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Radio Works R.F. Consulting Presents Infrared Thermography Visual Indications 561-969-9245.

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1 Radio Works R.F. Consulting Presents Infrared Thermography Visual Indications 561-969-9245 Copyright 2009, All Rights ReservedClick To Advance Slides

2 OPENING: Like many testing situations, you need an instrument to see what you want to test. Lets name some testing situations Sound Levels Voltage Levels Wave Forms Temperatures

3 Opening Chapter Topics Introducing New Concepts Test Equipment We Are Familiar With The Latest Piece Of Equipment This Is How Its Done Infrared Thermography What We Can Test What Else We Can Test Likely Suspects (or not ) More Likely Suspects (or not ) Is It Hot? Not? Or too hot? Lots of Long Range Testing -- 1500 feet? Conclusion Questions Chapter Topics: Is this your next fire or off air problem?

4 Introducing New Concepts Now You Can See Heat No More Burned Fingers Better Than A Non Contact IR Thermometer High Resolution Pixel by Pixel Temperatures Interchangeable Telephoto Lenses Long Distance Imaging Day Or Night

5 Test Equipment That We Use Every Day Photos all rights reserved by the respective owner

6 The Latest Piece Of Test Equipment No More Guessing What Is Hot And What Is Not Never burn your fingers again Watch thermal events as they unfold Thermocouples and Mercury bulbs are gone the way of the Dodo bird Permanent color images of tested components Test refrigeration / cooling systems too

7 This Is How Its Done

8 Infrared Thermography: Infrared Imaging (Thermography) is not a new technology but now it is available to the mass public with better features, color interpolation and lower cost than ever before. There are low cost toys you can own and high priced feature packed models that are often more cost effective to rent with an operator who is skilled in testing and can give you a report.

9 What Can We Test: Motors, Transformers, Pump Bearings & Seals Refrigeration Compressor Cases, Evaporator and Condenser Coils Relays, Terminals, Bolted Connections Transmitter Stack Discharge Temperatures Magnet Body Coils, Cavity Hot Spots, Filter Heating, Water Flow Restrictions, Beam Supply Oil Levels, Water Tank Levels, Cabinet Finger Stock Heating, Tuning Component Heating

10 What Else Can We Test: Generator Engine Blocks and Alternators Circuit Breakers and Panel Board connections Ground and Neutral Heating Wiring Troughs, Split Bolts and Wire Nuts Heat Exchangers and Blower Motors Coaxial Cable and Rigid Transmission Line Coaxial and Waveguide Switches Dummy and Reject Loads Hybrid Couplers and Antennas

11 Likely Suspects ( Or Not )

12 More Likely Suspects ( Or Not )

13 Is It Hot? Not? Or Too Hot? With Infrared Thermography you can differentiate between objects that are close together where conventional hand held non- contact IR thermometers will not work. Detail heat signatures down to the component level is a valuable troubleshooting tool Thermal analysis of objects dozens to hundreds or thousands of feet away are now possible

14 Long Range Testing: Long Range Lens Normal Range Lens

15 Long Range Testing: Antenna issues can be easy to SEE and can give an indication that more invasive Line Sweeping may be needed. Notice the heating of the fiber rod metallic joint connections

16 Long Range Testing: Night time images with on board illumination or ambient light give good results. See how the temperature of the transmission line is easy to differentiate from the steel of the tower and lights.

17 Long Range Testing: The long range Infrared Images are accompanied by a standard lens range color images for easy reference. Images taken from over 2500 feet away Tremendous detail is available even with long lens applications. Dusk images show thermal loads on the steel and other components

18 Thank You For Attending The complete paper and Power Point may be downloaded from the Web Site on the Downloads tab

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