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1 A SHORT illustrated HISTORY OF THE FLAME OF LOVE October 2005 PART 2 : THE BIRTH OF THE MOVEMENT Father Edilberto García Rodríguez Coatepec, Mexico.

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1 1 A SHORT illustrated HISTORY OF THE FLAME OF LOVE October 2005 PART 2 : THE BIRTH OF THE MOVEMENT Father Edilberto García Rodríguez Coatepec, Mexico

2 2 PART 1 : The author of the Spiritual Diary PART 2 : Birth of the Movement of the Flame of Love Hungary, Ecuador and Mexico PARTS 3-4-5 : The National and international congresses PART 6 : The Movement spreads to many countries Pilgrimages to the Basilica of Guadalupe and the Metropolitan Catedral, in Mexico.

3 3 Capital : Budapest Capital : Budapest Currency : Florin Currency : Florin Language : Hungarian Language : Hungarian Religion : 67% catholics Religion : 67% catholicsHUNGARY Center of Europe Population: 10,045,407 h Surface : 93.030 Km2 Hungary Europe

4 4 He lost his son and heir in 1031. Before his own death, in 1038, the king entrusted his kingdom to Mary the Most Holy Virgin SAINT STEPHEN was crowned king of Hungary in 1000

5 5 Short history of Hungary With World War I (1914-1918), Hungary lost 2/3 of its territory. Then came World War II. The soviet army occupied Hungary until the first years of 1990. Communism settled down in the whole country. In spite of the soviet occupation and of communism, Hungary never lost its faith. In those years of 1961-1985, Elizabeth received the FLAME OF LOVE: this great gift that Mary gives us through Elizabeth.

6 6 The Flame of Love is the means obtained by the Holy Virgin from the Most Holy Trinity, through the merits of the Wounds of her Most Holy Son, to blind Satan and save souls.

7 7 Hurry up, my little one! The moment when My Flame of Love will take fire is already near, and at this moment Satan will become blind… …Because it will take fire not only in the nations entrusted to Me, but ALL AROUND THE EARTH, and will spread throughout the world, even in the most inaccessible places Diary, page 79

8 8 Diary, page 38 Diary, page 38 With this Flame plenty of graces, that I give you from my heart, light up all hearts in the whole country, handing it from heart to heart

9 9 From Hungary… to Ecuador… and to Mexico Diary, page 99 Diary, page 99 SEND THE MESSAGE TO THE OTHER SEASIDE

10 10 ECUADOR, COUNTRY CONSECRATED TO MARY There Father Rona translated the Diary in the years 1983-89 The Statutes were done there in 1995. SOUTH AMERICA ECUADOR PERU

11 11 As Archbishop of Guayaquil, Ecuador, he authorized the printing of the Diario Espiritual, Nuevo Pentecostés and the Statutes. Become Cardinal, he asked Rome to authorize the Movement of the FLAME OF LOVE Cardinal BERNARDINO ECHEVERRÍA RUIZ

12 12 FIRST National Congress of the Flame of Love in Ecuador, held in Quito on january 18, 1990.

13 13 The first complete edition of the Spiritual Diary was made in Spanish in Ecuador, and also the Statutes, New Pentecost and the Novena


15 15 In 1983, Ana María de Moreno, receives at home a 16 page booklet of the Flame of love edited in Spain

16 16 Ana María felt the call of Our Mother very strongly in her heart and she answered generously She then began her great apostolate of spreading the FLAME OF LOVE in Mexico and in the Americas From 1983 to 1990, Ana María does not take a rest. She comes into contact with Father Gabriel Rona, who lived in Ecuador, and does not cease encouraging him to carry out his project to translate the Spiritual Diary in Spanish

17 17 First Cenacle of prayer in Mexico, D.F., in Ana María de Morenos house

18 18 Thanks to the collaboration of Brother Abdías, the first booklets and books, which make the duty to spread the message of Our Mother easier, were edited in his printing-house From 1990 to 1999, Ana María, indefatigable, looks for means of extending what is now known as the Movement of the Flame of Love, not only in Mexico, but also in other countries of Latin America, in the United States and in Canada

19 19 Ana María wrote Spiritual Progress to help making the message of the FLAME OF LOVE known and alive. At the same time, the Diary was edited in booklets, as the translated texts reached her from Ecuador

20 20 The booklet Burn, America shows the growth of the Movement in the countries of Spanish language, in Canada, in Brazil and in the United States. Finaly, the whole Diary was edited

21 21 When crossing yourself, never be inattentive. Always think of the Three Divine Persons… Cross yourself five times in a row thinking of my Holy Wounds. Look unceasingly at my eyes, suffused with Blood, by so many blows that I received from you Diary, pages 32 et 38 Diary, pages 32 et 38

22 22 The INVOCATION of the Flame of Love is represented by the Immaculate Heart of Mary or by the burst of light

23 23 It is the Most Holy Trinity itself. The loving Father puts his arms round the whole humanity, in spreading the gifts of the Holy Spirit, with the sorrowful Hearts of Jesus and Mary who, by their sorrows, redeem us. They form the great FLAME OF LOVE, our salvation. EMBLEM of the MOVEMENT OF THE FLAME OF LOVE

24 24 Diary, page 132 This is not a new form of prayer, it must be a constant petition so that by its action the whole mankind become converted The jaculatory prayer: … flood the whole humanity with the blessings of your Flame of Love, now and at the hour...


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