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Possesive Adjectives.

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1 Possesive Adjectives

2 inglés- español: en conexión
Possessive adjectives: Tell you who owns something. Describe a relationship between people or things. Do not change forms in English. Do change forms in Spanish. They are my cousins. Ellos son mis primos.

3 Singular possessive adjectives
mi nuestro(a) tu vuestro(a) su

4 Plural possessive adjectives
mis nuestros(as) tus vuestros(as) sus

5 REGLA In Spanish, possessive adjectives MUST agree (gender and number) with the nouns they describe!

6 Ejemplos Es mi tía. Son mis tías. Nuestra abuela tiene 70 años.
Nuestros abuelos viven en San Francisco.

7 Practicar My books Her dog Their cats Our uncles Our sister
Your brother (informal)

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