Summit County /Park City Arts Council and meets the purpose of that statue. O Provides cultural opportunities to Summit County Residents. O Qualifying Organizations must pass the RAP Programs minimum Summit County Financial Health Assessment. 6

7 RAP Eligible Disciplines O Arts Education O Dance O Folk Arts O History O Cultural Arts O Performance Art O Local Arts Council O Public Radio Programing O Music O Natural History O Theatre O Visual Arts 7

8 Section 2: RAP Cultural 2014 Application O Application Deadline: 12:00 p.m. March 31 Accepting Locations: Courthouse, 60 N. Main, Coaville O Library – Richins Building O Library – County Services Building, Kamas, Utah O Or postmarked by March 28th, P.O. Box 128, Coalville, UT 84017 O Eight (8) copies O Copy of Organizations IRS 501©(3) letter two (2) copies O Organizational Chart Eight (8) copies O Current Board Members Eight (8) copies O Current season brochure or one page listing your season events for 2014 Eight (8) copies Deadlines 8

9 Best Practices O RAP funds should not be the sole source or major source of funding received by applicant organization. Priority consideration will be given to organizations that can solicit and receive matching funds (cash). Priority consideration will be given to organizations that cant demonstrate a strong connection to the community, have a substantial track and show a stable history. O It is expected that organizations will also seek funding or grants from other agencies or sources (such as the Utah Division of Arts and Museums, foundations, corporation, businesses, individuals, etc.). 9

10 Funding Amount Considerations O Organizations requesting $ 5,000 or less are not required to submit a review, compliance report or audit. O If your organization will not be submitting a review or audit do not ask for more than $ 15,000. O Organizations requesting $ 15,000 or less may not receive more than 50% of their annual operating budget from RAP funds, O Organizations submitting audited financial statements may not receive more than 35% of their G&A expenditures. 10

11 2015 Reporting Requirements Non-profit organizations receiving both RAP Cultural and Restaurant Tax money 11 O If your organization received RAP Cultural and Restaurant tax money that is $ 50,000 or over, a audit report is required for 2015 eligibility. O Hardship – An entity may be allowed to submit a waiver outlining the nature of the hardship and the need for requirements to be modified. Request will be reviewed by the Countys Finance Officer. O If your organization receives RAP Cultural and Restaurant Tax money that totals less than $ 15,000, a review report is required for eligibility for the 2015 application. O An organization that receives RAP Cultural and Restaurant tax money that is between $ 15,000 and $ 50,000, compilation report is required for the 2015 application.

12 Reminder: RAP Doesnt Fund O Accumulated deficits or debt retirement O Capitol Improvements O Public Schools O Lobbying Expenses O Scholarships, purchase awards or cash prizes O Magazines or newspapers O Broadcast network or cable communications systems O Performance events outside of Summit County O Activities intended primarily for fundraising. O Recreational, rehabilitative or therapeutic programs. O Social Service Programs O Fireworks O Sister-city programs O Rodeos O Non-cultural celebratory activities O Activities that are primarily religious in purpose O Cash reserves 12

13 Applications Dos O All applications must be neatly typed or legibly printed O Include 1 single-sided copy of application, all other copies can and are encouraged to be printed double-sided O Submit application & required supporting documents in a SINGLE packet O Minor reformatting of the application is allowed to ensure paper is not wasted, however the order of the info. & the printed questions must be maintained 13

14 Applications Donts O Do NOT use font size smaller than 10 point O Do NOT exceed # of allowed pages O Do NOT Staple, bind, or include binders or folders within the application (paper clips are fine!) 14

15 Authorized Contract Signers O Last page of Application O Provide list of those individuals and their titles within the organization that have the authority to sign contracts O These are the people most likely to sign the RAP agreement if funded 15

16 Timeline: Process & Application Review O April and May - Board meets to review applications and interview applicants O June – RAP Funding recommendations are presented to County Council O June – Council approves funding recommendations and contracts are mailed to recipients 16

17 Tying Up Odds –n- Ends O Your organization may not receive all funds requested. The actual approved expenditures will be outlined in the County services contract. O Request funds for programming or operations (no capital expenditures) 17

18 Tips for Improving your application …prior to submission 18

19 A Super RAP Application… Serves & engages the community Clearly demonstrates public benefit Compelling yet concise Passionate yet brief. Allows board members to quickly understand your organization & what it is you are hoping to accomplish with RAP support Easy to read & understand Avoids complicated jargon. Written so someone outside your organization (even your grandma) could understand 19

20 … continued Consistent & accurate Facts presented in summaries, budgets, and narrative are in alignment Takes into account the Review Criteria Put your best foot forward by knowing how applications are reviewed. Simple, yet critical. 20

21 Compliance Report Now included as part of the grant request Report will include a narrative of the last RAP funding cycle Financial Report Document outlining reporting guidelines will be attached to the County Services Contract Report shall be submitted in hard copy to Anita Lewis 21

22 Get to Know the Review Criteria O Artistic/Cultural Vibrancy O Public Benefit & Outreach O Organizational Capacity 22

23 O RAP funding comes from public dollars -All funds must be accounted for (every cent) O Funds must be used as indicated in the application O Important to keep track of your attendance 23

24 Section 3: Sending Event Invitations to RAP Committee 24

25 Event Invitations: Advisory Board O We suggest you invite RAP Committee to at least 1 event for free each year O You may invite them as often as you wish Letters or email invitations may be sent to the Managers Office at P.O. Box 128, Coalville, UT 84017 or email 25

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