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Pittsburgh International Dragway

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1 Pittsburgh International Dragway
Nostalgia 1964 through 1976 Cecil, Pennsylvania

2 PID was once a coal mine area in the small country town of Cecil, PA, about 10 miles south of Bridgeville along rte 50. PID was opened in 1964. PID was by very popular during a time when drag racing was rapidly growing, but during a time when racing was strictly grass roots and low budget at all levels, as you will see on the following pages. I learned the sport of drag racing here during the late 1960’s with my 65 GTO and will forever remember this place. Take a few minutes and enjoy some of the great cars that raced at PID in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

3 Rich Majors was the first track manager.

4 These were the girls that worked the timing tower, driver registration and ticket boot.
Check out the big hair !

5 One of my favorite hot rods of all time was Harry Luzader’s E/Gas (also D/Altered) 32 Ford Coupe. It was powered by a ultra high revving, hilborn injected small block Chevy. He drove this car to the track every Sunday from his home in Carnegie, PA !!

6 Carl Schodde. Steel City Wedge. SS/EA

7 Ted Wolf from Pittsburgh. Top Fuel.

8 In the mid 60’s, Factory Experimental (A/FX) cars became more and more radical. Here is Len Petruskie’s Ultra Stock (U/S) Mustang, a forerunner to the Funny Cars of today. There were two big speed shops in the Pittsburgh area. Broughers in West Mifflin was located within a mile from where the Century III Mall sits. The other was the Gates Speed Center in Homestead. Gates sponsored al lot of big time racers including Connie Kalitta. Pittsburgh Press,

9 Bob Gottschalk’s “Ohio Thunder” Vega Funny Car from Toledo, OH. 1973
Looks like an early Sunday morning in the Spring at PID.

10 “Jungle Jim” Lieberman (right) gets ready for a match race at PID
“Jungle Jim” Lieberman (right) gets ready for a match race at PID. Lot’s of men came just to see “Jungle Pam” (not pictured here). What really caught my eye in this picture was the 68 Hemi Cuda in the background. Sorry about that.

11 “Jungle Pam” checking for oil leaks. Not PID.
“Jungle Pam” with heavy clothing.

12 This is a classic. Connie Kalitta gives some tips to a young Shirley “Cha Cha” Muldowney prior to a match race with Tommy Ivo at PID. Nice push truck.

13 No Fancy 18 wheeler haulers back in the early 70’s
No Fancy 18 wheeler haulers back in the early 70’s. This was as nice as it got. Today this guy owns 25 Boeing 747 cargo planes flying out of Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, MI

14 Mike Kosky, Cuddy, PA – A Lifelong Drag Racer
2006 1969 at PID Mike Kosky, Cuddy, PA – A Lifelong Drag Racer Top Alcohol Dragster

15 A pair of Camaros race on a typical pretty Sunday afternoon !

16 I remember this light weight 65 Hemi Plymouth so well.
Schrello was a prolific winner at PID.

17 WIFE TROUBLE ! Another one of my favorites and a consistent winner at PID. This is Bill Brookman driving his beautiful Fuel Injected D/Altered 62 Corvette.

18 Another pretty modified Corvette. And the tow vehicle is a big Impala
Another pretty modified Corvette. And the tow vehicle is a big Impala. Nice

19 There were exhibition cars too.
This car was powered by a Hydrogen Peroxide rocket engine ! There were two cylinders in the car under high pressure. One had hydrogen and one had Oxygen. Of course H2 and O2 have a strong affinity for one another. They want to get together really bad and make water ! But not without quite a reaction ! Result: Quarter Mile in about 3.50 seconds. This car was outlawed after one season , I think. It was just too dangerous.

20 Here’s another classic picture.
Two of the winningest Super Stock / Pro Stock racers, Bill Grumpy Jenkins and Ronnie Sox seem to be in serious discussion at a Match Race at PID in 1974.

21 Walt Arfons. Saturday evening “night under fire”.

22 Wild Willie Borsch at Pittsburgh International driving the famous “Winged Express” AA/Fuel Altered. This car went over 200 mph.

23 Willie Borsch on the return road at PID.

24 This has got to be the most awesome drag race picture ever.
I saved this picture for last. This has got to be the most awesome drag race picture ever. It seems that nothing could stop the track from opening early in the spring, and the racers came !! With the picture taken through the spectator fence, the snow is a perfect back drop for this fantastic red Chevy leaving the starting line.

25 And thanks for the memories. ~~ ED
2008 – Rest in Peace And thanks for the memories. ~~ ED

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