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Some Models and Metaphors for Developing Human Potential: Building the Capacity of Mind, Heart and Will with Truth, Love and Justice Rodney H. Clarken.

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1 Some Models and Metaphors for Developing Human Potential: Building the Capacity of Mind, Heart and Will with Truth, Love and Justice Rodney H. Clarken

2 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 2 We will explore some models and metaphors to help us understand the dynamics of the process developing human potential by building the capacity of mind, heart and will with truth, love and justice.

3 What is human potential? Humans have minds, hearts and wills which enable them to think, feel and choose. To develop those capacities to their fullest potential requires an evolving process of acquiring more of the powers of truth, love and justice. 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 3

4 4 Truth Justice Love mind heart will Thinking Choosing 6/4/2014

5 Rodney H Clarken © 5 As we develop our thinking capacities of our minds with truth feeling capacities of our hearts with love choosing capacities of our wills with justice, we actualize our potential.

6 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 6 We can visualize this process as a building increased capacity in our minds, hearts and wills through the exercising of truth, love and justice. We need to move out on all three to sustain growth.

7 Rodney H Clarken © 7 Truth Justice Love 6/4/2014

8 Rodney H Clarken © 8 Development As we develop our thinking, feelings and choosing faculties, the capacity of our minds, hearts and wills for truth, love and justice increase.

9 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 9 Our self-serving thinking, feeling and choosing keep us from realizing the full capacity of our minds, hearts and wills. To progress is to respond with greater truth, love and justice. To regress is to respond with less truth, love and justice. We may do this if our selfish nature and ego overcome our more mature and enlightened selves.

10 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 10 For example, we may be upset by a perceived injustice. The best solution is to found by seeking and balancing truth, love and justice; however, we may not be so inclined. As we learn to respond through these strengths, our capacities grow. The more we strive, the greater will be our growth.

11 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 11 Our response should be guided by the Three-Way Test. 1.Is it the truth? 2.Is it loving? 3.Is it just?

12 We will briefly consider some models and metaphors that may help us in this process Is it LOVING? Is it JUST? Is it the TRUTH? 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 12

13 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 13 If we compare these three capacities to the vanes of a pinwheel Both respond to their environments according to their capacities. Both work better when they are interconnected and balanced. Mind-Truth Will--Justice Heart--Love

14 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 14 The pinwheels purpose is to spin. The pinwheel spins from wind or air pressure against the vanes. Similarly, our purpose of realizing our potential occurs as we interact with environmental forces and internal pressures as we use and develop our capacities. The greater our capacities the greater the force of our spin.

15 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 15 Our capacities begin to grow out from the center of the self as a result of interactions with internal and external environments. As our capabilities develop from the immature self toward greater authenticity (true selves), altruism (loving selves) and autonomy (choosing selves), our potentialities become realized and better equipped to further actualize our innate abilities.

16 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 16 If we stay self-centered, the hub of self will overwhelm the vanes development. Those who stay centered on selfish thoughts, feelings and choices will not progress. They will not fulfill their purpose, and, as a result, will not find the freedom and happiness they desire.

17 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 17 As we faces the winds of change and challenges of life, we become stronger and better able to capture and transform these forces for productive growth and development. An imbalance among the parts or a resistance to growth hampers spinning, decreases stability and increases stress. As a result further progress, growth and development are hampered.

18 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 18 Comparing Human Development to a Windmill A windmill allows us to extend our pinwheel metaphor. A windmill not only use wind to spins like a pinwheel, it transforms that energy into some productive use.

19 The larger, more balanced and efficiently designed the windmill is, the more power it can generate. That energy should be directed to good purposes. 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 19

20 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 20 Windmills turn as they interact with the external environment; however, it is what they do with those interactions that determine their value.

21 A windmills crucial workings are on the inside. It may be turning externally, but generating nothing that is of use to itself or others. Like windmills, humans may outwardly appear to be in good shape, but may not internally be processing lifes energies in a productive or healthy way. 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 21

22 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 22 Wind turbine generators convert kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical and electrical energy.

23 Theses aerodynamically designed generators with gearboxes to control speeds and convert wind power into electrical power offers new comparisons as they can make many adjustments externally and internally to transform wind energy to electricity. 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 23

24 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 24

25 As the wind force increases the mill adjusts gears so that though externally the blades are spinning at the same speed, internally it is generating more energy. Like humans there is a threshold that must be reached to start the growth process and some way to regulate external factors when they become dangerous to the system. 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 25

26 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 26 Similarly, we take the forces we face and transform them internally into energy that can be used for productive growth for ourselves and others.

27 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 27 Comparing our development to the workings of a helicopter adds other dimensions to those given above.

