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UNIT 3- Love/ Poetry <3 Ms. Amorin UNIT 3- Love & Poetry Ms. Amorin.

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1 UNIT 3- Love/ Poetry <3 Ms. Amorin UNIT 3- Love & Poetry Ms. Amorin

2 JOURNAL topic: What are considered the positive aspects of love? Explain the negative aspects of love Distinguish the difference between friendship, relationship, and family love What does LOVE <3 mean to you??? JOURNAL Topic:

3 ACROSTIC Poem An acrostic is a short poem in which the title is spelled down the left side of the poem. Each line begins with a letter of the title. Ex.) Feeling that Everything Awful and unknown is Racing toward me.

4 ACROSTIC Poem examples All Men and women trying to Equally Respect each Individuals Customs And culture.

5 Who-What-Where-When-Why POEM Write a five line poem that answers each one of these questions: who-what-where-when-why. Each line made be a word, phrase or sentence. You may change the order of the questions if needed. MotherMama (who) Plants flowers (what) Every spring (when) In the garden (where) To make our yard beautiful. (why)

6 Who-What-Where-When-Why POEM Example) Politics (title) The President (who) Gave a speech (what) Last night on TV. (when) He spoke from the White House. (where) He wants everyones support. (why)

7 *TERSE VERSE* Poems Write a two word poem that rhymes. Also, write a sentence that introduces the poem so the idea makes sense. Example) To the woman who was hungry for dessert, the waitress advised: Try pie! Example) A mother pleaded with her underweight vegetarian daughter to: Eat meat.

8 Fortunately, Unfortunately Poem Write a poem that tells a story in the following pattern using the words Fortunately…. Unfortunately……. Examples) Fortunately, I got my allowance today. Unfortunately, it was only one dollar. Fortunately, I was asked out by the boy I had a crush on for two years. Unfortunately, he dumped me a week later.

9 *SENSORY* POEM Write a poem applying the five senses that describe an object. (Do NOT use the object word in the poem). The class is going to guess the object based on the poems description, so be creative! (Similar to a game of charades) See-Touch-Taste-Hear-Smell The poem should be at least FIVE lines.

10 *SENSORY* Poem Write a poem applying the FIVE senses: See- Touch- Taste- Hear- Smell A red gumby (see) Bland, yet fruity in scent, (smell) Intertwined like a plastic rope. (touch) A savory but hard flavor of mild strawberry and cherry. (taste) It calls my name knowing my Desire for a sweet treat. (hear; personification) What is it??? =

11 *TWO Line RHYMING Poem* Choose a topic of interest. Write a two line poem about the topic that rhymes. Examples) Winter Night It is dark and cold tonight, But we are warm by the firelight. Charity When one takes time to give, One helps others to live.

12 I Remember…. Poem Write a FIVE line poem in which each line begins with, I remember…. Example) *Brother and Best Friend* I remember when you used to hold my hand on the way to the bus stop, I remember watching you play with your friends and thinking how cool you were, I remember the many times you stuck up for me when our older brother would pick on me, I remember when you had surgery on your foot, and I was gladly by your side helping you every step of the way, I will always remember the good advice you have given me and the positive example you have always set for me. You are not only my brother but my best friend.

13 SONNETS A sonnet is a fourteen line poem written in iambic pentameter (following a specific rhyme scheme) -Rhyme schemes are labeled with letters according to the words that rhyme at the end of each line ex.) abab cdcd efef gg or ex.) aabb cdcd eeff gg




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