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Why we love Champaign-Urbana and why you should too!

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1 Why we love Champaign-Urbana and why you should too!

2 10. You can wear bright orange whenever you want! And we encourage it!

3 9. Small town feel in the big city resources Exciting sports. Cultural Arts from all over the world. Lectures, workshops, special events in every field. Historical landmarks. Good shopping. But you can probably walk there and will know at least one person everywhere you go!

4 8. Those silly hills and mountains don't spoil the views of the cornfields. Connect to your inner farmer! Local farms create an amazing Farmers Market and CSAs! Local and organic produce and meat is readily available and used at local restaurants. Enjoy the gorgeous fall colors and harvest! Corn mazes and pumpkin patches! Learn to enjoy the smell of manure.

5 7. You dont need a car! Great bus system, trains, and local airport. City buses are free for students. Buses and trains to major cities. Local airports in Savoy and Bloomington.

6 6. It is cheap! Easily affordable community on a students budget! Quality but low housing costs. Affordable childcare and schooling. Quality entertainment and dining.

7 5. Amazing libraries. Both UofI and Public Libraries Full of outstanding librarians!

8 4. International community Very diverse university and local community. Many groups, activities, and organizations to be part of. Food from all over the world (many within walking distance of the Education Building)!

9 3. Parks! Community, state, and national! 17 State and National Parks in Illinois (all 1- 4hrs from Champaign!) 83 Neighborhood Parks in Champaign-Urbana Shawnee National Forest Starved Rock State Park Allerton Park Meadowbrook Park

10 2. About 2-3 hours from everything!

11 1. The BEST Special Education Department! Full of amazing minds, Leaders in the field, Hardworking students, Friendly faces, and lots of good food!

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