28 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 28 Helicopters and Humans The complexity and versatility of flying a helicopter more closely resemble the multiple challenges facing us as we negotiate our world with our capacities. As we become more skilled in using truth, love and justice, we are can think, feel, and act in more demanding conditions without crashing.

29 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 29 Helicopters, like us, are very versatile In maneuvering to three-dimensional space. They can go forward and backward, upward and downward and hover and rotate in the air. To do all of this requires making many complex adjustments while flying. We also are dealing with many conflicting forces in our lives.

30 We need to adjust our thinking, feeling and choosing to control our lift and direction by according to changing conditions if we are to reach our potential. 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 30

31 The helicopter uses rotating blades to fly. We use our minds, hearts and wills through the power of truth, love and justice. We are the pilots powered by the engine of our thinking, feeling and choosing which creates the force to lift us to higher realms. 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 31

32 A merry-go-round introduces new elements to extend the metaphors above. You want to spin/grow fast enough to get some joy, but not get hurt or scared. When we are all on the same one, we need to be considerate of others. 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 32

33 Our faculties are like a mirror in that they reflect whatever they are turned towards. If we turn it to lies, hate and injustice, it will reflect them. To the extent we are able to clean the mirror of our minds, hearts and wills from the things that prevent the pure reflection of truth, love and justice, their powers can shine forth. 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 33

34 The three primary colors, like the three basic human capacities, can combine to create all the various qualities and virtues. If you are limited in any, your ability to color your world will also be limited. 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 34

35 Each faculty affects the others The mind depends upon and is connected to the heart and will. A love for truth creates the motivation to choose it, even when it is hard. Our thinking, feeling and choosing must work together for us and others to benefit. 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 35

36 Our potential can be likened to a plant whose roots are planted in the rich earth of justice and the will, given life by the living waters of truth and the mind and nourished by the radiance of love and the heart. The purpose of the plant is to grow and bear fruit and all of the potential to do so in given it in the seed. 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 36

37 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 37 Human potential is hidden in the seed of self. As we strive with mind, heart and will to develop ourselves and then to help others, the seed of our potentialities will grow from the ground of your being to bring forth the fruits of virtues.

38 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 38 Truthfulness Unity Trustworthiness Forbearance Kindliness Service Wisdom Purity Righteousness Justice Courtesy Detachment Selflessness Generosity Compassion Will Heart Mind

39 Solar panels, like plants, need to turn to the sun. Like the mirror and our faculties, they need to be cleaned and turned in the right direction. Their development, as well as the degree they are turned to the life-giving energy of truth, love and justice will determine their ability to generate power. 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 39

40 Electricity comes from positive and negative charges. Both are needed to create energy. It is only as we effectively counteract the negative forces in our lives with the positives of truth, love and justice that we are able to grow. 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 40

41 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 41 Mathematical Models The following formulas illustrate the interaction among capacities mind (M), heart (H) and will (W) to think truth (T), feel love (L) and choose justice (J). M x H x W = V: Capacities of the mind times the heart times the will equals the value (V) or worth of an action. Addition might be also used, but would change the dynamics.

42 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 42 Two positives or two negatives make a positive value When the mind (+) thinks (+) truth (+); the heart (+) feels love (+); and the will chooses justice (+) the result is positive. When two negatives are put together, the result is positive as in when the mind disavows (-) untruth (-), the heart subtracts (-) hate (-) and the will rejects (-) injustice (-).

43 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 43 A positive times a negative equals a negative. For example, Choosing (+) falsehood (-) Loving (+) injustice (-) Willing (+) hate (-) Denying (-) truth (+) Hating(-) unity (+) Rejecting (-) goodwill (+)

44 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 44 Acting without love or knowledge or with misguided love or knowledge, is generally harmful. Those who do not know how to love or desire truth lead negative lives. To accomplish anything, the knowledge, love and will to achieve it are needed. When all three capacities work positively in harmony, the individual and society grow, develop and advance.

45 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 45 As the above models and metaphors illustrate, our capacities are connected to one another. Truth depends upon and is connected to love and justice, our hearts are bound to our minds and wills. A love for knowledge creates motivation to seek truth. As love grows, the desire to know and do more so we can better actualize that love in day-to-day life is created, setting in motion the winds of change.

46 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 46 Both the individual and society benefit through Increased knowledge to think better Greater love and happiness to feel better Growing justice and goodwill to choose better

47 Some practices to work on Know truth, love beauty and will good Love good, will truth and know beauty Will beauty, know good and love truth 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 47

48 6/4/2014 Rodney H Clarken © 48 Use the Three-Way Test as a tool for improving our lives. 1.Is it the truth? 2.Is it loving? 3.Is it just?

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